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Superman #2 Review! 0

Since the induction to the New 52 many fans have said that characters have departed from what made them special. One of the best titles from the New 52, however, was Batman and Robin. To me, that series completely changed my mind on one of the worst characters I have ever read and turned him into a character that wasn't just enjoyable, but brought to the table a lot of potential for years to come. That team that brought us Batman and Robin are now at it again here, and I thought the series star...

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The Flintstones #1 Review! 0

When it came to DC's new Hanna-Barbera initiative I really had no idea what to think of it. On one hand, I was a big fan of the cartoons as a kid, so there's some interest in these titles for me, but on the other hand I was very worried that they'd stray too far for "something new" and lose what made those cartoons and characters great. Thankfully, my worries were not needed. Not only was The Flintstones an enjoyable read, but I found myself laughing more than I thought, and actually reading a ...

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Justice League Rebirth #1 Review! 1

With all the great talent putting so much effort into these new DC books, I will admit that I had some high hopes for this issue. It was, in a way, marketed as the issue where the new Superman enters the Justice League to provide assistance and to get the League to take his life all in (after the death of their friend). With that in mind, I really figured it would be a few pages of him talking to the league, or at least a few panels on the league interacting with him, but from Superman's arriva...

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The Flash Rebirth #1 Review! 0

Joshua Williamson was an up and coming comic writer that was just killing it with created own comics such as Nailbiter and Birthright, but now he's here to tackle one of DC's flagship heroes: The Flash (Barry Allen). Picking up right before Rebirth, this special issue gives you a quick update on who this character is, where he is in his life, and then everything is flipped around as the events of Rebirth converge into this issue, and then gives you a taste for what's to come later in this title...

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Aquaman Rebirth #1 Review! 0

As somebody who has liked the Aquaman character in iterations such as cartoons and guest appearances in comics, but has yet to read an issue from his own title, I wasn't exactly sure what I was expecting from this special Rebirth issue of Aquaman. Upon first reading it I thought it was okay, it set up the tone of the series and introduced Aquaman as a guy who can hold his own instead of chatting with fish, but it was the second time when I read this issue that I started to see just how good thi...

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Detective Comics #934 Review! 0

As with the recent Action Comics, it's brother Detective Comics resumes the original numbering and doesn't waste any time getting into the story. With a writer such as James Tynion IV there can be some trepidation of over bloated speech. In the past, whenever I opened up a Tynion book I felt like half the panels were dialogue and half was the art, but to my surprise Detective Comics #934 looks like he's reeled back those habits. The story has a nice pace to it, and there's just enough dialogue ...

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Action Comic #957 Review! 0

Since DC's one-shot bonanza special, Rebirth, hit the shelves a few weeks ago the overall reaction to the slew of new books has been generally positive, and this issue of Action Comics reinforces that sentiment. Off the heals of New 52 Superman's death, and the Lois and Clark mini, Action Comics returns to their old numbering system with classic Superman in tow.This issue really deserves its name, because by page three you're already feeling the momentum of the story carry you from panel to pane...

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Convergence HC Review 5

To be clear, this is a review on Convergence HC (Issues 0-8) NOT Convergence as a whole, or any of the companion tie in books. And now let's get to the review!Convergence is the tent-pole event that DC decided to put out while they moved from one coast to the next. I believe it was initially a throwaway fun event, but eventually gained more steam and story for a full blown event. The reception while it was being released wasn't that great, so my initial thoughts going into this event were low to...

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