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During Caitlin’s career as an actress, she has won various awards for her performance on television and film. Anything with an “*” next to them do not exist in the real world.

  • 2009: *Various Ultra-Coke Commercials.
  • 2009: Greys Anatomy (1 Episode. Played Linda and was a burn victim)
  • 2009: Smallville (1 Episode, starred as a villainous version of Ultra-Woman)
  • 2009: Heroes (Played Samantha Grey who has super strength for 2 Episodes)
  • 2009: Avatar (Had a small role as one of the Na'vi)
  • 2010: Red Sonja (It made 1.7 Billion worldwide and propelled Caitlin to movie star status)
  • 2011: Moneyball (Supporting role)
  • 2011: *Shattered Reality (Caitlin played the role of Veronica Miles who had multiple personality disorder. The movie went on to smash box office records, winning 9 Academy awards for various divisions and raking in $1.4 Billion worldwide. Caitlin herself took home her first Oscar for best actress).
  • 2011: X-Men: First Class (Cameo as Jean Grey)
  • 2012: Django Unchained (Supporting role)
  • 2012: The Arrow (Cameo only as a nameless police officer)
  • 2012: The Dark Knight Rises (Cameo as Pamela Isley)
  • 2013: Red Sonja II: Vengeance (Making 1.5 Billion worldwide)
  • 2013: Monsters University (Supporting voice over role as a female monster)
  • 2013: Man of Steel (Small supporting role as a Kryptonian phantom zone criminal. In interviews, she outright stated she hated working with Zack Synder which caused negative media buzz. The actor and director later reconciled their differences but never worked together again)
  • 2014: *Shattered Reality II: Dark Visions (Caitlin reprises the role that won her an Oscar. The movie gained over $800 million worldwide and won 6 Academy Awards. While Caitlin tried to win a second Oscar, she got nominated but did not win).
  • 2014: X-Men: Days of Future Past (Filmed a bigger role as Jean Grey but it was ultimately cut from the final film. Caitlin refuses to answer any questions regarding it)
  • 2014: The Amazing Spider-Man II (Filmed a few scenes as Mary Jane Watson but they were ultimately cut from the final film)
  • 2015: Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (Voiced Mera)
  • 2015: *Haywire II: Blood & Bone (Starred opposite Gina Carano as the movies villain, but the film was only a moderate success).
  • 2015: The Flash Season 2 (Played Knockout in one episode, a villain from Apokolips. The episode in question was the poorest one of the season with Caitlin’s acting being praised but her role being badly misused. Many viewers believe Knockout should have been the main villain of the episode instead of a throwaway).
  • 2016: X-Men: Apocalypse (Reprised her role as Jean Grey. CGI was used to make her appear shorter. While the movie received mixed reviews, Caitlin was praised for her role as Jean Grey).
  • 2016: Red Sonja III: Resurrection (The movie was such a box office bomb, a fourth movie has never been made).
  • 2017: *Shattered Reality III: Clear Waters (Another flop at the box office and an end to a franchise).
  • 2017: Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi (Filmed a flashback scene as a young Mara Jade Skywalker that was ultimately cut from the final film and never included on the DVD release but has found it’s way on YouTube and other media. Caitlin’s performance as Mara Jade has received mixed opinions).
  • 2018: *The Expendable Vixens (Based on the hit series, the Expendables, this feature film consists of an entirely female cast that is set in the same universe. It bombed at the box office).
  • 2019: X-Men: Dark Phoenix (While Caitlin’s performance as Jean Grey was praised, the film was a box office bomb and the lowest-grossing movie of the series. This was to be Caitlin’s last role before she ended up homeless and penniless on the streets as her work opportunities dried up).
  • 2020: Red Sonja Reborn (The Netflix reboot almost cast someone else in the lead role, but Selebrity’s CEO, Samson Starr, pulled some strings and Caitlin Riker made her comeback on the small screen as Red Sonja’s sister. The series was a huge hit with the second season in works).

Movie Trivia: Did you know Caitlin has tried repeatedly to get roles in the MCU?

  • Caitlin auditioned for the role of Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy but narrowly lost the role to Zoe Saldana.
  • Caitlin tried again for a role in the MCU and this time for the Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but lost to Elizbeth Olsen.
  • Caitlin was rumored to play Mary Jane Watson for the Amazing Spider-Man 3, and in a much larger role, before plans for the movie were scrapped. Ms. Riker has never confirmed the rumors but she hasn’t denied them either.