All Part of the Plan

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"Tyrus, I received your message."

The words came unbidden in the night. Tyrus awoke with a start and shifted into a seated position in her bed. Her eyes adjusted to the low light almost instantly and fell upon the figure of her boss, the man who had given her this position from the beginning.

"You know...most women don't like it when strange men appear in their bedroom in the middle of the night." Tyrus complained and sat up further.

"Most women wouldn't perceive my existence either." The entity in the room said and she got the impression of a smile, even though he didn't have a mouth. "You are certain this is the step you wish to take? When I assigned you as Director I did not anticipate an ever rotating roster of Directors."

"Well, under each new Director STRIKE should be re-organized, re-imagined." Tyrus said.

"Does that mean the next Director should be from a minority?" He asked. It took Tyrus a moment to realize he was joking and also casting satire upon the countless superhero films that had 're-imagined' their characters as of late.

"I don't know if your fans will like that." Tyrus siad with a smirk. "It should probably be a woman, the last two were women. You can't re-imagine in the other direction you know."

"Watch me." He replied. "I already have someone in mind and they're not a woman. I need information from you...the first step in your debriefing. I know you won't step down until the invasion ends but this process is long, it must begin now."

Tyrus glanced at her alarm clock. "At three in the morning?" Tyrus asked. "Can I ask you something boss man? You say most people can't perceive your tell me this then...why can I? Is it another 'gift' from The Organization?"

He shook his head. "No. I allow those whom I wish to interact with to perceive me, the rest do not. After I found you, when you escaped from The Organization, I tracked you for some time. You were barely aware, you had no resources, no idea where you were or who you were and were able to thrive. There was an entire tribe under your control and you didn't know your own name." He paused and was silent for a moment, perhaps considering his next words or simply allowing her to process a part of her life he knew full well she didn't remember. "When you had the opportunity to turn them into a tribe completely loyal to you, to have them call you a god, you refused to take it. When the tribe was in danger you risked your own life rather than allow one of them to suffer. I knew then that you were worth interacting with."

Tyrus watched him. "I don't remember any of that."

"Your mind was confused, it hadn't repaired itself fully yet." He explained. "Now." He added. "Tell me about Sahi's escape and the death of your family."

Tyrus sighed and pulled a glass of water from the night stand. She took a drink from it and put it back down. "Alright." She smiled a little. "I'll tell you it all went according to plan."