Demon in the bottle...

"Evicted?" I couldn't believe what I was reading as my glistening green eyes scan the page for the third time in a row as I read the fine print, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M EVICTED?!" This...this can't be happening! The door is locked, what few things I own have been thrown outside and I SWEAR I was going to pay the rent this month. And last month's.

My lip quivers and I can't stop the tears from flowing down my cheeks. A soft whimper escapes my lips as I throw away the paper in heartbreaking anguish. I try and compose myself, taking a deep breath but the emotions are running high and deep down I know it's for real. I couldn't pay last month's rent or this month's. I had my chance to get the money and I couldn't because I was fired yet again from my last job. Spilled coffee all over someone, then I tripped and shattered a table thanks to my invulnerability acting like a wrecking ball. After that the manager had enough since I was late for work three times in a row thanks to STUPID TRAFFIC GETTING IN THE WAY! And now I get evicted from my apartment with my stuff thrown out the front.

I try and speak with the manager but it only ends up in a heated argument and me almost crushing his head like an eggshell. But it's not worth it and I leave when his stuck up wife threatens to call the calls. Jail is the last thing I need, but so is this. I leave in a huff and then when I'm outside I run into a wall of emotion and I fall to my knees crying. WHY CAN'T I GET A FREAKIN' BREAK?!

The reality dawns on me that I'm now homeless and my bank account has been overdrawn. I have enough money for a few meals but definitely not nearly enough to rent a hotel so I completely break down and curl up in a fetal position as I cry my heart out. Why can't anything go right for me? Once, I was Ultra-Woman and an Oscar winning movie star! I even won a Golden Globe and a few Emmy's! I got to play Red Sonja and inspire teenagers around the world as well as young adults. But now Hollywood refuses to cast me in anything more, I lost all my hard earned millions, I can't seem to hold onto a job, my powers are unreliable because they fail me at the WORST possible times and now I got evicted from my apartment.

I'm a homeless bum. I can't exactly go home either since my entire family is dead. And my friend Mara in Hollywood wants nothing to do with me. Funny how you learn who your real friends are when you don't have any money. Once that was gone, all my so called 'friends' in Hollywood disowned me. Not one of them is willing to help me.

I wake up after having accidentally fallen asleep when someone kicks me and yells at me. Great. I managed to cry myself to sleep. I get up and leave, too tired and emotionally drained to fight back. He leaves me alone and I don't care as to the reason why. I see a bridge and I head towards it. As I get closer, I begin to get ideas and not very good ones. I make my way to the edge out over the ocean. If I was human, I know the fall would kill me since hitting the water at this height might as well be landing on solid concrete. I don't hesitate like a lot of people do on TV, I immediately take the plunge and hope my powers don't kick in. Unfortunately, they do and when I hit the water I feel nothing. So much for a quick and clean death. I could simply suck in water and let myself drown, but what's the point? That's not as quick as I'd like anyway, plus I don't like the thought of drowning. I was hoping the fall would kill me but my invulnerability saved me. Stupid powers! When I need them, they aren't there for me when I don't want them they work just fine! Figures!

When I climb out of the water, I randomly walk around the city and find myself at a bar. I shouldn't, I know I shouldn't. I know the moment I walk in there, it'll be the stupidest thing in the world. But right now, I've hit rock bottom. What more can be done? How much worse can life get? I've lost my family, my dream job, my home, my money...

I have lost everything...

I don't care anymore. Surely drinking isn't that bad, right?

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I take the drink and I cough up a storm. IT'S HORRIBLE! How can people honestly drink this stuff?! Maybe it really is an acquired taste. The bartender smirks and gives me a different drink on the house. Sure, why not? I drink down this one and hey, it's not that bad! The after taste is a bit sweet too. The initial kick hits like a mule, though. Not a buzz yet. But this is whiskey and I know I'm drinking the hard core stuff. I tell him to hit me again and I down that one too. The coughing after every drink doesn't get any better but at least this brand of whiskery is more tolerable than the other one.

A kind gentlemen buys me a drink and I thank him, downing that one too. By the fifth drink, I'm feeling a buzz. It occurs to me I've never been drunk before. Oh, I've had a few beers at parties but I never got drunk before now. I never saw the point. But now I don't care. The more I drink, the more I lose my inhibitions, the more my brain seems to go into some kind of alcohol induced fog. My vision and speech begins slurring as I find it hard to stand, let alone walk. I think this guy is rather cute and he actually has the audacity to say I've had enough to drink! I try and tell him off but my words a slurred mess, "How DAORE you deeny me more drinksh. I should break yer spyne. I know...super shtrength an' all that..." I hiccup and burp, giggling like a school girl and I even hop on a table and sing a song. DUST IN THE WIND! And I'm awful at it but the men around me sure like it, clapping, hooting and hollering like animals.

After that, the takes me home and my memory is a blank from there. Actually, I don't even remember singing that song, either, come to think of it. I wake up the next morning with a pounding headache. Each movement makes it worse, every sound and every light source. I hold my pounding head before I slowly open my eyes to a room I don't recognize. That's when I forget my headache and I look around, sitting up and immediately regret sitting up so fast I hold my poor head. Did I leave my brain back in the bar and that's why my head hurts so much?!

Oh my goodness, that's when I see him. The guy from the bar! He's right beside me in the bed! Did we? Did I? Oh ***, I hope not! I start to panic, rushing out of bed so fast I fall out of it and make a loud thud on the floor, holding my head again from the constant pressure that suddenly worse. The guy wakes up, wondering what is going on. I yell at him, saying we better not have had 'done it' but he swears we didn't. Then why don't I believe him? The scum bag.

I manage to get my clothes on and rush out of there. I cover my eyes from sudden brightness of the lights, causing my headache to just get worse. So this is what a hang over feels like. I already hate it. I already hate the drinking, but a I know I'm going to go back. What other choice is there?

I'm a failure who can't get a lucky break...



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Real Name: Caitlin Riker

Name Meaning: Caitlin means ‘Pure or Clear’ and Riker means ‘Strong Power.’

Dual Identity: Ultra-Woman

Identity: Public.

Other Aliases: Red, Redhead, Amazon, Red haired Amazon, Ultra-Amazon, Ultra-Hero, Cat, Cait, Freckles, the Sequel™

Class: Hero

Alignment: Good

Occupation: Homeless & Semi Retired Super-Hero.

Former Occupations: Actor (Former A list Movie Star), Waitress, Construction Worker, Accountant, Secretary, Super Model, Fashion Model and several others.

Base Of Operations: Los Angeles

Affiliation: None

Citizenship: United States Citizen

Legal Status: No Criminal Record

Place of Birth: Fairchild Air Force Base

Education: High School level

Age: 23

Marital Status: Single

Relatives: Parents and siblings are dead.

Gender: Female

Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 6‘4“

Weight: 210 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Red

Physical Form: Caitlin is a beautiful and stunning woman with a few freckles on her cheeks. She also possesses an athletic and muscular build, however she is not overly large like a body builder. Finally, she has an hour glass figure with wide hips, a V shaped back and possesses no visible scars or tattoos. Despite how gorgeous she happens to be, Caitlin is insecure about her own beauty and does not see herself this way.

Race: Inhuman. However, the public believes that Caitlin is a meta-human.

Addiction: Caitlin is an alcholic.

Personality: Prior to receiving her powers, Caitlin was a bookworm and had very little contact with people. Despite this, she grew into a caring, dedicated and smart individual as she began interacting with others a little more after she gained her powers. At first glance, she’s the type of person who is too easy to trust someone she’s first met. However, being forced to live on the streets has made her a bit more cautious about strangers. Caitlin also tends to tear-up at a sentimental gesture or sad moment she experiences and it’s really easy to make her laugh at most jokes. She has an eye for detail so she appreciates the many different personality quirks in her friends or those she meets, but she also tends to notice the flaws in others even if she does not make an effort to mention it. Caitlin is a bit more emotionally sensitive than others so she is a bit quick with her temper and sometimes acts out on what she happens to be feeling at the time. To her credit, however, she is learning how to think before she acts.

Universe: CVnU

Created by: ParagonxXx


As an Inhuman, Ultra-Woman once possessed a greater range of powers and abilities such as numerous Enhanced Senses, Flight, a Healing Factor and Super-Speed. Unfortunately, these powers have since been lost. However, Caitlin is still a powerhouse and is capable of the following powers and abilities:

Inhuman Physiology: Thanks to Caitlin’s metamorphasis into an Inhuman, her physiology has been greatly enhanced which gives her the following abilities:

  • Ultra Agility & Reflexes: Ultra-Woman’s natural agility and reflexes have been enhanced far beyond that of any known athlete. She’s fast enough to catch arrows, dodge fast moving projectiles and catch bullets.
  • Ultra-Invulnerability: Caitlin is invulnerable to most forms of conventional damage, such as bullets, normal bladed weaponry, falls from great heights, most types of explosive devices, conventional missiles, extremes of heat, extremes of cold, some forms of energy attacks, etc. Despite her high resistance to damage, however, it is still possible to cause damage. To name some examples: A fist fight with a sufficiently strong super-human will hurt Caitlin and if enough damage is taken then she can die. The same can be said of energy attacks of a sufficiently powerful level.
  • Ultra-Life & Healing: Unknown to her, Ultra-Woman will age significantly slower than the average human. Unfortunately, it is unknown exactly how long she will live. Although she has lost a great measure of her healing factor, Caitlin still heals twice as fast as a normal human being and scars are impossible.
  • Ultra-Stamina: Caitlin’s body is extremely efficient, producing significantly less fatigue toxins which enable her to fight at peak exertion for 24hrs before she begins to feel tired.
  • Ultra-Strength: Ultra-Woman is on par with the strongest of many of the super-humans on Earth and is able to lift 100 tons. From a standing still position, her leg muscles enable her to jump 500 feet straight up in the air and leap a distance of 1,000 feet.
  • Ultra-Speed: Despite losing a great measure of her super-speed, Caitlin is still fast in comparison to a normal human. Due in large part to her Ultra-Strength, she’s capable of running at approximately 250 MPH thanks to the pure muscle power of her legs. While it is currently unknown how fast she can throw a punch during a fight, on at least one recorded occasion Ultra-Woman’s fist did break the sound barrier. It is unknown if she can punch any fast than this.

The Power Cosmic: This mysterious power is a limitless cosmic energy and power that Ultra-Woman wields. The Power Cosmic allows Caitlin to replicate any single power she desires weather it’s heat vision, healing others, the manipulating of matter or something else. Much like a Green Sentinel power ring, the Power Cosmic is limited by Caitlin’s imagination and willpower.


Advanced Technology: Highly advanced technology that is sufficiently powerful is known to be pretty effective against Ultra-Woman to a varying degree of success.

Magic: Mystic power and enchanted weapons have proven to be effective tools to use against Caitlin since she is just as vulnerable to them as a regular human is.

Psionics: Despite Caitlin’s strong willpower, she has proven to be vulnerable to most types of psionic powers to one degree or another.

The Power Cosmic: While the Power Cosmic makes Caitlin very powerful, there are several limitations to it’s use. Even though it’s true that she can give herself the ability to Warp Reality, she is only able to do so on a small scale. She can also only choose one power at a time and must lose her currently used power to gain a new one. She is also unable to create life, copy precognition powers and cannot use the Power Cosmic to live forever. Copying and using any given power also comes with any of it’s potential weaknesses. For example: If Caitlin uses the Power Cosmic to give herself the ability to shoot streams of fire from her hands then water, or the lack of oxygen, would be a weakness that comes with this power.

A final weakness is the fact that Caitlin can only use the Power Cosmic to give herself a single power at it’s most basic level. For example: Many powers come with sub-abilities of that power, such as Light Manipulation giving Ultra-Woman the ability to shoot laser beams or bend light around her to turn invisible. Unfortunately for Caitlin, if she copies Light Manipulation then she can only give herself one power and that is either laser blasts or turning invisible but not both.

Unstable Powers: For several years now Ultra-Woman has experienced her powers becoming increasingly unreliable and for reasons unknown to her. One moment they are working perfectly fine and the next they are gone. Worse still is the fact that her powers can fade away at the worst possible time. On some occasions, Ultra-Woman has even experienced an increase in power to the point that she cannot control them. Over the years, she has even lost several of her powers and wonders if, one day, the rest will soon follow if something isn’t done to stop it.


Actor: Caitlin is a superb actress, taking home an Oscar in only her third movie. She is capable of the full range of emotions on command and at a moments notice, making it seem like she’s really experiencing these things and giving a very convincing performance.

Gifted Fighter: With unreliable powers, Caitlin took boxing, kick boxing and Judo lessons in order to be able to defend herself in the event her powers fail her. Although she is not an expert, she is a gifted fighter and is a dangerous hand-to-hand combatant.

Gifted Intellect: Caitlin has a gifted intellect and has an Eidetic/Photographic memory. If she applied herself, she could be a scientist if she desired it. For now, she uses her memory and intelligence to learn a new skill twice as fast as the average person.

High Pain Threshold: Since Caitlin is a redhead, science has discovered the MC1R gene which is responsible for releasing a difficult to pronounce chemical called pheomelanin. This chemical blocks the brains receptivity to what it interprets as pain. To put it simply, Caitlin has a higher pain threshhold than the average human.

Indomitable Willpower: Caitlin’s strength of will is strong as iron. It’s hard to break and she’s kept going in situations where the average person would have given up.

Swordsmanship: During her preparation for the role of Red Sonja, Caitlin had to learn how to use a sword and is quite gifted in it’s use. However, she is no expert.


Costume: On the surface, Caitlin’s costume appears to be made by a professional. Upon deeper examination, however, this is no ordinary costume. Given to her by a Sorceress, Caitlin’s costume can magically repair itself after being damaged and never needs to be washed. Unfortunately, unknown to Ultra-Woman, the costume has a magic curse that has been placed upon it. This magic curse inflicts Caitlin with perpetual bad luck and is the cause of most of the problems she has suffered for the last several years. Only those with magical senses can detect this curse and remove it.

Data Sleeve: As a Selebrity exclusive, the Data Sleeve™ is a digitized body accessory worn along Caitlin's left forearm. A sort of universal tool that is genetically coded to Caitlin's DNA and grants access to all Selebrity owned facilities, gyms, training complexes, media centers and marketing offices. The Data Sleeve also provides a a secure line for surfing and research on the web.

Key Card: A simple card to allow Caitlin to access her penthouse suite.


For the first twelve years of Caitlin’s life, she lived a pretty ordinary, and unremarkable, one. However, on her 13th birthday, she was stalked and kidnapped by an Inhuman serial killer calling himself Xeno, whose strange voice hypnotized her into doing all he desired. Caitlin was taken to Xeno’s underground lair where he revealed his plan: He believes in the misguided sense of saving humans from themselves and only the enlightened would be saved while the unworthy would perish. He does this by exposing his victims to what he calls Terrigen crystals by smashing them on the ground where a mist encircles the victim and turns them into what is called an Inhuman with super-human powers. Unfortunately, if the victim does not possess the dormant Inhuman gene then they are destroyed by the Terrigen mist when they turn into a pile of ashes.

Caitlin was terrified when Xeno revealed his plans to her and what the terrigen mist could do, but under his hypnotic powers she could not resist him or try and escape despite her best efforts to do so. Xeno smashed a terrigen crystal at her feet and a terrified Caitlin was released from her hypnotism as she watched helplessly as a cocoon formed around her from the feet up. As she fell on the dirt floor, she tried in vain to resist being cocooned but resistance was futile. As Caitlin was cocooned completely from head to toe, she fell into a deep sleep as her body underwent a metamorphosis into a super powered Inhuman.

Caitlin had no idea how long she had been cocooned, but she eventually awoke and broke free of her prison a changed person. No longer was she a skinny, average looking, bookworm. Now she was a stunningly beautiful Amazon of a woman who would now stand at least a head taller than most of her classmates at school. Rippling muscles and pure power coursed through her newly transformed body as Xeno welcomed her into his fold of enlightened individuals. Unfortunately for the serial killer, Caitlin was enraged by being forced into being one of his so called ‘enlightened’ against her will and proceeded to kick the living daylights out of him. When the fight was over, Xeno regained consciousness and proceeded to laugh for unknown reasons before teleporting away. It would not be until later that Caitlin would find out what she was and what had happened to her.

Debut as Ultra-Woman

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After getting over the shock of her transformation, Caitlin made her way home to the surprise of her parents who could hardly recognize their own daughter. But after explaining the situation, another surprise comes when her parents reveal themselves to be a species known as Inhumans and that Caitlin was one as well. Her transformation was a result of something called Terrigenesis as a result of the Terrigen crystals and the mist created by them.

Caitlin was encouraged to become a Super-Hero after it was discovered just how powerful she was and with a little bit of training from her parents on how to control her newfound abilities. A costume was created after several failed attempts and she made her debut as Ultra Woman. She became an overnight sensation and the media loved her. But Caitlin’s parents warned her never to reveal to the public she was an Inhuman as they were even less tolerated than mutants.

With the need to have a secret identity, Caitlin’s parents gave her a holographic projector that was capable of making her appear as her old self so that she could go back to school as if nothing happened and maintain her identity as Caitlin Riker. As Ultra-Woman, she looked almost completely different with a body like a muscular amazon, a height that made her at least a head taller than most boys and a super model’s face. So it was decided by the entire family that Caitlin would wear the holographic projector only to pass as her old self, but she would take it off whenever she wanted to become Ultra-Woman and fight crime as the media’s new favorite Super-Hero.

Hollywood & The Rise to Fame

With stars in her eyes, Caitlin went to Hollywood to make a name for herself and got starring roles in commercials as she helped sell a new soft drink called Ultra-Coke which became quite popular with children and teenagers. Quickly moving from commercials to television and movies, Caitlin got a number of small roles before landing her break out role as Red Sonja and it went on to be a huge hit at the box office, propelling her to movie star status and an A list movie star. In her third movie, the redhead played the supporting role of an insane asylum inmate with multiple personality disorder. Due to her performance in the drama, Caitlin won and took home an Oscar.

Caitlin did not forget her high school education and still went to school even as she worked as a rising star in Hollywood. Unfortunately, her time as Ultra-Woman was becoming less and less as she struggled to find the time to fight crime. But she did not care since it was Ultra-Woman that Hollywood had wanted in the first place and not Caitlin Riker so at least she spent time on set as her super-heroic alter ego.

Caitlin’s stage name for the movies and TV shows she starred in ended up being Catherine Fairchild and she went on to star in a number of hits both on the big and small screens. A sequel to Red Sonja was made just three years after the first one and while it was not quite as big of a hit as the first movie, it still went on to be a major box office success. Caitlin’s star in Hollywood was burning bright.

Identity Exposed & The Fallout

During Caitlin’s short time in Hollywood she had made some enemies both as a crime fighter and as an actor. One of her enemies was a sorceress by the name of Mara who saw the hero’s success as something that should have been her own. For whatever reason, every time Mara additioned for a part in a movie or a TV show, Caitlin would get the part if she tried out for the role too. Coincidence or just plain bad luck, Caitlin would beat out Mara almost every single time and this enraged the sorceress so she began to befriend the Ultra-Hero, but not to become a friend but to gain her trust before seeking her revenge.

Caitlin was unaware of what Mara was planning and eventually opened up to the sorceress about her double life. The sorceress was thankful for the trust and used that knowledge against the Ultra-Hero. Mara blackmailed one of Caitlin’s friends who also knew of her secrets to betray her and Ultra-Woman’s identity was exposed to the public. The betrayal stung the heart of Caitlin like a hot knife through her belly and a friendship was forever ruined. With her identity as Ultra-Woman exposed, the redhead’s enemies took the opportunity to target those she loved as well as her family.

Caitlin tried her best to protect those she loved but her enemies had struck too quickly and without mercy. With no time to gather allies to help her, Ultra-Woman was forced to fight several of her worst enemies that she had made during her time as a crime fighter. She fought very valiantly but her family was still killed by her enemies and Caitlin herself was beaten within an inch of her life before leaving her for dead.

Caitlin survived her brush with death but the same could not be said of her family who had all perished. Stricken with grief, she arranged to have a private funeral for them before seeking therapy for their loss and to work through her emotions. Unknown to Caitlin, the Sorceress Mara was behind it all and she was enraged that the Ultra-Hero had survived. But rather than finish her off, she thought of a better idea...

Fall from Hollywood

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The Sorceress Mara would still pretend to be Caitlin’s friend and would lend support in the Ultra-Hero’s darkest hour. The comfort was appreciated and Mara thought of the sweetest revenge. Death was too good for the redhead and their was worst fates. So, she created a new costume for her friend, one that could magically repair itself and never need to be washed. But a magic curse of bad luck would be placed upon the costume. When the outfit was presented to Caitlin, she loved it and immediately put it on and would rarely take it off.

From this point on, Caitlin’s luck would begin to change in Hollywood. Her once former success slowly turned into failure. But it was subtle at first as to not raise any suspicions. But over the course of a year, Caitlin found she wasn’t as successful as she once was in the movies she starred in or the TV shows she appeared in. She was still successful, but people began to question if she would regain her former glory.

But then one day it all began to go horribly south for Caitlin as her powers began fading in and out, losing them at the worst possible time. She almost lost her life several times while fighting crime and on the set of one of her movies. To make things even worse, Caitlin’s bad luck caused her to wreck some of the sets she was on during the production of some of her movies. The movies themselves would go on to be box office flops and the Ultra-Hero’s appearances on TV did not fair much better. Even the third Red Sonja movie failed and became a major flop at the box office, failing to give the once major star the break she needed to turn things around. As time went on, Caitlin found it more and more difficult to land a job in Hollywood until one day the calls stopped coming and no one would give her a chance at any additions for any roles she tried getting.

Homeless & Hitting Rock Bottom

Unfortunately, Caitlin was now 23 and her glory days were already behind her. After starring in a number of box office flops and causing accidents on set thanks to her unstable powers, Hollywood refused to cast her in anything anymore deeming her a menace and too great a risk. Caitlin had tried and failed to get hired for a number of jobs but weather it's her powers going out of control, bad luck or something else, she always found herself looking for a new job after getting fired. The Sorceress Mara had successfully gotten her sweet revenge as she watched Caitlin become a footnote and the mage went on to gain the success in Hollywood that she had craved.

Today, Caitlin has hit rock bottom and because of it she has resorted to alcoholism which is only compounding the problem. With unreliable powers that can fade at the worst possible time, she can barely make it as a Super-Hero. Recently evicted from her apartment and forced to live on the streets, Caitlin wonders what to do with her life now that she's pretty much lost everything...


  • When Caitlin got her powers at 13, she grew several inches in height and gained a muscular body (i.e. Like Kassandra's body in AC: Odyssey).
  • When Caitlin got her powers and underwent her physical transformation, she no longer looked her age and looked several years older than she actually was. This was one of the primary reasons why Caitlin adopted the identity of Ultra-Woman.
  • Although Caitlin promoted a soft drink called Ultra-Coke in a number of commercials on TV, she did not invent it nor did she make it. Ultra-Coke was once a very popular soft drink for children and teenagers. Unfortunately, thanks to Caitlin's fall in Hollywood, Ultra-Coke has been discontinued and is no longer sold in stores.


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