All Part of the Plan 2

"So the question, once I had all the information on who I used to be...was how to make my family disappear." Tyrus said as she shifted in her bed and adjusted the light settings in the room. "The answer didn't come to me until Agent Braun stuck his nose into my personal affairs. He revealed, intentionally or otherwise, the whereabouts of my family to public entities. So I did the only thing that made any sense." She got out of bed and walked over to the refrigerator, retrieving a gallon of Milk and then grabbed a glass from the cabinet.

"I had them killed." She casually poured the glass and smiled a bit. "Well, you know, as far as everyone knows. Finding murder victims that fit the description required serious work but we managed. They were left in the morgue with no one claiming the we took them, surgically reconstructed them to look like my family and staged the whole affair."

She smiled and took a drink from her glass. "Too bad the apartment burned down before anyone could look too closely. Even after that point I wasn't sure where to put my real family to keep them safe...and that's when Raeyn gave me the answer. She gifted me a Temporal Vault. You know what you can do with a Temporal Vault? Install a life support system."

"And Curve's escape?" He asked.

"That...I enjoyed doing a lot less." Tyrus said with a sigh, her smile at saving her family and keeping them safe fading instantly. "We need her for the Time Siphon invasion. We need her help in planning out a defense against specific individuals among the enemy. I wanted to keep Curve locked in a cell, or you know, dead...but Sahi wanted him free. She needed his help for something she had planned in Gothic that was going to kill a lot of people...but..." She shook her head. "I had to weigh the deaths of thousands over the deaths of millions."

"Sometimes there are sideways exits." He said.

"I know, because I took one." She took another drink. "I arranged for the information of Curve's location to fall into Sahi's hands and I also arranged for tracking devices to...find their way onto Sahi's people. After the invasion the tracking devices will send a broadcast signal to every major government and meta police force on the planet. The House of Vipers will become common knowledge, Sahi's location will go viral in seconds. She'll pay for what she's done."

Tyrus pulled open a holographic control interface. "Every day I look at this list." She said, starting its scrolling. "These are the names of every individual that died as a result of Sahi's actions when the US retook Gothic City. I figure eventually if I visit enough graves, I'll come to terms with my decision." Maybe.