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Forty Years of the Avengers

To celebrate forty years of Avengers history, Marvel recently decided to publish a DVD-Rom collection of the first forty years of Avengers material. This collection includes the entire first, second and third volumes of Avengers, plus the first 10 or 12 issues of New Avengers.

I purchased this a few months ago because I'm a HUGE fan of Avengers (been collecting it pretty much since issue 240 of the first volume back in 1983). I'm excited because it's so neat to follow the evolution of the title and team from their inception. I look forward to reading such great stories like The Skrull-Kree War, and Korvac. I also love having the whole collection in one easy to navigate volume so I can read some of my favorite issues whenever I want without having to go into my huge collection of comic boxes to pull them out.

It's true that a digital collection of the issues isn't the same thing as having the physical copies, but well, it's so much better than nothing.


Comics Saved My Life

Since I'm new to Comic Vine, I thought I should take a moment to introduce myself and tell why I'm interested in this site.

I was first introduced to the world of comics and superheroes at the tender age of 13. My friends had a copy of the Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1. I was hooked from the very moment they turned the page and introduced me to all these cool characters. Sure, I was familiar with Spider-Man and Hulk, but I discovered that they were just the tip of the Marvel iceburg. I ran out and bought the second issue of Secret Wars. I was hooked ever since.

I became a regular reader of Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Defenders, and Alpha Flight. As you can likely tell, I was a big fan of team books.

Eventually I discovered the Distinguished Competition over at DC. I became a big fan of the Legion of Super Heroes, but I also liked JLA and Teen Titans.

But it would be Marvel that got most of my loyalty. I followed a lot of Marvel books over the day: X-Factor, New Mutants, X-Force, West Coast Avengers, Psi-Force, DP7, and many others. A huge portion of the reason that I remained a big X-Men fan was because I was fanatical about the X-Man named Rogue. I thought she was awesome from the moment I first saw her, and I would have followed her to the worst book in history just to get a chance to follow her story.

When I look back over my childhood, I realize that I probably wouldn't have been able to survive it as well as I did if I hadn't had my comics to look forward to. So, yes, even though I am now a fully grown man, I still find time to buy and read my comics.