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Modern Barbarian Hero


Though he sat among the glittering ruins of shattered palaces and clad his hard body in the silks of vanquished kings, Timur remained the eternal barbarian, ferocious, elemental, interested only in the naked primal principles of life, unchanging, unerring in his instincts which were all for war and plunder, and in which arts and the cultured progress of humanity had no place.

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A giant metal wedge that cleaves clean through. He carries the 'Noble Savage'. With Timur as it's wielder, it's able to cut through all manner of substances, and it overcomes the 'weakness' of the sword as well. The blade is able to divide, revealing the powerful MAHEM cannon contained within.

Organic Iron Manipulation: The ability to control the traces of iron within organic matter, which allows full control over an opponent's body. This power can manipulate the iron-enriched blood-flow to one's brain to induce aneurysms or unconsciousness, alter thoughts and perceptions, or blank a person's mind completely. It can even remove ferrous compounds from the bloodstream entirely through a person's skin.

Bio-Phasing: Is able to move through matter and disrupt the neuro-chemistry of people it reached into. Noble SAvage possessed the ability to pass through solid matter by passing her atoms through the spaces between the atoms of the object through which it was moving. In this way she and the object through which she was passing could temporarily merge without interacting, and each was untouched. When it phased through an object with an electrical system, the process disrupted the system's workings.


Bio-Metallic Coils: Noble Savage is made up of bio-metallic coils (razor-sharp organic metal blades), which are near impervious to damage. These coils (thin sheets of organic metal) can unravel, allowing Skirmish to control them telekinetically. These coils act like tendrils of metallic ribbon. They can grapple, constrict, bind, and otherwise very malleable and highly resistant to damage.

Noble Savage detaches and separates to form a gear-powered, spinning blade weapon, while the central "tail bone" separates to be used as a sword. The blade is able to divide, revealing the powerful MAHEM cannon contained within. It uses Bonding to form an massive EM field to suspend a lethal mix of liquid alloy [Noble Savage] allies that form self-forming projectiles on a biblical scale. This ramrod of metal is pushed at near relativistic speeds, causing critical damage to the target via kinetic and thermal damage. Any adversary foolish enough to believe they can escape the threat of Skirmish' all powerful sword simply by maintaining their distance is in for a rude awakening indeed.

Malleable Bio-Mercury Form: composed of toxic liquid mercury. Its form allows him to alter its shape by collapsing into a featureless mass, extending blades from its surface, or molding itself into different forms. Its ability to shape shift extends to the most basic of rudimentary weapons.

Noble Savage' blades were shown to cut through metal with ease and block laser and gunfire, but the overall strength and durability of his organic metal was never stated.

  • The alloy is extremely durable, and has healing properties, able to mend damages itself.
  • Despite its length, he can use it one-handed.
  • it would mostly serve as a shield.
  • The Noble Savage is more designed for slashing or cleaving, though the sword is capable of thrusting, a thrust would deal damage with brute strength rather than being pointed.
  • The Noble Savage appears to be indestructible, for even after decades’ worth of use and more, Timur’s blade has not dulled, chipped, broken, or rusted. Years of cutting down objects and bloodshed have done NOTHING to make the blade any less sharp. The blade’s durability, combined with Timur’s unnatural strength, means that it can carve through wood, stone, and even heavily-armored Enhanced Beings.
  • The red jewel on his sword distinguish Timur as a man possessed by Claegson, a spirit of battle and bloodlust.

Slashing Weapon

Rank 4: Noble Savage can slice through almost anything without ever losing its edge.

Piercing Attack

Rank 4: Piercing weapons that can plunge through almost any defense.

Crushing Weapon

Rank 4: Devastating weaponry that can turn any foe into dust.

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Rank 3: Exceptional protection that can deflect most attacks, such as advanced power armor and dragon's scales.

Base Form
Base Form

Name: Timur, called Tim for short

Known as: Skirmish; Riastrad; Storm of Corpses; Little Crow; Avar Warrior

Age: Chronologically 1487

Identity: Secret

Occupation: Freelance

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Species: Human

Relationship status: Single

Hair tone: Ash

Eye color: Wood

Alignment: Chaotic good

Appearance: Gilad Anni-Padda, Garrison, Slaine, Coheed Kilgannon

Timur was time displaced from the 6th century (528) into our time. Not knowing where to go the Hephthalite became freelance while he was still in New York.

Tim is a large ( 6'6", 250lbs), extremely muscular male with a broad, square face. He has dark brown eyes and black hair. He usually has a neutral expression, though his eyes convey great depth that belies his flat affect. If in a position required of an agreement, he will most often slightly tilt his head. When Timur does show emotion, it’s usually very intense, whether it’s a withering glare or a wide grin. Over his long life he has found the training regimen perfect for staying in prime shape.

I start by...crushing my enemies, seeing them driven before me, as I hear the lamentations of their women...

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To say Timur loves fighting is not to say he is a violent man, although he is capable of passionate rage. Timur has a softer side that begins and ends with women and his children. He is often stripped of dream of power and control due to his willingness to chase and please woman.He's also a fairly good cook, and a connoisseur of porcine dishes around the globe.

When pursuing street-level crime he's ominous. He has the "Jason" effect. He's slow, yet he still gets them. He seems to know where they are at all times. He's silent. It plays off peoples fear of being powerless.

He battles his opponents until they surrender or is physically unable to continue. He will be healed to top condition between fights.He has great physical strength, speed, agility and acrobatics in the context of using a sword. With the sword/polearm he does not punch nor kick. (He does hit with the back of a sword, hilt or the tip of the hilt/grip) Physical attacks as well as blocking is done with the sword itself. Similar like fencing without the point rules. His sword is made of metal that can cut through anything with the exception of other swords.

He fights smart AND hard. He has decades of combat experience, and there isn't anybody better at what he does, which is make things die. His style is that of a berserker, always moving forward, always attacking, but he never loses his situational awareness. It was said that the reason no one could kill him was because of this.

He stuck to hunting and fishing to survive and live off the land. He knows his weapons better than he knows himself, and use it as an extension of his strength in the midst of combat. He relies on common sense and survival skills before book smarts.

He has equal speed and agility to Spider-Man's. He has durability and strength equal to Luke Cage's.He has equal healing factor to Deadpool's.

Reaction Speed

Rank 3: Timur can recognize a threat, form a plan of action, and begin to act on it before an assassin has finished reaching for their dagger.

His high level of fencing often provides:

  • Puncturing superhuman strike force
  • The ability to use a weapon against itself
  • Repayment of a weakening force gets hit
  • Reflection gets hit
  • The ability to apply the thrust of the singular points of the opponent's body
  • The ability to disorient the enemy
  • Generation of natural and supernatural phenomena
  • The ability to ignore the usual strength
  • The ability to do damage at a distance, such as slashes

Throwing Weapons; throwing knives (stakes); bolos, using three foot length of monomolecular line with a weighted end.

Heavy, but wonderfully balanced. The blade is thick and wide, with a sharp edge, and patinated and stained blade. The blade tang probably runs through the grip to give the sword integral strength, and is pinned at the pommel.

  • extendable and retractable with muscle-movement commands.
  • 'sheath' has the retractable blade equipped to his right arm.
  • The sheath arm is a gadget placed on his actual arm to be used as a weapon

American Boxing - a fighting style that uses various punches to overwhelm his opponent in order to cause a k.o. by way of pressure points or repeated swift and strong attacks to the same area.

Timur's BFS swung with mighty power
Timur's BFS swung with mighty power

It is because of a how-to book on the boxing.

He is far from sportsman,but when he is keeping the house, He read only this how-to book.and repeated and repeated shadowboxing near by 5,000 a day. And these shadowboxing, one-two combination training repeat gave Timur dangerous punch and hidden power.

Strikers have to worry about grapplers. Grapplers have to worry about wrestling on asphalt. Punching a hard skull with your bare hand can lead to long-term injury. Simply falling down on concrete can be a game-ending occurrence.

As a child, Timur was rescued by and taken into the care of Togrul of the Big Knife, the number one warrior of a secret cabal. Togrul was what people call a Feroc, a man infused with the flesh and blood of monsters called Ochre.

Timur grew up under the care of a Feroc, and learned to be resourceful in order to survive on the streets. He has come up with creative solutions many times before and is very good at using what he has available to him to win, considering that more often than not he had limited resources (before acquisition of C). Skirmish is a noted tactician, and is somewhat good at using his enemies’ weaknesses and actions against them.

Being a Feroc, Timur is naturally faster, stronger, and tougher than a human. He can swing a heavy sword around like it was light as a feather, and survive wounds that would kill a human.

Combat Supremacy

Rank 2: His exploits are the stuff of urban legend. What most people thought was debunked he does on a daily basis.

Weapon Master

Rank 2: Timur is a true master with their chosen weapon, to the degree generally only reached by a small few who devote themselves to the craft.

Odd jobs:

"a six-foot-six hunk,"

  • Emcee at Oktoberfest
  • Run marathons for charity
  • Running a rescue sanctuary for former fighting dogs.
  • Running a charter fishing business.
  • Owning a successful vintner in Napa Valley, Ca
  • Male model
  • Competitive eater.
  • Tooth Model
  • Own cooking show
  • Bow fishing television host
  • Porn-star

Skirmish kills more out of anger and annoyance than a sense of justice. He’s supposed to be a good guy but he kills the most people in the most violent of ways.

Contrary to the impressions his hotheaded and belligerent exterior might create, Timur is an intelligent and honorable man with little to no interest in power,

Ultra-tough, Ultra-aggressive, Ultra-stubborn, Ultra- stereotypical, Ultra-brawler.

Biokinesis is nothing but a quicker adaption.
Biokinesis is nothing but a quicker adaption.

Bonding permits an entity to manipulate his own host life force to alter his body in three ways. First, Bonding is a prerequisite for a number of other powers that allow a psychic to manipulate life energy. Second, the power can aid a symbiote in attempts to guide their host mind and body. Finally, Bonding allows a symbiote to make minor alterations to the host' physical body, temporarily affording him the benefit of certain Physical or Mental Merits. A Merit gained through Biokinesis lasts for the duration of a scene unless stated otherwise.

Some typical methods of application:

  • Creating additional limbs / objects with potential attackers from any part of the body
  • Generation of attack from any part of the body
  • Control of blood vessels
  • Monitoring nerve
  • a high level of control of thermal energy (the ability to huge temperature overheat, or vice versa, to absorb heat so much that happens frost)
  • Absorption
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Bonding is a special, superhuman style.

Bio-Electricity ~ Bio-electricity Blasts: Skirmish can discharge bioelectricity similar to an electric eel, but seldom uses it. He seems to be able to absorb certain energies and convert them into bioelectricity; Skirmish could then channel this energy into radiant discharges of high-voltage energy from his hands.

Bio-Electrical Essence Absorption: possessed of the power to drain the bio-electrical essence of others upon physical contact. The living energy he drained augmented his natural strength, endurance, and reflexes, as well as accelerating his recuperative powers significantly.

Some uses include:

  • Physical: Touching someone and using intricate combinations of his and their energy to cause an internal malfunction in the person being touched. Such as making the heart; fail or explode all together.
  • Environmental: Slamming fist into the ground, directing energy through ground to make pillar of rock/spikes come up from the ground. It has been speculated that he may even be able to cause volcanoes to explode by disrupting them with his energy effecting powers.

Bio-electric Field: could generate a bioelectric field that disrupted mechanical and electrical systems. Skirmish could also directly affect the electro-chemical responses of a living brain to induce states such as pain or sleep, generate electromagnetic pulses, and track others by their unique bio-emp signature.

Bio-electric Scramble: Skirmish could scramble personal bio-electric rhythms to shock others and dissipate astral forms.

Physical Manipulation: Through the manipulation of the bio-electrical current within the human brain, Skirmish can forcibly control others, using them against their wills.


Rank 3: Currents of electricity on par with a power plant. Few materials not specifically made conduct electricity can withstand it for long without melting and burning from within.

Bio-Chemical Projection: Skirmish possesses the ability to project explosive force from his body

Bio-Blasts: is the ability to fire enormously powerful energy blasts which are generated from the body's extrasensory potential. Generating highly-destructive energy from his hands that, through molecular transformation, can disintegrate inorganic matter or cause living things to disperse their life-energies, either causing temporary bouts of pain and weakness or instant death.

Molecule scrambling: Painfully or lethally scramble organic molecules.

Concussive Weapon

Rank 3: Devastating weaponry you need to sign a release for just to look at. Capable of blowing a hole in almost any substance known to man.

Eldritch Energy

Rank 3: Mass devastation, instantly incinerating victims or carving buildings in half.

Bio-Fission is a person's ability to spontaneously replicate their own cellular structure, creating a perfect duplicate of themselves. The number of duplicates that can be created, as well as any caveats to this power differs from person to person. The duplicate maintain the same memories and personality as their parent host.


Rank 4: A nearly endless flow of non-powered duplicates can be produced. Weak copies can be made in large numbers, stronger ones in small numbers, or a single perfect double with all your powers, except for Duplication. Other objects are available in almost any amount at a snap of your fingers.

Bio-Fusion is the ability to merge independent biological material into a single composite form.

Aura Tracking: able to track other mutants by allowing his aura to lock onto the bio-signature, and the aura will extend in the general direction in where they are located.

Natural Perception: Ability to “See” and “hear” natural/biological patterns of forces in the world around him. This power links with his natural/biological patterns of forces in the world around him. He can sense electromagnetic forces, air and convention currents, and chemical reactions and even detect “visibly” telepathic communications. He can see and sometimes talk to ghosts.

Time Slow: This is tied to his Natural-Perception. Time is slowed from his point of view just slightly, making his assessment of whatever situation he may be in much easier to process in his own mind.

Empathy: Timur's perception can be triggered by any potential threat, this can be anything from a burning car to, in relevance to this power, people's attitudes and body language.

As a byproduct of these abilities, Skirmish's cerebral cortex emits a current of bio-electric pulses down his spine to instinctively guide his movements during such situations, which has the added effect of augmenting his natural reflexes and agility to superhuman levels. However if the speed of whatever he’s attempting to react to greatly exceeds his own this ability will only alert him to danger, it won’t ability to completely escape harm.

Danger Sense

Rank 2: Timur has advanced awareness of danger, considerably improving dodging ability and all but nullifying the benefit of sneak attacks

Environmental Awareness

Rank 2: If the slightest thing is off, you'll notice. The character can literally feel when they're being watched, and for that matter, from what direction and how far away.

Bonding can provide:

  • Increasing physical characteristics
  • Improved response
  • Tolerance, if not insensitive to pain
  • Resistance mental influences
  • The ability to use their own abilities to the limit and above

Super Speed

Rank 3: Timur is barely visible at full speed. Pickpocket everyone in the bank and leave before the first person can finish calling out.

It is the dependence of a superhuman and an entity upon each other for survival. He depends on an organism which endows him with 'additional' superhuman ability while the user provides shelter for the organism with which it coexists. The entity may even live within the Skirmish' body, and the evidence of the user's superhuman nature is the presence of an organ designed for sustaining or coexisting with that organism.

If he breaks his oath he loses additional powers

Many people fear the Barbarians because of their ability to summon power from deep within; ‘the rage’ that allows them to strengthen their abilities. Timur obeys this ochre spawn fueled by his need for battle and bloodlust.

His additional powers are a boon of a ochre entity, and he must give tribute to refill its strength.

When a he reached the age of sixteen he is assigned a sacred task by the Feroc. This task is often a ritual hunt for the Clan’s Ochre Entity the Clan values. The ritual hunt is the only time a Feroc may hunt and kill Ochre Entity. The task is completed once the child and his or her mount can survive a week on the craglands alone. Upon completion of the sacred task, the child is tattooed with the Clan’s totem animal symbol or a specific pattern to represent the Clan. Receiving this tattoo is the symbol that a child is officially an adult in the Clan.

Claegson [Symbiote]

An entity that has taken hold of Skirmish, infecting him with the overwhelming desire to eat meat. For the most part, Tim has a "frenemy" relationship with Claegson. They often argue, Claegson insulting Tim on a frequent basis and Tim often strikes Claegson against rocks in retaliation.

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C is an eccentric, insane, psychopathic and physically irreverent entity who finds most things amusing .Its outrageous and outlandish, as well as a quick talker and thinker.

It controls living things. Altering them in anyway it wishes, on a macro, cellular, genetic, and even molecular,atomic, or subatomic level. Alter any traits they have. Grant them brand new abilities or traits. Like manipulate skin color, height, weight, facial features, and the like (even to the point of healing and/or regenerating, possibly inducing disease or shifting from the appearance of one species to another). However, shapeshifting with this ability can sometimes only be done within the same mass (if so, one couldn’t use it become the size of a mouse or an elephant).

Should any piece of the Ochre Entity be removed it can continue to live for short periods of time (no more than ten minutes). The entity can bond with another host to survive for longer periods of time; it can also be manipulated by Timur/C so long as the two are within a twenty-five mile radius of one another. Should a portion of its being become attached to someone a come into contact with their head it will be able to control their movements for a limited amount of time. It’ll also be able to absorb any knowledge they have, in essence this allows him to download the knowledge of those he comes into contact with while controlling them.

Claegson has total control over the molecular structure of its body and can alter it at will. This means that matter manipulation has no effect on it, and can adapt its molecular structure to any adversity

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• Tendon/Joint Manipulation is the ability to mentally manipulate the functions of the joints and (sometimes) tendons, either in one's own body, or in the body of others. This ability could be used to increase/decrease flexibility in the bodies of others. This ability could even reduce joint strength in extremities, and control the contractions and movements of such, similar to Bodily Possession. Used offensively, it could be used to contort foes into strange and uncomfortable positions, or induce arthritis (or crepitus), spasms, neck aches/backaches and other joint-and-tendon based difficulties (even tendonitis or bursitis).

• Heart/Cardiac Manipulation is the ability to mentally manipulate the fine movements and functions of the cardiovascular system, either in one's own body, or in the body of another. This ability could be used to increase or decrease blood pressure, reduce anaerobic fatigue in muscles, and manipulate the speed at which blood is pumped through the body, similar to Hemokinesis. Used offensively, it could even induce aneurysms (or heart arrhythmia), angina, subdural bruising or other cardiovascular difficulties (even heart attacks or cardiac arrest).

• Hair Manipulation is the ability to psychically manipulate hair. One with this ability can animate his hair as well as others’ hair. They could also control the growth, length, texture, width and strength of any desired creature’s they come into contact with (perhaps even styling it at will). The user could not cause hair to grow on a naturally hairless animal, but he could cause hair to fall off a creature that normally has hair.

Some typical methods of application:

  • Increasing physical strength (adding strength limb force moving hair)
  • Improved defensive capabilities
  • Improved offensive capabilities
  • Creating additional limbs
  • Linking the enemy
  • Increasing the length of hair

• Flesh/Skin Manipulation is the ability to psychically manipulate skin. One with this power can augment his skin and the skin of others to nearly any texture. This can be used to make one's skin extremely resistant to concussive force, or very sharp, or very abrasive. He can even re-grow skin almost instantly after an injury, change his skin pigment (as a limited form of camouflage), or perhaps control the entire endocrine system, allowing the user to induce/suppress sweating, cause acne, alter the healing of flesh wounds and the like (called Endocrine Control or Endocrine System Manipulation).

• Gastric/Gastrointestinal/Digestive Manipulation is the ability to mentally manipulate the functions of one’s own digestive system, or that of another. This ability could increase digestion efficiency in one's own body or the bodies of others. This ability could even manipulate the body's response to food, thus preventing digestion of unhealthy foods, or the metabolizing of poisons. Used offensively, it could even induce constipation (or diarrhea), peptic ulcers, vomiting or other gastrointestinal difficulties/afflictions (even to the point of starvation, if the digestive tract is manipulated to reject all food).

• Sanguine/Blood Manipulation is the ability to mentally control blood. The user can make blood coagulate (to heal flesh wounds), snatch blood out of subject’s wounds, or manipulate blood still within the subject, allowing control over a subject’s movements, body temperature and heart rate (by speeding/slowing blood flow). This ability could include the power to stop blood flow (called Blood Stopping or Bloodstopping), taint blood (inducing septicemia), or to make oxygenated blood release oxygen within foes’ wounds, igniting the electrolytes within the blood and effectively burning foes from the inside out (called Blood Burning) or the like.

Some typical methods of application:

  • Blood Attack
  • Create solid objects from the blood
  • Control blood flow
  • Wound closure using hardened blood
  • Vampirism
    • Control exists by entering your blood
    • The absorption of blood to restore / enhance

• Hormone Manipulation is the ability to psychically manipulate one’s own hormones as well as the hormones of others. With this ability, one could release hormones that do everything from inducing changes similar to those undergone in puberty (acne, rapid or impeded growth, psychological imbalance) to increasing body temperature, inducing slight emotion changes (mood swings) or inducing bodily dysfunction in subjects, by causing fluxes in hormone development. The user could even increase/decrease sexual fertility in subjects.

• Fatty Tissue/Fat Manipulation is the ability to psychically manipulate fat and fatty tissue. One with this ability could generate or reduce bodily fat deposits in oneself and other subjects. The user could even cause a normally quicker opponent to be slowed down by excessive weight (or cause a normally-slower ally to speed up by reducing the fat in their body); changing the amount of fat in the body also changes their stamina (and shifting it around in the body is useful in the place of the abilities Shapeshifting and/or Appearance Alteration).

• Muscular/Muscle Manipulation is the ability to psychically alter muscular structure. This can be used to hypertroph the muscles to proportions which induce superstrength, to induce motor exaggeration on foes (an attempt to scratch an itch would make foes injure themselves, and the like) or decrease the muscle structure of others, so that they are nearly helpless against attacks. It could strengthen/weaken the muscular structure and endurance of any subject. It could even be used to manipulate the amount of stamina a biotic foe has by changing the amount of lactic acid the muscles generate (called Stamina Manipulation).

Some typical methods of application:

  • Increasing physical strength / speed / endurance
  • The control of energy consumption
  • Depreciation damage
  • Changes in the volume and shape of the body
  • Masking (changing the shape of facial muscles)
  • Vibrations

• Neural/Nervous System Manipulation is the ability to mentally assume control over the nervous system, and thus the sensations felt. The user could psychically cause subjects to feel temperature changes, or feel intense pain (or pleasure), or determine if a subject feels any sensation at all. They could even make subjects' bodies do any action within their power (such as using any superhuman abilities the subject might have), even while they try to resist. This would allow motor control on par with a superhuman capable of Bodily Possession.

• Optic/Visual/Eyesight Manipulation is the psychic ability to control eyesight. One with this ability can cause illusions by changing what people see, cause themselves/others to see in different aspects, or change optic temporality so their sight is behind actual time, ahead of actual time, etc. Vision can also be distorted so things appear to be moving opposite their actual direction (this faculty is called the Parallax Effect). The user may even be able to control the eye itself, with practice, as he can control the entirety of motor and/or sensory functions of subjects’ (and/or one’s own) eyes.

• Skeletal/Bone Manipulation is the ability to mentally manipulate bones. This can be used to change the density of bones, from hollowing bones like a bird, to making them as unbreakable as steel. A person with this ability can also make his bones more flexible and less prone to breakage (or drastically accelerate the process of bone healing). The user can also cause bones to grow through the skin to form plates of bone as armor. After practice, the user of this power can even incapacitate foes with broken legs, arms, ribs or even necks. One with this ability usually has somewhat-pliable skin.

Some typical methods of application:

  • Improved defensive capabilities (eg bone armor)
  • Improving the offensive capabilities (eg bone saws and blades, cutting claws)
  • Increasing the length of the bone, or nails
  • Changing the shape of the bones, or nails
  • The manipulation of the cartilage tissue (such as the ability to make flexible bones)
  • Bone regeneration and nail

• Pulmonary/Respiration/Respiratory/Lung Manipulation is the ability to psychically manipulate one’s own breathing and respired gases, as well as those of others. The user of this superhuman ability can access the abilities Vortex Inhalation, Gale Exhalation, Atmospheric Respiration, and greatly increase the time that he can hold his breath. One with this ability can even remove or overload respired gases, so as to suffocate foes or explode their lungs.

• Pheromone Manipulation is the ability to psychically manipulate one's own pheromones as well as the pheromones of others for one's own purposes. With this ability, one could release pheromones that do everything from inducing attraction between subjects (or within a subject for oneself), to exuding amounts of pheromones strong enough to induce sleep, change emotions and draw crowds. These pheromones can even be used to mark territory (causing people to feel the compulsion to not go into a certain area), or to leave a pheromone path which others can follow in order to find you.

• Language/Voice/Vocal Manipulation is the ability to mentally manipulate the vocal organs of biotic systems, including the language center of the brain. One with this ability could translate the foreign languages of subjects into the language of the user or whatever language the user desires. The user could change the volume of the subject’s voice, or render a foe mute. The user, after an extremely long time’s worth of practice, could even control how/when a subject speaks and the languages the subject understands.

Some field of application:

  • The domestication of animals and the call
  • Adoption of traits and abilities of animals
  • Merging with animals
  • Understanding the language of animals
  • Mental control animals
  • Conversion to the animals
  • The creation of new animal species
  • Creation of new diseases
  • Mind control through the premises of bacteria in the body
  • Create different poisons and stimulants.
  • Growing plants absorb anything.
  • Illusions caused by pollen.
  • The use of plants as a weapon.
  • Conversion of themselves or others in the plant.
  • Creating a large number of trees and attack it.
  • Shields.
  • Clones.
  • Treating yourself and others.
  • Spores of various kinds.
  • Control people using plants.

Its favorite form of melee is the forming of tentacles from his back with eel-like heads. These can appear as claws to grapple and impale opponents, or even form heads resembling angler fish and at one point, even a fire breathing dragon head. Its immense strength can rip out skeletons or he can form a fang filled mouth to bite.

Capable of taking on the properties of any organic or inorganic material it comes into contact. When using his power, Claegson is able to grow in mass with an assumed proportionate growth in strength to superhuman levels. C can absorb matter into his body, gaining the mass, appearance, and other properties of the matter in question. This change will remain until C's body "digests" the organic matter, which is then disintegrated.

His People

White Huns
White Huns

"are of the stock of the Huns in fact as well as in name: however they do not mingle with any of the Huns known to us. They are the only ones among the Huns who have white bodies...."

The White Huns, also called the Hephthalites, were a nomadic confederation in Central Asia. Their empire was located in modern day Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Pakistan. Not much is known of the origin of these people, although there is no evidence that the White Huns are at all related to the Huns. This many-named and enigmatical tribe was of considerable importance in the history of India and Persia in the 5th and 6th centuries, and was known to the Byzantine writers. They were also called White (that is fair-skinned) Huns. In Arabic and Persian they are known as Haital and in Armenian as Haithal, Idal or Hepthal.

In the 5th century, White Huns invaded the Gupta Empire, waiting for the death of the Gupta ruler Skandagupta in 470. The White Huns destroyed many towns and villages and reduced the size of the capital’s (Pataliputra) population to nearly the small size of a village. The White Huns conquered most of the northwest area of the Gupta Empire. For nearly thirty years, India was ruled by the White Huns. In the 6th century, though, the White Huns were driven out of India by a Hindu coalition. The White Huns were also driven out by two Indian kings, Yasodharman and Narasimhagupta.

The White Huns were an agricultural people with a developed set of laws. They were organized in a predominantly military manner. Divided into hordes, they undertook extensive independent campaigns, living off the countries they ravaged. Their military superiority was due to their small, rapid horses, on which they practically lived, even eating and negotiating treaties on horseback.

"The Hephthalites have no cities, but roam freely and live in tents. They do not live in towns; their seat of government is a moving camp. They move in search of water and pasture, journeying in summer to cool places and in winter to warmer ones....They have no belief in the Buddhist law and they serve a great number of divinities."

In addition, a White Hunnish woman wore a hat bearing the same number of horns as she had husbands, all of whom were probably brothers. Even if a man had no biological brothers, he would adopt men to be his brothers so he could marry. All the brothers and the wife agreed on sexual privileges. The paternity of children was assigned according to the age of the husband.

Women held important value in society, cleanliness and hard work were stressed, oppression of others is condemned, and the worship of fire and the Sun were key elements.

  • Plenty of "primitive" peoples were exceptionally disciplined both as warriors and individuals, holding to ancient cultural customs and important social taboos.
  • Barbarians have a skill-set that makes them guerrillas and commandos--knowledge of the land, stealth, speed, endurance--in addition to hitting hard in direct combat. Warriors trained not just for the field of battle but primed for total war...sneaking around, dirty tricks, night attacks, horse raids--all the stuff that the culture of chivalry cries foul about--but also willing to mix it up in a melee with wicker shield as their only defense...because they're just that damn good at not getting hit.

Doomed Champion
Doomed Champion


  • Skirmish plays the role of a primary melee character in most parties. He is expected to be a front-line fighter, support melee, shield blocker, and meat shield. Skirmish usually treated as a combatant who can heal himself/others and provide his own energy resistance and other minor powerups.
  • Action, sword fighting, quests, courageous animals, inexplicably terrifying flying creatures, dastardly villains, etc.

  • A tribesman gone nomad, but less ANGRY RAGE, more focused determination rage. Relate tactics with stories of how his tribe would track/trap/slaughter animals.
  • As a hero he is amoral, and has a moral code different than society
  • Mixing Lovecraft and Howard Mythos
  • A polite gentleman who goes around talking about killing your enemies and hearing the lamentations of their women was if it was a normal everyday thing, then ramble on about hunting stuff and describing everything in gruesome detail without batting an eyelash and without noticing that everyone is staring at him like a freak, and just keeps on going, perfectly polite, calm and normal except for the fact that he is a barbarian discussing stuff people don't bring up in polite conversation.


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