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Real Name: James Syrius Aaron
Aliases: Ultimate JSA, the Astral Black Belt, Champion of the 3rd dimensions 
Powers: Martial Artist, Student of alchemy magic
Gender: Male 
Age: Unknown
Weight: 159 lbs but could change 
Eye Color: Blue but could change
Hair Color: Brown but could change
Avatar Appearance: Loki  
Bio: Ultimate JSA is the combination of Ultimate, a world class martial artist, and JSA, a student learning voodoo magic. After an accidental ritual on JSA's part the two were fused into one entity. But with the newly acquired power both halves agreed to stay like this in order to become the strongest being on the planet. Now he is learning more styles of fighting and more diverse forms of magic in order to achieve that goal. There is no more Ultimate or JSA, there is only one entity, Ultimate JSA.    

5 months later

5 months after Ultimate and JSA combined they made an agreement in their subconscious that every new spell they learned they would learn a new martial art so learned the shapeshifting spell and Judo. They learned the shapeshifting spell first so that any scenario that he couldn't do in his new form he could transform into something that could get the job done. Some of his favorite forms are 




Kyle's Constructs
Kyle's Constructs

Shang Tsung
Shang Tsung

but he can choose from a multitued of other forms 

Meeting Gods

While on a quest to learn more magic he met the norse gods. While with the norse gods he was added to the list of people who can weild mjolnir and like betta ray bill he got a hammer of his own. After reciveing his hammer he face the rogue frost giant and killed him.
JSA weilding his version of Mjolnir
JSA weilding his version of Mjolnir

30 years later

After 10 years Ultimate JSA had learned all the old styles of fighting and magic but while in tibet learning he heard of someone who went to a volcano and made a new style of fighting and magic. So after he perfected the techniques in tibet he traveled to that volcano to meet the man. The man was an old aquatance of Ultimate JSA before they combined he was a student in the voodoo magics but was arrogant so he was kicked out so apparently he traveled to the volcano to learn a new style of magic to overpower the voodoo magic and take his revenge on their old master, but while traning the fire cleared his mind so he was now peacfull and learned the magic quicker. While he was there he also created a new form of martial arts which he used defending himself from dangerous wild creatures. The new style where fire magic and flamedo an improvment on  judo.  Ultimate JSA stayed at that mountain for another 15 years learning and perfecting the fire styles.