Reinventing herself...

"My eyes are up here."

Fresh out of her month-long stay in rehab, Caitlin takes a nervous step forward out into a new unknown. Actually, according to her count, she relived that month, more or less, for an entire year considering how many times she 'died'. But now that she's broken free of her version of groundhog day, she's actually been there for a month to the outside world. Maybe she'll write a book about her experiences in her autobiography someday, but for now no one will ever know.

The cameras flash like stars beaming from the night sky as reporters begin to ask a million questions. Most of the men are not looking at her face, however, and she clears her throat, "Ahem. My eyes are up here." She says, gesturing to her face. That's when it's noticed that Caitlin is now sporting her new hairstyle. She's a blonde now and the paparazzi bombard her with questions. Holding up two gloved hands as she milks in every second of the limelight, she says, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, one at a time, please. I'll answer your questions, but I can't do that if all of you are talking at once."

She turns to one particular fellow with a bushy mane of red hair, "You. Go." She says, pointing at him before doing a pose for the camera with her hands on her hips. A typical, straight forward, hero pose. "What's with the new costume?" The reporter asks.

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"You like it?" Caitlin asks, flexing her bicep and it bulges under her tight costume. She knows for a fact that one is going on someone's wall. Likely a lot of them! The mere thought gives her the giggles as the reporter nods his head, wearing a goofy smile, "I love it! The U on your chest is perfect for your name!" And he can't help but look again at her chest, eliciting the rolling of eyes from the Ultra-Woman of Super-Heroes.

"What about your identity as the Sequel? Will you now be abandoning that costume?" Another reporter asks. Caitlin rolls her eyes, "Oh goodness, no. I'm still the Sequel and when in matters pertaining to my duties within Selebrity, I'll still be wearing that particular costume. But this one I'm wearing now I'll just wear some of the time."

Another reporter asks, "Why are you suddenly going blonde now?"

With a flashy smile and another pose, Caitlin answers right back with, "Why not? Blondes are all the rage now." She doesn't say it, but due to Trinity Blue's rising fame as the savior of New York, blonde people's popularity has skyrocketed, especially that of the exotic Seraph. Everyone wants to be a blonde now it seems. Caitlin is merely cashing in on it too.

"Can you tell us what rehab was like for you? Is your alcohol addiction over and how will you cope with it going forward?" Another reporter asks.

Frowning softly, Caitlin says, "Didn't I ask for one question at a time? That was three!" She says, but she takes the time to answer them anyway even if she's now slightly annoyed, "Rehab was a nightmare at first, but I'm glad I was signed up for it. The best thing that ever happened to me! I really can't thank Samson enough for having the balls to do what no one else could and that was making me face a dangerous habit. Now that he's the Governor of California, he has my undying support." Even though she wishes she could be a part of his staff, but realizes she can't because she's too risky. Selebrity is where it's at and it's where she can thrive as she climbs the ladder once again. Her aim is to one day be the head of the media department.

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"I will cope the same way every other recovering alcoholic does. By taking it one day at a time." She winks at the camera. With that, Caitlin's time with these hungry reporters is over as she takes a bow before taking off. Little does Caitlin know but her going blonde is not due to Trinity Blue but rather than the entity that now lives inside of her. For Blonde is the color of yellow. It represents fear and it was Phobos who influenced her host body to adopt the color. So as the new reinvented Ultra-Woman flies away, her blue eyes flash yellow for a moment as hints of horrors yet to come...


Rinse & Repeat: Conclusion!

STOP! Before you read any further, please read part 1!

L.A. Rehab & Wellness Center for Meta-Humans...

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I can't take this for much longer. She thinks, a tear slipping down her cheek. Caitlin has lost count how many times she's died only for the time loop to happen again. Then the round of torture begins anew with her greatest nemesis hoping the Ultra-Woman of Super-Heroes will break. But Caitlin proves she has a will of iron as she stubbornly holds onto the vain hope she'll be rescued by...someone. Anyone.

"Ready for another round?" Mara's voice asks, having dumped her disguise several loops ago. There's no point in beating around the bush anymore and she is taking great delight in this.

Caitlin shakes her head, shrinking back away from her, "'T YOU TORTURED ME ENOUGH?!" She screams. Panicking, heart racing, she attempts to back up into a corner of her room and trying her best to ignore her hangover she has every time the time loop starts again.

"I won't stop until your a complete loon." Mara says, stepping forward as a giggle escapes her. But little does the Sorceress know there is something dark inside of Caitlin and it has been feeding on her fear, growing stronger. And now it's strong enough to fight back.

The little wrist band around Caitlin's left arm that is keyed to her DNA effectively makes the redhead completely powerless. But this is not the case with the entity living inside of her.

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"NYAAAH!" Caitlin cries out as her entire body flashes as bright as a yellow light bulb. The process is painful as her transformation occurs. Mara leaps back, a mixture of shock and surprise written all over her face, "What the h**?!"

Caitlin smiles, but none too kindly, as she rises from her position only to slowly step towards the Dark Mistress of Magic, "No. Not h***. Fear." She says with a voice that sounds nothing at all like Caitlin's.

"Who are you?" Mara asks, confused by this new development, hands glowing purple as she gets ready for a fight but with a tinge of fear in her voice.

"Me?" She asks, the floor catching fire where she has left a step, coming ever closer, "I'm the boogeyman in your closet. I'm the monster under your bed. I'm the dark shadow that stalks you in the blackness of the night. I am the hunter that is ready to pounce you. I am the one who is watching you when you have that feeling in the pit of your stomach. I am Phobos."

Mara screams as her fears manifest in the form of an army of Caitlin Riker's each reaching for her and when they do, it's over sa Mara screams no over and over again before falling down. The sorceress froths at the mouth, writhing on the floor.

Time Resumes At Last...

Caitlin wakes up with a devastating hangover and she holds her head, moaning. A staff member comes in, smiling, asking her if she wants some breakfast. "No." She mumbles before her eyes fly open and glances at this new woman who is a stranger to her, "You...your not...Emily?" She has the hope the time loop is over, not remembering what Phobos has done to end it.

Kylie looks confused, shaking her head, "Noo, there is no one here by that name. Are you feeling alright Ms. Riker?"

Despite how Caitlin physically feels, she smiles for the first time in a long time. "Yeah...Yeah, I feel fine." Relieved beyond all reasoning that her nightmare is apparently over, a happy tear slipping down her cheek as she hugs Kylie, leaving the woman even more confused than ever.

As time resumes it's normal march, free at last from the machinations of Mara, Caitlin can now spend her time in rehab the way she was always meant to. Visitors are now able to come and see her and she looks forward to seeing them. As for therapy, Caitlin's going to need it considering how many times she's repeatedly died when she was stuck in her time loop but other than that she is fine.


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Mara is wheeled into the Gateway Hospital and Mental Health Center in Los Angeles, struggling against her restraints, "GET AWAY FROM ME, CAITLIN! GET AWAY!" But she can't seem to escape her, the redhead is all around her, laughing and poking at her. Mara screams and the doctors think of her as insane as she is placed in a straight jacket and a lonely room with four padded walls.

Karma sucks. The very thing that Mara wished upon Caitlin is now happening to her. But perhaps Caitlin should have become the insane one because what is more dangerous than a powerful sorceress when she is mentally unstable? She begins laughing hysterically at first, then cackling like a Witch.

Not The End...


Rinse & Repeat Part 1 of 2...

Metahuman Rehab & Wellness Center in Los Angeles, California

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Week 1, Day 1: Caitlin was nervous before but now that she is inside the place she suddenly gets cold feet. "No, I-I think I wants to go home now." She says, shaking her head as Teresa Carson hands her over to the facilities staff.

Unfortunately for the redhead, she no longer has a choice in the matter because the staff notice right away she's drunk as a skunk and needs help. So as she begins to struggle, they hastily restrain her. And being a place specifically for Meta-Humans they have powers. In Caitlin's drunken state, she cannot fight them as she strains against them, "Nooooo! GET OFF ME!" She manages to throw two of them off of her, putting them into a wall, denting it, before she begins running towards the entrance.

The Ultra-Amazon does not get far, however, when one of the staff members spits a gaseous substance into her face and as she breathes it in, she feels herself start to go under as she falls to the floor with a thud. Weakly saying no again as her eyes flutter closed, she passes out completely.

Week 1, Day 2: Caitlin wakes up and finds herself in a strange room with white walls and furniture. She also has a pounding headache as she moans, holding her head. She then wonders where she is and how she got here. Then it starts to come back to her in brief flashes of memories as she recalls dimly that Samson had taken her here. She now also remembers her failed attempt to escape.

With a sigh, Caitlin lays back on the bed with a sigh and still holding her pounding head. But as usual she decides to use that nifty little ability she has called the Power Cosmic to cheat and get rid of it. But to her utter shock and amazement, it doesn't work. Her green eyes shoot open as she begins to wonder why she can't activate her power. But out of the corner of her eye, she spots something on her wrist. A white band connected to a black device that lays flat against her wrist. She eyes it suspiciously, not recognizing it. Caitlin tries to take the strange thing off but no matter how hard she does, she cannot.

That's when a woman comes in and judging by her uniform she's someone who works here. Her nametag reads: Emily Sinclaire.

Emily plasters on a smile, "Ah, your awake! How are you today, Ms. Riker?"

Caitlin gives the woman an ice cold glare, "Oh you know me, all sunshine and roses." She says sarcastically, "What is this thing?" She asks, holding up the watch-like device on her wrist.

Emily takes one look at it before answering, folding her hands in front of her, "Why that dampens your powers Ms. Riker. It's keyed to your DNA and is made from a special material that--"

So that explains why she can't use her Power Cosmic or any other ability she has as she interrupts Emily and not even caring about being rude, "Whatever, I want it off."

"I'm sorry, I cannot do that, Ms. Riker. You need help." Emily states, always keeping that smile. And that is beginning to annoy Caitlin because she now wants to rip it off!

Even without powers, Caitlin is off her bed in a flash, but the sudden movement makes her head pound like a jackhammer on a mission with Earth-shattering force! She sigh's, holding her head as she cringes. She hears Emily somewhere in the middle of that relentless pounding asks her if she's alright.

Caitlin clenches her teeth, hissing harshly at her as her anger and frustration starts to boil over, "Do I LOOK alright?! Now get this thing off of me so I can go home!"

Emily is ever cheerful despite the situation, "I'm afraid I cannot do that, Ms. Riker. And if you don't calm down, I will have to restrain you."

Caitlin smirks, looking down at the rather short woman who is definitely no taller than 5'6" at the tallest, "You and what army?" She pulls back a fist and throws it right at the annoying woman's nose.

Only for Emily to casually catch the fist without breaking a sweat, the smile gone now as she looks remorseful about what is coming next, "We don't tolerate violence here, Mr. Riker." She says as the Ultra-Amazon displays a stunning surprise at her fist being caught so easily.

Just before Caitlin falls unconscious, she feels a needle prick the vein in her neck as something is injected into it. Then blackness.

When the Primetime Phoenix next awakens, it's close to lunchtime. She's restrained to her bed so lunch has to be delivered to her and hand-fed by a staff member. At least she would be if she didn't keep spitting the food back out and screaming like a madwoman to let her go. A Doctor comes in later and Caitlin's first day of her 12 step recovery program begins, tailored specifically for her needs.

If Samson visits Caitlin, she ends up saying things she regrets. Like how much she hates him for putting her in here. She doesn't really mean it but she's going through a hangover and isn't quite herself.

Week 1, Day 3: Caitlin is feeling much better than the day before. She hears that it's also Samson's coronation as the new Governor of California today. She requests the staff to let her go but they say no even when she begs them. But there is one small comfort, she is no longer restrained so she's free to roam her room and the facility if she wants to now that she's calmer. When it's time to watch the new Governor take his position, she watches the proceedings on TV. She so wishes she could be there, but she can't. A once in a lifetime opportunity and she has to miss it.

Once the event is over, Caitlin shuts the TV off and if Samson visits her then she tears up as she apologies to him profusely for how she treated him the day before. The rest of the day is spent attending the rest of the therapeutic sessions she needs to attend.

Week 1, Day 4: If there is one thing Caitlin hates, it's getting up early! She loves sleeping in! But nope, sleep isn't a part of her recovery program but it should be. After a healthy breakfast, she attends her regular Yoga class. As a former Ballet dancer in her younger days, she takes an immediate liking to Yoga. After that is a healthy breakfast followed by a group session led by a therapist. When called upon to speak, Caitlin opts out as she did the previous days, not quite admitting she has a problem even if it's slowly sinking in that she does.

Although she gladly accepts any visits from Samson, she doesn't wish to see Dr. Theodore Crawly yet. Mostly because she doesn't want him to see her like this. She hasn't even called him since she came here but no doubt he's heard the news by now. The news is having a field day with this and Caitlin tries her best to ignore it but it's not easy.

Week 1, Day 5: Today, Caitlin admits before several people, as part of her recovery program, that she is an alcoholic. She's greeted warmly by the others here and praised for being brave for admitting this hard truth. It's almost like a huge weight has lifted off her shoulders as she sheds a tear or two over it.

If Samson visits, she tells him all about it. And she also tells him that she's happy now that he dropped her off here.

Week 1, Day 6: Today begins like any other, but then Caitlin finds out a stunning truth. Emily Sinclare is in fact Mara in disguise! That conniving Sorceress that ruined her life! Worse, there isn't a thing that Caitlin can do about it because she suddenly falls ill. And it's because of this, she cannot receive visitors from anyone.

Unknown to all, 'Mara' has poisoned Caitlin using her disguise as Emily Sinclaire. Her revenge upon the red-haired amazon is finally complete as a dark smile spreads over her porcelain features.

Week 1, Day 7: Today is the day that many within the members of Selebrity mourn the loss of Caitlin Riker as the news reports her unfortunate, and untimely, demise. She had fallen ill during the night under mysterious circumstances and no cause of death had been determined.

The news comes as something of a major shock as she had been in good health, aside from the recovery from alcohol addiction. The police investigate the case but can find no initial evidence, at first, of any foul play. They will have to wait for the autopsy first...

Week 1, Day 1: Caitlin wakes up with a devasting hangover, groaning as she places her hand on her head. "Ohhh..." She slowly sits up and rubs her temples as she gradually comes out of her grogginess. She blinks several times as she comes out of her stupor and into reality. She takes a deep breath, glancing around as she recognizes her room in the rehab center. But she's confused! Why is she experiencing the effects of a hangover?! She shouldn't be feeling this way.

That's when someone comes in. Her nametag reads: Emily Sinclaire. She has a smile plastered on her lips that is annoying. "Ah, your awake! How are you today, Ms. Riker?"

Caitlin blinks in confusion, "Mara, I know it's you. Stop playing coy and tell me why I'm suffering from a hangover."

Emily keeps that smile, but her blue eyes glance from side to side, "I'm sorry, you must have me confused with someone else. My name is Emily Sinclare, but you may call me, Emily!"

Caitlin slides off the bed and rises to her full height, clenching her fist, "Bullcrap it is! I KNOW IT'S YOU!" She rushes at the woman like a freight train on a bad day but Emily easily sidesteps the attempt and the redhead feels a needle prick her neck as she did on her first day here. As she begins going under, she could swear she hears 'Mara' state, "Time to begin again. Hehehehehe! HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAA!" And then blackness...

Upon awakening next, Caitlin quickly realizes she's repeating the same exact week as before. Time has rewinded itself, much like that movie groundhog day. Is this part of Mara's plan? The mere idea of that terrifies her as 'Emily' comes in with that familiar smile written all over those lips.

The door closes and the screaming commences...

The stunning conclusion can be read here!


It's not just Coke, it's Ultra-Coke!

Disclaimer: For the sake of continuity, the event depicted in this blog post was created before Removing the Competition...

The Scene Is Set...

The skateboarder stops by a soda machine and flips his board up to catch before placing in the required currency and buys not Pepsi, not Coka Cola and not even Root Beer! He buys none other but a new drink that is being dusted off. It's Ultra-Coke!

Sadly, it gets stolen by a thief as he grabs it in a flash of speed as he runs by. But then a muscular arm reaches out, knocking the thief off his feet and onto his back. With expert skill and speed, Caitlin catches the can of coke in one hand as she places one foot on the chest of the man who thought to try and steal it. With the other hand, she shakes her index finger at him, "Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Don't you know, it's wrong to steal?" She tosses the coke back to the man who bought it whose eyes go wide with pleasant surprise.

"Hey, I know you! Your Ultra-Woman! Thank you!" He says before Caitlin beams like the sun, "Your most welcome." She then walks to the soda machine like a woman on a mission! She enters the quarters she has and buys a soft drink before glancing to the right as she opens it. Then those famous green eyes turn to look at the camera as she presents her sales pitch while wearing her best million dollar smile, "It's not just Coke, it's Ultra-Coke! For a limited time only, buy a case of the new Ultra-Coke™ for your chance at winning one million dollars. If your case has one of the exclusive Ultra-Woman Ultra-Coke cans, you win!! And if you call within the next five minutes of this message you'll have your chance to win some additional Ultra-Woman merchandise you cannot find anywhere else! Call now!" And a phone number appears on the screen. "And remember..."

"...It's not just coke, it's Ultra-Coke!"


Removing the competition...

No Caption Provided

"Thank you for seeing me on such short notice, Mr. McGee," Caitlin says, legs crossed and putting on her famous smile.

Donovan McGee is a rather plump man in his mid 40's wearing the fanciest suit that money can buy on his budget. When one considers that half his fingers are adorned in gold and silver rings, it's up to the imagination how he gets his money. Before coming here, Caitlin did a background check and McGee's tactics as a politician are rather cutthroat. He hates to lose and will remove his competition by any means necessary, but behind the scenes of course. No one needs to know what he does in the shadows.

Donovan tears his eyes away from Caitlin's chest, which the redhead finds offensive but she hides it rather well. "Please, call me Don. Everyone does." A half-truth, but it's better than a straight out lie. Uge! Caitlin hates politicians. Well, with the sole exception being Samson. He gets a free pass. She thinks. If this was a cartoon she'd have red hearts for eyeballs for her favorite hero.

"Of course, Don! It's a pleasure to meet you." Caitlin says, not bothering to hide her bubbly personality. She's learned it has a disarming effect on others, but also tends to create an image of being naive as well. Exactly what she's going for.

Don grunts, eyeing the Primetime Phoenix with a hint of desire in those eyes. "Hungry? We can have dinner if you like?" But the politician is thinking of other things right now and Caitlin is beginning to regret coming here. But she needs to do this. There is no turning back now. She's here to bribe him with a truckload of money with the check she has in her purse.

Still maintaining her smile, she politely refuses, "No thank you, Don. I ate before coming here." She says, totally lying. She has been busy today and hasn't had a single bite to eat but she doesn't say that because this guy is not her type. No way in a million years will she eat with him. Yuck. Poke me with a pitchfork!

Disappointed but not offended by the rejection, he folds his beefy hands on the table, "To business then! Your proposal over the phone sounds enticing. So, why should I drop out of the race against Samson Starr, aside from your obvious association with him? You have five minutes to convince me." He says in a gruff manner, the last sentence clearly indicating that if he's not convinced in a limited time frame then it's over. And if anything, Donovan McGee has a reputation of being rather stubborn.

Caitlin is about to speak her idea to him when her eyes suddenly glow yellow and then it's almost as if she speaks in a different voice. One that is silky, but with a hint of danger laced on that pretty little tongue, "What are you afraid of, Donovan?" She keeps the smile, but it now turns into something rather creepy as the corners move beyond what is humanly possible. Her teeth! The teeth are like...a shark!

Taken a bit aback by this sudden change, as well as the eyes, Don asks her in mild confusion, "Ex-Excuse me?" His heart rate increases, but he tries to keep his cool because he knows he's in the presence of someone who has superpowers. Maybe she's here to intimidate him.

In the blink of an eye, Caitlin rises from her chair and is is now sitting in Don's lap, cupping both his cheeks in her hands as she hisses at him between clenched teeth, "I said...what are you afraid of?"

Don gasps in surprise at the sudden movement, but quickly recovers as he looks her right in those eerie yellow eyes that seem to burn like fiery embers, "Y-You can't intimidate me! SEC--" He begins to scream for security, but it's cut short when Caitlin creates a construct of hard-light energy. It's of a gag around his mouth.

Moving her hands to Don's temples, Caitlin's eyes light up with excitement, "Nevermind, I'm inside your head now." She says in a whisper, "I know what your most afraid of. Your worst fear." Then she blows yellow dust in his face and then his world turns into pure, absolute, terror as he begins to utter a muffled scream as his fears seemingly come to life before him, to haunt him and drag him into the abyss of madness.

Caitlin laughs, drinking up the fear as if it's a sweet vanilla milkshake. Delicious! And she takes it all in, refusing to stop the mental assault on Don's poor mind until he breaks. The poor man never stood a chance....

A bit later...

Caitlin screams until someone comes into the room and they gasp in shock at what they find. "Oh my ***! What happened?" She asks.

Caitlin cups her hand over her mouth, tears streaming down her cheeks, "I...I don't know...he..." The other woman persists even if she herself is trying to hold back her intense emotions, but someone has to stay strong, "Take a deep tell me what happened."

Caitlin takes a deep breath and tells her that, "We were just talking and Don suddenly clutched his chest, complaining about chest pain. Then he fell to the floor. I tried performing CPR but nothing! Oh ***!"

No Caption Provided

And that is the story Caitllin sticks with even when the police arrive and ask her questions. Strangely, it's what she honestly remembers. But how can that be? Could someone or something have possessed her before altering her memory? So many questions remain unanswered but the police get their statement and send her home.

Later it will be revealed that Donovan McGee died from massive cardiac arrest. Not terribly surprising since the man happened to be in poor health. The case is closed and no evidence of foul play was found.

Caitlin goes home, not knowing what happened. But something inside of her does and that thing has just claimed her first victim and likely one of many.

Who or what lurks inside of Caitlin Riker?


Our World's At War Tie-in: A long day...

Continued from Our World's At War

No Caption Provided

It had been a long day.

The Sequel™ floated in space and had been slowly drifting back towards Earth before a blue streak turned into a savior that could woo almost any woman he wanted and yet break apart a mountain as if it were nothing. Yet, when those mighty arms wrapped around the redheaded bombshell, they were gentle as a lamb.

After the heroic rescue by the fashionably late, but handsome, Luke Jackson, Caitlin regained consciousness in time to have missed out on the action between her favorite hero and the alien invader. Pain wracked her entire body and she had struggled to rise to her feet, stumbling twice before she managed it. Her legs felt like spaghetti and her body felt worse as if every cell were on fire from within.

Bending her knees and having placed her hands there, she took a minute to recover from her ordeal. After focusing the power cosmic, she gave herself a healing factor and her body repaired itself within seconds. Now relieved, the Ultra-Woman of Super-Heroes stood straight up before she smiled over at Luke and thanked him for the timely save before she took off in flight and made her way to Samson. They all took poses and she gladly did it for him. The final shot had been of the Superman of Super-Heroes himself in a victory pose that would later be remembered to inspire those who would go on to rebuild New York City. It would also hit the newspapers and be part of live news coverage of the heroism displayed by Samson Starr and his team. Sacrifices had been made and heroes would be remembered as Selebrity would no doubt spin one stellar narrative.

A victory that, at the moment, turned into something that was short-lived as those injuries began to catch up to Samson. Caitlin moved to help him, concern having been written all over her face, but she saw his arm moving as he waved her off. Dumping her newly acquired healing factor, she then took X-Ray Vision and could see his injuries were catching up to him. She thought he had been healed. She nodded at his instructions, “On it.” Glancing at her Data Sleeve to memorize the address that was sent to her. She turned around and took off as she carried out his instructions.

Caitlin opened a portal and sent the battery away to the address along with the men who would keep it secure. After that, she teleported back to New York and grabbed the camera crew. It was time for some closing scenes as she called in some help to get Samson some needed medical care. After that, the Ultra-Woman of Super-Heroes hadn’t stuck around as she quietly slipped away and went home.

As Caitlin came into her penthouse suite, she locked the door before she stepped into the home she received when she joined Selebrity. In front of the others, she managed to hold it all together. But now in the loneliness of her suite, she broke down as all her guilt hit her with all the fury of a raging bull.

As much as she tried, Caitlin couldn’t stop the bad memories from coming. The snap of a spine, the obvious pain and the utter lack of remorse on Ziccarra’s cruel face as they all watched a hero fall.

No Caption Provided

As hot tears streamed down her face, lip quivering, Caitlin made her way to the kitchen as if she was in a half daze. She opened the cupboard and grabbed the Crown Royal whiskey. She prefers the white Russian but she didn’t prepare any nor did she feel like making any. Having opened the bottle, she took several gulps before she stopped and wiped the drips from the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand. Having made her way to the couch, she plopped down as she kept reliving the same memory again and again.

”That’s not our responsibility. Nobody is paying us to save the World. Our obligation is here, to these people, this city. And we're f'n failing. I'm callin’ an audible. This began with one person. It'll end with one too."

It certainly did. The exotic Seraph showed her unrelenting might and Ziccarra chose to flee in vain before being beaten while Samson lay broken. The Superman of Super-Heroes told her to stand down but she didn’t listen to him. Just as soon as she helped her hero rescue the subway survivors she left his side to try and take care of the battery that was polluting the Earth. She failed in her first attempt before coming back to New York but she was too late. Caitlin took another drink before having wiped a tear from her cheek and wishing the effects would hit faster.

”This city is a lost cause. Any civilians still trapped here... thats on them. Like I said, this started with one alien asshole and I'll be damned if she messes up my investment over some gladiator pride shit, so it ends with her too."

These words that Caitlin recalled especially hit the hardest. The city was damaged and a few buildings got knocked down with every block on fire but it was still standing. It could be rebuilt and salvaged but not so easy with the lives that had been lost. And then on top of that, saving civilians only to a certain point and leaving the rest to fend forth themselves. A cutthroat mentality if ever there was one. Again, she took another swig of her drink as the minutes pass and she finally began feeling the effects of alcohol in her system.

Samson later redeemed himself in Caitlin’s eyes later when he seemingly healed from his injuries, even admitting she had been right all along before helping her to save the world. But then, her hero’s broken back returned in one final display of heroism.

Caitlin wiped away another tear as she chided herself for being naive enough to have believed Samson’s injury and her guilt associated with it could so easily be solved as she took another swig of her Crown Royal. It was true, the Superman of Super-Heroes knew the risks and that he could still recover anyway but that wouldn’t erase Caitlin’s mistake in leaving his side. There was one unmistakable fact: Caitlin’s favorite hero got injured because she left his side when he needed her.

If I’d have stayed by his side, he wouldn’t have gotten hurt and we still would have saved the world. But the thought that bounced around in her head was soon lost when the whiskey began to take a firmer hold. The Ultra-Woman of Super-Heroes continued to drink until she got completely hammered and finally passed out on the couch due to the heavy drinking binge as she tried to drown her guilt at the end of a bottle.

Caitlin awoke in the morning with a devastating headache and her eyes were very sensitive to bright light. She held her head, wishing the relentless pounding would go away. She crawled from her couch, half stumbling to the bathroom to take care of some business. Afterward, after washing her face and having taken a relaxing bath, she stood there before the mirror. A feeling of self-loathing began but something else was there too.

No Caption Provided

All it took was one glance away from the mirror and then she saw someone else there. A woman who had gray skin, black eyes and who looked, for all the world, to have been dead. Caitlin never remembered screaming at that moment but she had. The cry of sheer horror was cut short, however, when Caitlin’s eyes began to glow an eerie yellow color. The color of fear. Her lips would curl up in a snarl, then a smile. Something had come back with Caitlin when she absorbed the energy from that battery.

It was going to be another long day...


Caitlin Riker's Dating Profile

OOC & Rules...

I created this just for a little harmless fun. Originally, I planned on not publicizing this but I already have several people making comments on it so I might as well make it visible for everyone. With that said, here are some rules that I'd appreciate everyone following.

Rule #1: This is strictly an In Character (IC) blog. I would greatly appreciate it if any further OOC comments below that of Theodore Crawly be put in one of the two available spoiler blocks if your making an OOC comment. Otherwise, if this condition is not met, I will assume your making an IC comment and your speaking as your character posting a message on Caitlin's dating profile.

Rule #2: Since this is a dating blog, please don't flirt with Caitlin in any IC manner that is considered flirting if your character is below 18 years old. Even as a joke or in jest, I will take this very seriously and report you to the mods where they will deal with you as they see fit. I will not tolerate minors making moves on my character.

Here is a link that will help you create your own fake Twitter screenshots in case you want to use it here. With that said, please have fun and play nice. Thank you. ^_^


No Caption Provided

Real Name: Caitlin Riker of course!

Dual Identities: Ultra-Woman and the Sequel™. That last one was given to me by my personal hero, Samson Starr. Coolest dude on the planet but there's no need to tell him that because he already knows. :P

Occupation: Actor and media specialist in Selebrity. Since this is a dating profile, I'll refrain from giving you a sales pitch.

Age: Never ask a lady her age! I'm old enough to drink and that's all you need to know.

Hight: Why does my height matter? I'm 5'11" okay?!

Weight: 145 lbs. I like to keep in shape.

Eyes: Green. My second favorite color.

Hair: Red. Tied with green as my second favorite color.

Favorite Color: OMG, I LOVE purple! Definitely my favorite color! It's a royal color, fit for a Queen!

Likes: Aside from the obvious since acting is a personal passion of mine (and by far my FAVORITE thing to do!), I love cooking, but I never seem to have enough time for it. I like hiking, biking, mountain climbing, camping (OMG, I would camp FOREVER if I could!) and pretty much anything outdoors. I also love to read a good book, stare at a fireplace and dance! I took ballet when I was growing up so I learned good moves! I also love a good drink. Just don't have a contest with me, I'd win. :P

I do love to have a good party, especially if good drinks are available. Oh and I LOVE to shop for clothes. Of course I do, are you really that surprised? I like to go fencing (swords, not the wood kind!) and that is a passion I picked up after playing Red Sonja. I also love paranormal stuff, conspiracy theories and to have a good debate with someone.

Dislikes: Snobby, rude and mean people. I don't mind if someone is being selfish or looking out for themselves, but don't be a snob. If you can't at least pretend to respect me, stay out of my way. I hate politics so please don't even bring it up.

What do you look for in men? He has to be intelligent, educated and funny. Being a bookworm like me helps, but it's okay if he's not. I like my men to be honest with me as well as to themselves. I don't care if they happen to be a narcissist or a know it all, so long as they respect me and I'll be happy. I don't care if respect is pretended or not. If he's not actively insulting me to my face, I don't care. The most important thing, though, is having plenty in common with me so that we can do a lot of stuff together. He has to be open to true love because if he isn't then I'm okay with a brief fling, but that is where it will stop.


Stepping Up...

A mysterious voice calls out.

"Come to me."

It keeps chanting that phrase every ten seconds or so. Caitlin rolls around in her bed, dreaming about this voice that keeps calling her. Beads of sweat form on her skin as her breathing becomes labored. It's almost as if she is running a marathon. Gasping, she sits upright in bed as Caitlin breathes in and out rapidly. Ever since she's been recruited as a member of Selebrity's group, it's been the same dream ever since. A voice calling out to her and telling her to come. Come where?! That's the million dollar question.

Caitlin lazily slips out of bed and opens the sliding glass door to her balcony. She lays her hands on the railing and sigh's. Why does she keep having this dream? Something unexpected happens now because she hears the voice audibly for the first time while she's awake.

"Come to me."

It's like a whisper in the wind, neither male nor female. It's a paradox since it sounds so very near and yet very far away at the same time. It's both oddly comforting but mysteriously frightening. "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!" Caitlin screams out in frustration at the starry night sky that is obscured by the smog and lights of Los Angeles.

Then, as if Encounters of the Third Kind was made to be real, an overwhelmingly bright light appears right over Caitlin. She gasps in surprise as she begins rising up into the air, but her arms flail about and she manages to grab hold of her railing to stop herself but now she gets turned upside down as she tries holding on for dear life, "Oh no, no, no, no, no! NO! I am NOT going to be abducted by Aliens! Let me--" The railing snaps off due to the powerful pull of the beam, interrupting Caitlin whose eyes go wide, "Crap."

Thanks a lot stupid railing! Caitlin thinks as she helplessly goes up and up and still up. The more she continues to go up, the faster she moves until she starts screaming. Is it her imagination or has she now left Earth's atmosphere? Caitlin's eyes go wide as she watches the stars whiz by like she saw them on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I'M IN SPACE! Caitlin screams in her head. She doesn't even want to know how she can breathe right now, but she's in space!

Then the thought occurs to Caitlin HOW is she traveling through space without a space suit or a ship? She doesn't have this power. Then she comes to the next inevitable conclusion. Someone else is doing this. But why? Soon enough, though, the ride comes to and end and unceremoniously lands on her face with an, "Oof!"

Caitlin moans in pain as she slowly picks herself up, muttering, "Whoever you are, you have got to work on that landing." Brushing herself off, she glances around and sees no human being or any sentient being for that matter. But Caitlin does see something. It's some kind of Forge with two large statues, or machines, with hammers on either side of it. The Forge is like nothing else Caitlin has seen in her entire life. It seems to glow white with some kind of powerful energy. She feels a strong compulsion to come to the Forge. As if mesmerized, Caitlin does so as she never takes her eyes off of the forge.

"You have been chosen."

Caitlin wonders why, frowning a bit when she reaches the Forge, "Chosen? For what?" She asks, but no answer comes. Not in words, but more of a mixture of feelings and a deep conviction that she has been summoned here for a higher calling. She is free to refuse but Caitlin does not.

"Place your hand on the Forge."

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Caitlin obeys and the hammer that one of the machines, or statues, is holding slams down on her hand. She screams, expecting it to be painful but it's not. Instead the hammer imbues her with Cosmic Energy that explodes outward, forcing Caitlin to shield her eyes from the bright light. The other hammer held by the other machine slams it's hammer on her hand as well. Again, no pain and that is all kinds of weird and odd. There should be pain, but there isn't.

After the second hammer hits, Caitlin takes in a deep breath as she feels the energy that exploded moments ago now implode right before her eyes and seemingly get swallowed by her hand. This causes her hand to glow bright like a light bulb before it spreads up her arm and throughout her entire body in just a few seconds. Caitlin let's out her gasp as she feels a rush of power enter her body like nothing else. Not even the best adrenaline rush can compare to this as raw Cosmic energy courses through her body and causing her to glow as bright as the sun itself. Caitlin tilts her head back as the Power Cosmic fills her entire being and empowering her, transforming her into a Cosmo-Knight and a protector of the Cosmic Forge.


Caitlin wakes up the next morning and lazily gets out of bed, rising to go to the restroom. When she looks into the mirror she suddenly remembers the events of last night and she gasps. She rushes to her balcony but her railing shows no signs of being damaged. It's as if the event never happened. Caitlin breathes a sigh of relief with a hand on chest. But as she takes her hand away, she is surprised by the momentary white glow that appears. She feels different now, more powerful and more energetic. The dream was all too real and Caitlin has to sit in stunned silence. "Why me?"

That will become a lingering question that is not easily answered. Why did the Cosmic Forge choose her to be a Cosmo-Knight? She's no one special. It will be an ongoing question as Caitlin tries and fails to find the answers. But one day she will find the answers just not today. Finding the answers is a story for another time because Caitlin has to meet a potential recruit. Her name is Kate Powers and she looks forward to meeting her.

NOT the End...


The Cosmic Forge (Artifact & Location)

The Cosmic Forge
The Cosmic Forge

Since time immemorial the Cosmic Forge has existed for countless eons. Many legends, myths and stories exist that tell about this mysterious artifact of ancient cosmic power. All such tales differ in many things but there is one overriding theme that is common in all of them: No one knows where the Cosmic Forge is and it's location has been lost ages ago.

The Cosmic Forge is a priceless artifact of incredible power and it has been sought out by many treasure hunters wanting to strike it rich by finding it. Pirates, would be dictators and beings from all walks of life have tried locating the Cosmic Forge only to come back empty handed. Others claim to have seen it with their own eyes only to mysteriously be unable to pinpoint it's exact location which is rather convenient for the naysayers.

There is a darker side to the Cosmic Forge in the fact that many who seek to find it's location have never returned and in many cases no trace of them is ever found. On the off chance that If some evidence of a lost expedition is found then more questions are raised than answered.

The exact origins of the Cosmic Forge have been lost to the winds of time, but a few things stand out within the legends. It is an artifact that can forge any weapon and turning it into a Cosmic force of power that can turn the tide of two warring cultures should it fall into the wrong hands. These weapons have a varying degree of power and capabilities but are also extremely rare, making them highly sought after by warriors and weapon collectors.

The Cosmic Forge has unconfirmed reports that it might actually be some kind of sentient being and that it selects some worthy individuals from all over the universe to serve as it's protectors and guardians. These stalwart defenders are rumored to be called Cosmo-Knights who wield a mysterious energy called the Power Cosmic, giving them the capability that is very similar to a Green Sentinel Power ring but internalized from within. A Cosmo-Knight's power is varied and diverse, but each one is a force to be reckoned with and that is assuming if they exist at all. Whatever the case, a Cosmo-Knight who betrays his or her oath to protect the Cosmic Forge will become a Fallen Knight and any memory of the Cosmic Forge's location will be wiped from their minds. They will become a shadow of their former selves, possessing only a fraction of the power they once wielded. It is possible these Fallen Knights can become worthy again, but those who do not wander the galaxy in search for a new purpose and often becoming villains.


  1. Location: It's a secret. Want to find it? Then please sell the hard difficulty and send me a PM at my main @paragonxxx first. Thank you.
  2. Destruction: You'll have to find it first. Even then, I'll only allow minor damage.
  3. Cosmo-Knight: Want your character to become a Cosmo-Knight? Throw me a PM first, please. I'll look over your character and see if he/she is a good candidate.
  4. Using the Cosmic Forge: Feel free to mention the Cosmic Forge in your RP's. Cosmic weapons created by the Forge are EXTREMELY rare. So if you want to find one, or use one, feel free but please sell the difficulty of getting your hands on one.


Demon in the bottle...

"Evicted?" I couldn't believe what I was reading as my glistening green eyes scan the page for the third time in a row as I read the fine print, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M EVICTED?!" This...this can't be happening! The door is locked, what few things I own have been thrown outside and I SWEAR I was going to pay the rent this month. And last month's.

My lip quivers and I can't stop the tears from flowing down my cheeks. A soft whimper escapes my lips as I throw away the paper in heartbreaking anguish. I try and compose myself, taking a deep breath but the emotions are running high and deep down I know it's for real. I couldn't pay last month's rent or this month's. I had my chance to get the money and I couldn't because I was fired yet again from my last job. Spilled coffee all over someone, then I tripped and shattered a table thanks to my invulnerability acting like a wrecking ball. After that the manager had enough since I was late for work three times in a row thanks to STUPID TRAFFIC GETTING IN THE WAY! And now I get evicted from my apartment with my stuff thrown out the front.

I try and speak with the manager but it only ends up in a heated argument and me almost crushing his head like an eggshell. But it's not worth it and I leave when his stuck up wife threatens to call the calls. Jail is the last thing I need, but so is this. I leave in a huff and then when I'm outside I run into a wall of emotion and I fall to my knees crying. WHY CAN'T I GET A FREAKIN' BREAK?!

The reality dawns on me that I'm now homeless and my bank account has been overdrawn. I have enough money for a few meals but definitely not nearly enough to rent a hotel so I completely break down and curl up in a fetal position as I cry my heart out. Why can't anything go right for me? Once, I was Ultra-Woman and an Oscar winning movie star! I even won a Golden Globe and a few Emmy's! I got to play Red Sonja and inspire teenagers around the world as well as young adults. But now Hollywood refuses to cast me in anything more, I lost all my hard earned millions, I can't seem to hold onto a job, my powers are unreliable because they fail me at the WORST possible times and now I got evicted from my apartment.

I'm a homeless bum. I can't exactly go home either since my entire family is dead. And my friend Mara in Hollywood wants nothing to do with me. Funny how you learn who your real friends are when you don't have any money. Once that was gone, all my so called 'friends' in Hollywood disowned me. Not one of them is willing to help me.

I wake up after having accidentally fallen asleep when someone kicks me and yells at me. Great. I managed to cry myself to sleep. I get up and leave, too tired and emotionally drained to fight back. He leaves me alone and I don't care as to the reason why. I see a bridge and I head towards it. As I get closer, I begin to get ideas and not very good ones. I make my way to the edge out over the ocean. If I was human, I know the fall would kill me since hitting the water at this height might as well be landing on solid concrete. I don't hesitate like a lot of people do on TV, I immediately take the plunge and hope my powers don't kick in. Unfortunately, they do and when I hit the water I feel nothing. So much for a quick and clean death. I could simply suck in water and let myself drown, but what's the point? That's not as quick as I'd like anyway, plus I don't like the thought of drowning. I was hoping the fall would kill me but my invulnerability saved me. Stupid powers! When I need them, they aren't there for me when I don't want them they work just fine! Figures!

When I climb out of the water, I randomly walk around the city and find myself at a bar. I shouldn't, I know I shouldn't. I know the moment I walk in there, it'll be the stupidest thing in the world. But right now, I've hit rock bottom. What more can be done? How much worse can life get? I've lost my family, my dream job, my home, my money...

I have lost everything...

I don't care anymore. Surely drinking isn't that bad, right?

No Caption Provided

I take the drink and I cough up a storm. IT'S HORRIBLE! How can people honestly drink this stuff?! Maybe it really is an acquired taste. The bartender smirks and gives me a different drink on the house. Sure, why not? I drink down this one and hey, it's not that bad! The after taste is a bit sweet too. The initial kick hits like a mule, though. Not a buzz yet. But this is whiskey and I know I'm drinking the hard core stuff. I tell him to hit me again and I down that one too. The coughing after every drink doesn't get any better but at least this brand of whiskery is more tolerable than the other one.

A kind gentlemen buys me a drink and I thank him, downing that one too. By the fifth drink, I'm feeling a buzz. It occurs to me I've never been drunk before. Oh, I've had a few beers at parties but I never got drunk before now. I never saw the point. But now I don't care. The more I drink, the more I lose my inhibitions, the more my brain seems to go into some kind of alcohol induced fog. My vision and speech begins slurring as I find it hard to stand, let alone walk. I think this guy is rather cute and he actually has the audacity to say I've had enough to drink! I try and tell him off but my words a slurred mess, "How DAORE you deeny me more drinksh. I should break yer spyne. I know...super shtrength an' all that..." I hiccup and burp, giggling like a school girl and I even hop on a table and sing a song. DUST IN THE WIND! And I'm awful at it but the men around me sure like it, clapping, hooting and hollering like animals.

After that, the takes me home and my memory is a blank from there. Actually, I don't even remember singing that song, either, come to think of it. I wake up the next morning with a pounding headache. Each movement makes it worse, every sound and every light source. I hold my pounding head before I slowly open my eyes to a room I don't recognize. That's when I forget my headache and I look around, sitting up and immediately regret sitting up so fast I hold my poor head. Did I leave my brain back in the bar and that's why my head hurts so much?!

Oh my goodness, that's when I see him. The guy from the bar! He's right beside me in the bed! Did we? Did I? Oh ***, I hope not! I start to panic, rushing out of bed so fast I fall out of it and make a loud thud on the floor, holding my head again from the constant pressure that suddenly worse. The guy wakes up, wondering what is going on. I yell at him, saying we better not have had 'done it' but he swears we didn't. Then why don't I believe him? The scum bag.

I manage to get my clothes on and rush out of there. I cover my eyes from sudden brightness of the lights, causing my headache to just get worse. So this is what a hang over feels like. I already hate it. I already hate the drinking, but a I know I'm going to go back. What other choice is there?

I'm a failure who can't get a lucky break...

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