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"Join the dance, my love?"

"My middle finger was non-essential. I had it removed."

"Miles to go before I sleep."

"Don't be scared. I want to be nice."

"Now that's funny."

"Yes, George, with the rabbits."

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  • Name: Anathema
  • Real Name: Anne Bishop
  • Species: Human
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 115lbs.
  • Eyes: Dark
  • Hair: Black
  • Age: 22

Basic Description:

Behind the mask
Behind the mask
A very nice lady.
A very nice lady.

Those who have seen the face behind Anathema's ubiquitous hockey mask consistently doubt her humanity. The woman is slim, almost waifish, and her movements bely a sort of bizarre, jerky speed. Long, stringy black hair and the unblinking dark pits of her eyes leave no doubt that, human or not, Anathema is pure evil.

A sort of mismatched suit of black leather armor frequently covers the majority of her body (along with odd composite pieces that appear to be made of hard white plastic or PVC), and she often carries simple weapons such as swords or daggers. Another odd trait is her long black fingernails, which resemble talons upon anything other than very close inspection.

Personality and Backstory:

Little is known of Anathema's backstory, and few of her victims have survived to describe meeting her. A few well-known traits are the woman's intellect, seeming love of literature, adoration of pain, and wavering mental stability. She has been described as being "slightly deranged", and as "horrifyingly alien" by different survivors, suggesting that she may react differently to certain stimuli.

Anathema consistently shows a love of literature and frequently quotes it, though certain passages are so obscure as to make it unclear whether or not she sometimes makes them up.

Skills and Abilities:

Besides her unusual level of flexibility and seemingly advanced physical reactions, Anathema has been described as thoroughly physically human, showing no strange abilities whatsoever.

However, this does not make her less dangerous. She has consistently displayed a sort of sinister intellect, planning out schemes weeks or months in advance and then enacting them with ruthless efficiency, often manipulating her playthings into causing the events to pass. She is highly educated and seems to have mastered varying fields, including:

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  • Chemistry
  • Psychology
  • Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Tactics and Strategy
  • Fencing
  • Business
  • Law

and possibly others that have yet to be seen.


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