Alone with a Flash Drive

Tyrus leaned back in her chair, she'd just pulled the flash drive Lichter had given her out of the built in USB port on her desk and was playing with it in her fingers. Tyrus closed her eyes to try and fight the annoying migraine that was pestering her and had been ever since she'd read the file for the first time. I'm going to kill'm going to destroy them and leave so much damage behind no one will ever think to do what they're doing again. You just...don't do this to someone.

She opened her eyes and looked down at the flash drive in her hand. What do I do with this? I have a family, I had friends...but they all think I'm dead. I had a name...a real name...not just a code name. Whoever rescued me from that project didn't have this information or they kept it from me...but I'm more inclined to think they didn't have it in the first place. I can't undo all of this, If I try to go to my family, if I try to recapture any part of my old life I'll leave myself exposed and vulnerable. It's probably why the information was wiped from my mind in the first place. You know what's worse though? I don't...feel anything for them. I don't miss them, I don't really have fond memories of them, I just regret the fact that I had a family and now I don't but it feels like that was some other person's life, some other woman's family.

It's the genetics they grafted onto me. Tyrant DNA, whatever it is, doesn't care about any of that. It leaves you somehow colder and more alone. I view every interaction I have as another form of pack mentality. Whenever I meet another person in charge of something I immediately feel a competitive drive. When they're male there's something extra added to that. Like I can't even find someone attractive anymore, I have to find them attractive because they're a competitive threat.

Tyrus looked down at the flash drive in her palm. I may not be able to connect with them anymore, but I can make sure they're doing ok. I'll send an Agent to check up on them, make sure everyone is doing ok. See if my younger brother has improved his grades, see if my parents are doing ok without their daughter. That matters, even if my genetically altered brain doesn't feel anything for it, I *know* it matters. Why can't I feel it anymore? Maybe that girl really did die back there in Syria. I have no memories of it, only what's on this file. I can't remember anything before I took over STRIKE. I know...I can feel that the memories are there but there's just nothing, it's like there's some sort of barrier. Do I want to remember everything? What's it like remembering dying?

The Director of Strike turned the flash drive that contained her previous life over again between her fingers. She sighed and leaned over, opening a safe built into her desk. She put the flash drive in it and closed the safe again. I'll bring this back out if I can ever remember anything. I'll send someone to monitor my family, they can keep an eye on them and inform me how their lives are going now. That would be...that would be what the girl in that file would want.