CVnU Blog: Crafting the Future

Tyrus was in her office once more, the command center was abuzz with people preparing for the invasion and monitoring the attack on the UN. Tyrus though, her mind was not on either of those things, but on the future...specifically her future. She opened a drawer in her desk and removed a small box from which she removed a flash drive. She plugged the drive into her computer and watched information scroll by as she reviewed it for only the second time since receiving it months ago. It's an interesting proposal. She admitted.

Create an entirely new organization, one beholden to a single court with the individuals in power voted in by international civilians, not international governments. One judge elected for each nation for a total of one hundred and ninety six judges. Each judge investigates and deals with international meta human crimes and seek out major criminal organizations to tear them down. Use the court to take out individuals and organizations that either exceed the power of the local national government or aide the national government in taking them down.

She ran her fingers through her hair and finally digitally signed the document and sent it to the location that had been requested. Other documents were being sent out world wide...documents asking for support of various kinds and for people to be suggested as initial judges.

I can use this to hunt down The Organization. No one is willing to help track these people down and STRIKE is too busy with major problems to do it ourselves. Tyrus removed a page from a drawer in her desk and signed her name to it. She folded it neatly and slid it into a black envelope, which she promptly sealed with a laser pen. It'll have to wait until the invasion is dealt with.

Two days later and Tyrus stood at the bow of her carrier, looking out at the vastness of the sky. She was alone, even Raeyn had been ordered inside. She stood quietly with her hands clasped behind her back, a badge in her hand that she was flipping around in her fingers quietly. The badge didn't apply yet but the process had been expedited significantly by people who knew the name. I still have a few friends. She thought.

She slipped the badge into her back pocket. The final piece of the puzzle will be falling into place soon. Once everything is in place it will be announced to the world that this organization is being created, with support from Interpol and the International Criminal Court. Good luck calling that a rogue organization.


(Nothing fancy, just wanted this to be out there for a later storyline.)



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Hmm. Tyrus always feels stressed.

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