We Need to Talk

Somewhere no one can find, in a place called yesterday and a world called tomorrow...

"Here it is." Raeyn said quietly. Tyrus looked to her and then looked ahead to the simple looking wooden door. The door had a single seal engraved upon it, a giant stamp that occupied a majority of the center of the door and made absolutely no sense to the Director of STRIKE. "It's...just a wooden door." She commented, glancing back to Raeyn.

"And my clothes are made of cloth." Raeyn replied sarcastically. "You're looking at the most secure door on planet Earth...well...the second most secure door on planet Earth. This is my gift to you, personally, and to STRIKE, at large. Here you can put the things that don't belong on Earth, the prisoners that should never see the light of day again. The best part is, I'm giving you the key."

Raeyn stepped forward and put her hand on Tyrus's arm. Tyrus flinched as she felt searing hot pain burn through her arm and spread through her body like fire...but it was gone a half moment later. "Congratulations Director Tyrus, you are now capable of manipulating a temporal lock. Very limited time manipulation with no value what so ever except for opening this door. Just look at it and think about it opening."

Raeyn nodded and looked to the door.

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The seal remained as it was for a few moments but then with a click its tens of billions of tiny intricate temporal spaces began to align. Each Temporal Lock had only one combination and activating the combination required a Time Siphon's ability to manipulate time. Ordinarily it also required their ability to see Temporal Lines and calculate the movement of time and space but she had gifted Tyrus the ability to think this one specific door open. The lock obeyed her thoughts, it aligned its locking mechanisms. Inside of the lock a billion billion infinitely tiny worlds moved and shifted around in a universe no larger than the seal on a door. Planets and stars moved, entire pocket civilizations saw their sky lines change...and the door opened with a simple click.

Tyrus stepped inside, her eyes widening as she saw all that lie beyond the door. The vault was huge, it stretched for perhaps a mile, maybe more. There were buildings inside of it, storage facilities and prison cells. There was something else too...Tyrus turned her head, looking to Raeyn who smiled slowly. "I lied, this is my other gift to you. It was your plan of course, I just came up with a better place for it. I hope you don't mind."

"No...no it's...it's beyond perfect. No one will ever know here." Tyrus answered.



Across the world public access televisions and computer screens suddenly changed to show Tyrus, standing in front of the STRIKE symbol.

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"Hello world." Tyrus said, no smile graced her face and she looked positively exhausted, as if she'd been awake for weeks. She reached up and tucked some hair behind her left ear. "Do you remember when I told you last we spoke that I knew of an impending threat and would, contrary to the beliefs of the people who betrayed us, reveal it to you in time and share my information with the world? Well...sit down. We need to talk."

Tyrus's eyes never moved from the dead center of the camera and they hid every emotion that likely boiled beneath the surface. Analysts of such things would see the eyes of something inhuman, something bordering on genius and...animal. "I have long been moving in the shadows, certain members of certain governments know what I am about to tell you. They also know that some people are likely to panic, but most of you will not...we've been through things together haven't we? Attacks by aliens and monsters, some of them born on our own world. Besides, you don't have time to panic. You know that clock that is supposed to count down to the end of the world? Well I just moved it, we're at one second to midnight...but that's ok."

She walked and the camera followed her until the command center of the STRIKE carrier was visible in the background. "Because my friends, we have a plan, a plan that I have been working on with the help of others for the better part of a year. Some of you may have wondered more than once in the past months...where is STRIKE? We've been here, we've just been conserving our resources. Those who have helped me know their names, but to put you at ease, allow me to introduce the names I can get away with introducing. You've heard of Maverick, the Department of Defense in the United States...these are but two examples. The others are names I can't release because it would cause harm to their reputations, or mine or it might reveal secret information, so I leave the rest in silence."

She paused a moment and brought up a holographic image of the world. "Looks impressive doesn't it? Well, it's very fragile and it's about to come under assault. There is a race of alien beings called Time Siphons...they basically do what it sounds like. They've been on their way here for some time...I anticipate the fleet will arrive in a matter of days. So listen to me very carefully, because it's time the world starts to listen to me for a change." She made a point to stare directly into the camera. "Follow the orders of your governments, if someone shows up at your door and says to move, go with them, leave your belongings and go. If you find an area suddenly blocked off, go around it, if military forces arrive in your city do not be alarmed and follow their instructions. In the past this world has been attacked without warning. STRIKE has resolved this. We know this is coming and we've had ample time to prepare. This won't be an event that sees millions slain...this event has a plan, this attack has a defense and it's not going to be throwing heroes at wall and seeing what happens."

Tyrus paused again, then resumed. "In the news you hear about mutant and human relations, you hear about nGods and pseudo government forces, you hear about the US liberating Iceland. You're told that Ivana is a terrorist, that her state is a terrorist state...yet the United States is closer to Venezuela than it has been in years. This is what we most accomplish, we must put aside our differences..." She held up one hand, palm up. "Mutants on one hand..." She held up the other. "Humans on the other...and nGods on a third. In the past, we have been attacked and we have fought these attacks as individual groups. Mutants with other mutants, humans with other humans..when this war comes...that becomes a thing of the past. We fight as one...put aside our differences, we must help our neighbors, we must realize that all of us have families..." She trailed off for a moment, a flicker of emotion appearing and then vanishing almost instantly. "We can go back to our petty arguments when it's over...but for one glorious moment we must all stand together or die apart."

Tyrus shifted. "That means everyone. Mutants, Humans, nGods...STRIKE and the CIA...we don't have to be friends for life, but for awhile we must learn to work together to oppose a common foe who will not stop or think a second time about killing us and will not care about what we call ourselves. To this end, I am announcing the existence of a covert coalition that has worked together to defeat this threat. In this coalition are mutants and humans and yes, even New Gods. We put aside our differences to protect our world. I hope the rest of you will do the same, at least for a time. As a show of good faith...and to act as an example, I invite the newly promoted Director of the CIA to STRIKE headquarters for a discussion on the impending threat."

Tyrus looked off screen for a moment and nodded to someone, then returned her attention to the camera. "Remember, you are protected." The screens all went back to whatever they'd been displaying.