It Begins: Stories of the Days Before Invasion

It began in New York. Tyrus had spoken at length with the Secretary of Defense and her plan had been agreed to, a plan that required certain cities become ghost towns for a time. It would hurt the US economy, hell it would hurt the global economy, but it was necessary. There was no announcement, no big televised simply happened. Trucks drove up, big black scary trucks that pulled up all over New York City. Agents of the US Government, aided by STRIKE agents, exited the trucks and began a well organized, well planned evacuation of one of the most important cities on Earth.

Government agents went from building to building, house to house, it was a process that would take days but that was the point. No lines of cars driving out of the city, no panic inducing headlines or speeches, just people leaving in droves, quietly, on foot. Possessions were left behind as the Day of Long Lines began. Doors were locked and barred by government officials and police officers stayed behind to both ensure order and make sure no one snuck back to go thieving. Tyrus watched it from her Helecarrier. The new agencies were the first to be evacuated, it made reporting on what was going on virtually impossible as a blanket of total internet shutdown descended upon New York. Messages could come in, but nothing could go out.

Tyrus picked up a phone, pushed a button and brought it up to her ear. The phone broadcast to certain individuals all at once. @the_shogun @quietus @hound_of_war @maverick_6 "Operation Silent Apple has begun. Please initiate Phase One." She put the phone back on its cradle. Phase One referred to initiating similar evacuation protocols in other major cities across the world, from Berlin to Moscow and beyond, carefully chosen sights. The plan? When the Time Siphon invasion began these cities would be populated only by a massive military presence that would draw the Time Siphon armies there and allow the major battles of the coming war to take place in empty cities were civilian casualties would be kept to a bare minimum. Was it necessary? No...but Tyrus had just a little humanity left in her.

Each evacuation would drag on and on, hopefully completed just as the fleet arrived. The purpose of these silent evacuations was to reduce panic. The evacuated populations were taken to various safe zones in each country where STRIKE and other emergency agencies would provide emergence food, shelter and medical supplies. It was up to each government which of their major cities would be evacuated in this manner and to where their populations would go. If some governments chose not to participate, then the war would go on and unfortunately it would get people killed, but there was nothing Tyrus could do about it. She was not about to force her plan on anyone, not this phase of it anyway. People already mistrusted her personally and STRIKE as an organization, to force or try to force such policies on anyone would only make it worse.

Across the sea a war with Iceland was started, to it Tyrus dedicated nothing. Every ounce of STRIKE forces must be held in reserve for what was to come, every agent was critical, every hero even more important. Tyrus sighed and shook her head. Gothic City...that would be a problem, it was one of the chosen battlefield locations. Unfortunately it was likely to be virtually impossible to evacuate.



Ok, so this a blog but I really would like it to develop a bit as an RP if at all possible OR just as a place where people post how these events affect their characters personally. If your character leads a nation, it's your choice if you participate in Phase One (the evacuation of a chosen city), I already have the IC agreement of the US Secretary of Defense, but I haven't had the time to go speak to everyone else individually. I'll be sending characters or NPCs to characters who live in each city to speak to them personally about evacuating.