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Real Name: Surtr

Gender: male

Hair Color: infernal-orange

Weight: unknown

Age: since the beginning of time

Eye Color: furnace-yellow

Height: variable; mostly giant-size, over 20 feet tall in the most minimal form

Known Aliases: Surtur, Surt, Mighty Surt, Burning Heart of Muspelheim, King of the Fire Giants, Bringer of Flame, Destroyer of the Universe, Asgard's Doom, Breaker of Bifrost, Herald of Ragnarok

Species: Jötunn

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The Burning Heart of Muspelheim, Surtr (Old Norse "black" or "the swarthy one") is a jötunn and the King of the hellish realm of the Fire Giants. He rules from a throne of ash and cinders, crowned by the Eternal Flame, and rules by Twilight, the Sword of Doom he is prophesied to end the cosmos with.

"With rolling waves of volcanic fury

The Battle to End All Battles will reach its bloodiest time

When the gates of hell spill open

And Surtr strides from the pits of Muspelheim"

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In the final days of the world, Surtr will break through the surface of Midgard from Muspelheim. His apocalyptic fury will ignite all the land in flame, boil the oceans away, and choke with air with ash.

None are prophesied to survive, save two, who will repopulate Midgard in the aftermath of Ragnarok.

In that new age, the gods will all have passed into legend following the war against the giants, and Thor's battle with the Jörmungandr.