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Shang Tsung
Shang Tsung


Real Name: Unknown
Aliases: Ultimate JSA, the Astral Black Belt, Champion of the 3rd dimensions 
Powers: Martial Artist, Student of Voodoo Magic
Gender: Male 
Age: Unknown
Weight: 159 lbs but could change 
Eye Color: Blue but could change
Hair Color: Brown but could change
Avatar Appearance: Shang Tsung
 Bio: Ultimate JSA is the combination of Ultimate, a world class martial artist, and JSA, a student learning voodoo magic. After an accidental ritual on JSA's part the two were fused into one entity. But with the newly acquired power both halves agreed to stay like this in order to become the strongest being on the planet. Now he is learning more styles of fighting and more diverse forms of magic in order to achieve that goal. There is no more Ultimate or JSA, there is only one entity, Ultimate JSA.    


Real Name:

 Allison "Ali" Roberts Hastings
Aliases: Night Chick
Powers: Super sonic scream: martial arts master
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 112 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color:  Blond
Avatar Appearance:   Black Canary
Mini Bio:      Allison  is the daughter of a former model and a very rich businessman. One day at the age of 15, when Ali was in a very dark alley, she assisted her boyfriend being brutally murdered by a street burglar. A few weeks later Ali wanted revenge and while reading some articles about superheroes she decide to became one to search her boyfriend's killer.  She called herself the Night Chick. Allison has super scream powers and she is a very talented martial artist.      


Real Name:  Timothy 
Aliases:  Violet-Eyed Dragon, Box Turtle
Power:  Transforms into reptilian monster with a thick shell.  Unlike a real dragon, breathes electricity instead of fire.
Gender:  Male
Age: 16
Height/Weight: Variable
Eye Color:  Violet, lol
Hair Color:  As Timothy, brown.  As VED, none.       


Real Name:

Aliases: Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina /  Magik / Darkchilde
Powers:  Skilled And Powerful Practitioner Of Witchcraft, Capable Of Telekinesis, Teleportation, And Adept At Performing Spells, Rituals, And Transmogrifications
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Eye Color: Brown (Blue Contacts)
Hair Color: Brown (Dyed Blonde)   
Avatar Appearance: Magik  
Mini Bio: Little is known of the young woman proclaiming herself to be Illyana Rasputin. After being rescued in childhood during Inferno by the real Magik, "Illyana" worshiped the teleporting mutant sorceress. She is mentally unstable, and wields a sword that is formed from the power of her soul, but is not actually forged from it. It is capable of slaying all magical beings, and disrupting all mystical enchantments.      

Joshua Woods 5'9, 18 years old & soon be living in Texas. 


Leaps into action
Leaps into action

Real Name: Leo Darkshade 
Aliases: None 
Powers: Lycanthrope, Wind Manipulation, Invisibility, Thermal Vision, Probability Manipulation
Gender: Male
Age: 508 years   
Height: 7 feet, 6 inches
Weight: 136 pounds 
Eye Color: Brown (human), Red (werewolf)
Hair Color: Black 
Avatar Appearance: Man-Wolf

Bio: A previous werewolf hunter who was infected with the Lycanthrope Syndrome from his own prey. Now with the craving of flesh and blood, Leo has been forced to commit hideous crimes to quench his thirst.  



Real Name:Travis Lanting
Aliases:Lantern X

Powers:Merged Power Ring.Orange,Red,And Sinestro Corps.Ring no longer requires recharging and is quite different than a normal Ring.
Weight:465 pounds.
Eye Color:Shifting from Red,Yellow,And Orange
Hair Color:None.
Avatar Appearance:Lobo,Atrocicus,Larfleeze,Arkillo,Mongul(Shifting).
Mini Bio:

In an alterant reality Three Lantern Rings,all searching for the same host,enter a blackhole.After the now single ring enters a new universe,they now are wild and can't follow their former rules of Rage,Fear,And Greed."It" now follows a set of rules that are too complicated to comprehend.It finds the Earth of the Vine Universe and attaches to Travis Lanting,a Simple Clothing store clerk waiting for something to happen in his life.After the mergery of him and the Amalgamed Ring,He chooses the High Route of being a Hero.


Real Name:Bre Bibisa
Aliases:"The one who got away."

Powers:Blood grows a poisonus plant when in contact with soil,is immune to all toxins,Has peak-human agility,slight super-strength,and is an expert h2h fighter and gunner.
Height:6'4 Feet
Weight:125 pounds.
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:Green
Avatar Appearance:Aphrodite lX(No battle suit),Witchblade(With Battle Suit)

Mini Bio: 
Bre was a "Donation" to a evil cult known as the Claranas.After they killed her mother,she was used as an Genetic guinie pig.They pumped so many strange steroides into her that she mutated into something beyond human.After that,they trained her in every h2h teqchnuiqe on earth,and also taghut her how to use any firearm and bladed weapon.They then gave her a special battle suit that was bassically liquid metal that formed into anything she can think of.She keeps the suit in a Ring if she ever needs it.She is used as a guard for years until she finnaly gets tired of serving them.She begins to sneak letters to the outside world with the help of a guard she had befriended.There was a huge battle between the heroes of the vine-verse an the mutated beasts created by the Claranas,leading to her being rescued.Unfourtuantly,he guard friend gets killed in the cross-fire.Since that day,she vows to be a hero and do good.


so whats next

The cover- It's not my favorite cover but i still like it everything is colored and drawn well so thats a plus 
Overall- We start of with Damage controll fixing the mansion and we see a little bit into Luke's past through Annie, after she leaves their is a little awkward moment between Luke, Jessica, and Iron Fist. We then see Dr. Strange waking up and joing everbody else after he slept for 15 hours. Spiderman and Victoria then get into an argument becuase she worked for osborn and we all know spideys problem with him. Then Victoria hands out paychecks and Luke is really upseat about it but Jessica destroyes him infront of everone and spidey again dosn't get paied beause of his secret identity. After the whole paycheck dellema is settled Luke and Jessica set out for a baby sitter and wolverine says he would do it (very funny). They then interview alot of superpowered applicants alot of which seince i just got into marvel i had no idea who were. I don't care how many people here are d-man fans his lines here were hilarious he was nerly as funny as spiderman. They finnaly settle on squirrel girl (this surpprised me alittle bit becuase i mean squirrel girl and i may be one of those people who underestimate her but out of everyone she actually wanted to baby sit and not rejoin the team). We then see some tension between her and of all people wolverine like some relationship issues(that is kinda creepy becuase he like dosn't age so he is like late 50's early 60's if i'm not mistaken and i don't know how old she is but she is not that old that is kinda creepy to me). Then if there weren't enough guest stars Wong comes back as a second rate Jarvis. 
The Good- The artwork i liked in the book. The diolouge is great, this issue was hilarious from spidey throwing wolverine under the bus to Wong saying he wished he become a sencond rate jarvis. 
The Bad- Dr. Strange asleep for 15 hours i mean come on that was just to over the top for me. The fight between Victoria and Spidey went a little too long. Spiderman thretens to quit yet again, allright i know that is a joke but its getting really old really fast it seems like in everybook he thretens to quit. The pannel of people applying for the nanny was allright i just wished they say who was who becuase i really didn't know who like half of these people were.

2 teams a good idea

i like the original team and the team they got going on before they split they were a team of mercs now one team is a team of villians doing mercenary stuff, which is still cool but a fan like me who read all the other ones likes the team being mainly mercs, and god knows what the other team dose, what dose the other team consisting of deadshoot, catman, ragdoll, scandel, and black alice even do?

top 10 batman villians

10: Penguin 

real name- Oswald Cobblepot 
height- 5 feet 2 inches 
First Appearance- Detective Comics #58 
eyes- blue 
hair- black 
Powers- Intellect, Weapons Master, Insanely Rich, animal control, unarmed combat 
9: Catwoman 
real name- Selina Kyle
height- 5ft 7in 
first appearance- Batman #1 
eyes- green 
hair- black 
powers-escape artist, claws, gadgits, feral, animal controll, tracking, wall clinger 
8: Riddler 

real name- Edward Nigma 
height-6ft 1in 
first appearance- Detective comics #140 
eyes- blue 
hair- black 
powers- intellect, escape artist, weapons master, sealth 
7: Ra's al Ghul 
Ra's al Ghul standing in the Pit
Ra's al Ghul standing in the Pit
real name- unknown 
height-6ft 5in 
first appearance- Batman #232 
eyes- green 
Hair- grey with white streaks 
powers- intellect, swordsmanship, stealth, immortal, escape artist 
6: Scarecrow 
real name- Jonathan Crane 
height- 6ft 
first appearance- World's Finest Comics #3 
eyes- blue 
hair- brown 
powers- Intellect, emotion control, chemical secretion, illusion casting 
5: Two Face 
 real name- Harvey Dent 
first appearance- Detective comics #66 
eyes- blue 
hair- brown/grey 
powers- intellect, weapon master, marksmanship, leadership, escape artist 
4: Poison Ivy 
real name-Pamela Isley 
height-5ft 6in 
first appearance- Batman #181 
eyes- green 
hair- chestnut 
powers-poisonous, emotional control, plant control, chemical secretion,hypnosis,pheromone control, death touch 
3: Bane  
real name-unkown 
height- 6ft 8in 
first appearance-Batman: vengeance of bane #1   
powers- super strength, intellect, leadership, weapon master, berserker strength 
2: Man Bat 
real name- Kirk Langstrom 
height- 6ft 1in 
first appearance- detective comics #400 
eyes- brown/red 
hair- brown 
powers- flight, super strength, radar sense, super hearing, claws, feral 
1: joker 
real name- unkown 
height- 6ft 5in 
first appearance- Batman #1 
eyes- green 
hair- green 
powers- intellect, gadgets, leadership, weapon master,



Gambit is my favorite x men next to wolverine and the death version is cool he is such a badass in death form i can't decide which is cooler the normal version or the death version