Thoughts on House of M event

The house of M was a huge comic event written by Brian Michael Bendis in 2005. The series itself is 8 issues long and has too many tie-ins to be worth it. So with this being written by BMB and my hatred towards his avengers disassembled story, it's safe to say I was really worried about reading this. But, after the first issue I was hooked. The writing was great, and like the x-men movies wolverine was the main character in this twisted altered reality the Scarlet Witch created after having a psychotic breakdown.

The best part about this even was seeing what all the characters are like, and boy were there wtf moments (like spider-man). Basically the first half of this even was eye candy that any comic fan will geekasm over. Then we get to issue 5, and boy does Bendis get sucked into his bad habits. The second half of this event is primarily finding heroes, making them remember who they are, they get angry and may or may not have a mental breakdown, and then they talk for pages speculating what happened. And, after reading the event it feels like Bendis had too many unanswered questions that he decided to alter the universe back to what it was so that he couldn't answer those questions.

Now, the ending fight was good, but by the end of the event I just didn't know how to feel. The story didn't really have a satisfying conclusion, and I'm not sure if the aftermath is talked about in the regular titles after the event, but what matters is that the event isn't perfect, and it doesn't answer a lot of questions you may have while reading it.

I read this on the Marvel Unlimited app and they had this bundled all together showing around 50 issues. Considering 8 f those issues are the event, there is a lot of tie-ins and while for the most part they all are bearable to read the three tie-ins I really loved was Spider-man, Fantastic Four, and Iron Man. Let's start off with Spider-man. This is a 5 issue series written by Mark Waid and boy was this awesome!! Where else would you see the Rhino wearing a Hawaiian shirt? Out of all the characters in house of M Spider-man is shown to be the most ****** up. In the core issues Spider-man just wants his memories wiped, but Bendis doesn't really do a good job of writing him. Here, Waid gives more depth into Peter's mental instability, but at the same time there could be so much more development he could of had. Regardless this was a super fun series that is totally worth reading.

The best part of House of M is definitely the crazy new teams and roles people have. The Fantastic Four has nothing to do with the 616 team. The only character on that team that was always on it is the Thing, which is called the It and is treated as an abomination/monster. Like seriously, he's totally abused every issue. After that the team is made up of Doctor Doom, his wife, and his son. This series has an interesting story, very well written, and probably the third best tie-in for this event.

Then we have Iron Man with the incredible art! The art made me instantly love this. The Gundam references made it awesome, and the story made it the second best tie in. Tony, his dad, and Johnny storm battle in a coliseum-esque place and man are these stories dark. Iron Man has great battle scenes and an interesting dynamic between tony and his father. Overall this even is a mixed bag for me, but it did give me a lot of enjoyment. I'm not entirely sure if I'd recommend this, but I highly recommend Spider-man, Fantastic Four, and the Iron Man House of M tie-ins.

Originally written May 5 2015


All-New X-men 1-12 thoughts

So, I never wanted to read a current x-men comic. Their continuity is all over the place, they have like five books going on at the same time, and in my mind it's just a mess. But, the other reason why I didn't read it was because of Brian Michael Bendis was the writer, and I usually hear nothing but bad things from him. I was interested in how bad all new x-men really was, and to my surprise I liked it. No, wait, I loved it! It does a great job of filling you in on key moments without really going into the past, the dynamics are really interesting, and the art is actually not that bad.

I really like the aspect of the younger generation dealing with the older generation. This series also sets up a few other x-books. For the most part I haven't found that much to hate on the x-men. Each character is interesting and has a fair amount of screen time. Although, there are two things I don't like about this:

1. Sometimes, once in a while, the writing dips and it either feels awkward or just a bit out of character.

2. Jean Grey. Oh my stars and garters. I hate Jean so ********* much! She started out alright, but when her powers came in it was like a nightmare! She's switched from being poor and innocent to a dictator God. She literally has no boundaries and will read everyone's mind and even control them so that they'd do what she wanted them to do, and then apologies to everyone saying it's not her fault. **** that! She promises not to do it and then she breaks it at least three times at a time, and it starts all over again. I hope this will go away, but seeing what she did to iceman in the latest comics controversy, I'm stunned that she's still a *****.

Originally written on April, 24 2015.

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  • Watchmen (Complete)
  • Green Arrow/Green Lantern
  • Hitman: A Rage in Arkham
  • Stormwatch by Warren Ellis (Book 1-2)
  • Gen13: Best of a bad lot
  • The Authority (Book one)
  • The Authority: The Lost Year (Book one)
  • JLA (Vol 1)
  • The Flash By Geoff Johns Book One
  • Identity Crisis (Complete)
  • Batman Knightfall volume 1
  • Batman Hush
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  • Final Crisis (Complete)
  • Flashpoint (Complete)

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  • The Flash (Vol 1-3)
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  • Batman (Vol 1-6)
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  • Green Lantern Corps (Vol 1-6 Complete)
  • Animal Man (Vol 1-5 Complete)
  • Justice League Dark (Vol 1, 5)
  • Midnighter (Vol 1)


  • Preacher (Complete)
  • Sweet Tooth Deluxe Edition Book 1-2


  • Marvel Firsts the 1960s
  • Wolverine (claremont mini trade)
  • Mavel Mangaverse (Vol 1)
  • Mighty Avengers (Vol 3)
  • Astonishing X-men (Vol 7)
  • Uncanny X-force (Vol 6)
  • Indestructible Hulk (Vol 3)
  • X-men Legacy (Vol 2)


  • The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw (Vol 1)
  • Black Science (Vol 1-4)
  • Descender (Vol 1-)
  • East of West (Vol 1)
  • Haunt (Vol 1)
  • Ghosted (Vol 1-2)
  • Low (Vol 1)
  • Pretty Deadly (Vol 1 -)
  • Saga (Vol 1-5)
  • Sex Criminals (Vol 1)

Dark Horse

  • Witchfinder (Vol 2)
  • Hellboy: The Midnight Circus
  • B.P.R.D. Plague of Frogs Omnibus (Vol 2-3)


  • Quantum & Woody (Vol 1)
  • Ninjak (Vol 1)
  • Rai (Vol 1)
  • Shadowman (Vol 1)
  • X-O Manowar (Vol 1-3)
  • Bloodshot Reborn (Vol 1)


  • Kick-Ass
  • Kingsman: The Secret Service
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  • The Crow
  • DC Showcase Presents The Flash (Vol 2)
  • DC Showcase Presents Adam Strange (Vol 1)
  • Essential Classic X-men (Vol 2)
  • Essential X-men (Vol 1)
  • Amazing Fantastic Incredible Stan Lee
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