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My Pull List

My current pull list.

List items

  • I love Snyder's work. Possibly the best book on this list.

  • Wonderful book. Great art. Plot can be wonky though.

  • Amazing book. Gail Symone does a great job with this series and with Gordon, Barbara Gordon.

  • Great series so far. Plot gets a bit much at times. But Jason, Roy and Kori are all awesome. I wish the art was more stable.

  • I wanted to read something with Wonder Woman and Something with Superman so this book solves that need. The art is wonderful, the writing is super and those puns were awful.

  • I was never really into the Superman books, but I like this book and Kara. Overall very good.

  • I originally got this book because both Huntress and Powergirl interested me in the past. I do like both characters, however I feel more respect is given to Huntress in this book while Power girl is just the rich ditsy friend who can't keep her clothes on. I also dunno whats going on with the story. This book really needs a creative shake up.

  • The first solo outing of Harley in the New 52. Really funny and zany. Great book with awesome art.

  • I have wanted to read an Avengers book for a while now. I could never get into Bendis' Avengers for whatever reason. I'm really liking what Johnathan Hickman is doing and Opena is a great artist.

  • The team in this book is very awesome. Great writing, great art. I have high hopes that this series will continue to be one of my favorites.

  • Natasha's new solo outing has been awesome so far. Good stuff here.

  • Recently started reading this and it is fantastic. David Aja and Matt Fraction do a wonderful job with Hawkeye. I also really enjoy Pizza dog, Kate and the Broskis.

  • I was a bit worried that Otto replacing Peter would be a disaster, but it's been really interesting so far. Dan Slott knows what he is doing. Also Ryan Stegman is an amazing artist and needs to stay on this book for as long as it runs.

  • All Female X-men? Yes please. Brian Wood is excellent and Copiel/ Dodson are some of my favorite artists. The team is made up of nearly all my favorite female X-men. Rock on!

  • My First time reading Peter David's work monthly. Really good so far. I'd like a new artist though.

  • This has been good so far. Aside from Bendis' weird dialog choices for some characters (mainly Magik and Emma) the writing is good. The art varies issue to issue. I like the new mutants introduced however.

  • I had my hesitations with this title. I'm not a huge Bendis fan. Giving it a chance however because I have been itching to read some Jean Grey, and I do find Cyclops being the bad guy a bit interesting.

  • I always wanted to read a Deadpool book. I took a chance with this and really enjoyed it. I look forward to more of Wade's zany adventures.

  • Not too sure if I will keep getting this, but it's good so far. Gamora is a new favorite of mine.