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Booster Gold in WWII 1

 Cover- I love the cover Gold is coneived as a screwball and dosn't take anything seriously but this shows how gold is a patriot and takes things serious  Art- Perrotta dose a great job on the artwork i like how he depicts booster time travaling. Gerneral Glory and ernie are colored and how when gold blew up the nazi tank  the story- it starts off when gold returns from the darkstars ship with the kinda/sorta/but not-quite book of destiny (great name BTW) he gives it to beatle then gose into the...

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End of an arc 0

 The good- The fight between aggamato and wolverine was great when aggamatto kept changing from diffrent charecters in wolverine's life. Heck the dimenson of light in gerneal was brilliantly drawn and colored. i like the line up of charecters on the cover. The best part of the book i thought was when daniel possesed luke out of pure rage against Dr. strange.  The Bad- i've been a fan of this book sence i've picked it up and i'm not one of those people who hate the magic i actually like the magic...

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New avengers 0

Cover- I love how wolverine is combined with Iron Fist and magic   Reivew- The issue starts off in a flash back of wong and Dr. Strange then gose to Brother Voodoo's brother in some other dimenson. We then see Hawkeye geting up from under a car and walking to the avengers mansion totaly unarware of what happend. The he meets the reast of the team and tells him that he quits the new avengers and is completly joining the aavengers team. The we see Voodoo trying to figure out what is happening then...

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Secret avengers #5 2

The cover- I love how i makes you think that nick furry is really part of this shadow council and that he is going to kill everyone  The Good- I like the concept of the story that a clone of nick furry has been being captured and escapes form the hellicarier for nine years and that everytime he escapes he dose something good but scence he is a clone of furry and has gone completly crazy from his originall program  The Bad- I thought it was very confusing the first time i read it so i went back a...

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Review New Avengers #5 0

Cover the cover is awsome i like how the eye is blasting spiderman. I also like how Luke, wolverine, and Ms Marvel are trying to help   Review I like how it starts out that spidey points out the obvious and makes it funny. Then it gose to damion, Dr. Strange, and Dr. Voodoo trying to figure out who is doing this. Dr. Voodoo then opens a portal to see whats happening in new york and they see it's all going to hell in a hand basket. Luke gets overpowered by deamon and just when we thinks its the ...

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