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Tyrus is a woman of two lives. The first twenty years of her life were relatively unremarkable, even when she became a CIA field agent. She was 'killed' in Syria fighting against The State and taken back to a secret genetics lab in the United States. There her broken body with its mostly destroyed brain was placed on a table and her DNA grafted with two compounds. The first of these compounds was a healing agent that stabilized her body and repaired much of the damage (though there was little it could do for her brain) the second was a stolen genetic fragment taken from the labs of Jurassic World.

This genetic fragment was taken from the slain creature known as the Indomenous Rex which was itself a mixture of genetic fragments. Once the unusual fragment was grafted to her DNA structure it immediately changed her biology and granted her with the following abilities:


Super Strength

Tyrus has surprising strength thanks to the genetic code grafted into her human DNA. This strength is estimated to be in excess of fifty tons. Medical scans will reveal a hyper reinforced muscular, cardiovascular and skeletal structure that provide Tyrus with the stamina and strength of a creature far different than Human or even Meta Human. The genetic code used in this process is classified.

Enhanced Durability:

Tyrus's enhanced durability is not excessive and comes primarily from the enhanced muscular and skeletal structure of her body. She can withstand hits that would otherwise break human bones but is not a tank.

Mental Mapping:

The brain is the area of greatest improvement for Tyrus. She views the world unlike most other beings and is able to dissect any given scenario and its possible outcomes in moments. During a fight she can determine the likely actions of her opponent and the likely success of any response within heart beats.

(I have no real idea how to best describe this so I will let a movie talk for me)

Once Tyrus was fully integrated and regained her ability to speak and write fluent English she was rescued by an unknown man and given command of STRIKE. She tries to lead and keep herself out of combat but if it becomes necessary Tyrus is not afraid to get her hands dirty and is more than capable of fighting, though her combat style is a mix of CIA trained martial arts and limited feral instinct inherited from her DNA. Tyrus's combat preference by far is to make use of her favored weapon, the Desert Eagle.

While running STRIKE Tyrus has a mission of her own...discover the truth about her past. Her file is classified (even from her) and she remembers nothing of her previous life though she is fairly certain 'Tyrus' is not her real name.

The following is a list of equipment Tyrus commonly keeps on her person:


Desert Eagle Fifty Caliber Handgun-

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The bullets of this weapon have been modified for a higher powered grain load and armor penetration. The bullets are made from dense depleted uranium and are designed to function much like anti-tank sabot rounds. When the bullet is fired from the cartridge what is actually fired down range is a rod of depleted uranium that sharpens upon impact with a metal surface (or other highly resistance surface such as the skin of certain meta humans) and the rod ignites with the friction of impact. In this way if the bullet penetrates the skin of its target it will ignite inside of their body, causing massive internal damage and likely death. These rounds are not large enough or powerful enough to penetrate an armored vehicle but will treat most bullet proof substances (short of some of the super metals) as paper and can potentially penetrate the skin of highly durable meta humans.

When dealing with targets known not to be wearing armor or have super human durability Tyrus swaps these bullets out for more traditional 50 caliber rounds.

Armored Vibranium-Steel Alloy Vambraces. These Vambraces were created to defend the forearms of Tyrus and are specifically molded to her arms. These Vambraces double as weapons when she uses them as blunt force weapons, capable of striking with hard back handed hits or blocking weapons/physical attacks that could otherwise cause crippling damage. When the durability of the Vibranium-Steel Alloy is combined with the super human strength of Tyrus, the vambraces are entirely capable of breaking bones and causing massive trauma.

Synth Weave: In an attempt to recreate Nth Metal Weave as used by the Hawk Lords the government was able to forge something it calls "Synth Weave." In all respects it was a complete failure at replicating the properties of Hawk Forged Nth Metal but it did result in a set of clothing capable of withstanding blade attacks and ballistic attacks from weapons of forty five caliber or less. Though far from perfect armor it does at least allow Tyrus to take advantage of her superior agility while offering better than nothing protection.