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The Return of Dakota City

There are a few things that I find to be let downs with DC Comics. They are not big problems at all, but rather some things that impede on my personal enjoyment of the line. For one, whereas DC has found ways to broaden their horizon of storytelling by incorporating more genres & elements, such as War and Horror, and titles & characters, such as those belonging to Wildstorm and Vertigo, Milestone's presence in the new universe has been virtually absent thus far. Yes, we have had a Static comic that ran for eight issues before facing it's premature demise during the first round of cancellations, but there are a few issues with that. First and most important, creative differences kept Static, Milestone's most approachable character, from being a successful, or even an approachable title. Whenever people get in the way of a medium, nothing but trouble ensues. Now it remains to be seen whether or not he, or the entire Milestone universe will be given a second chance. Secondly, Static was moved away from his home town of Dakota City, and relocated to New York City. Now what does this mean? For all of this to make sense in the future, I can only see two things happening:

• Static can't return to Dakota City, unless it is for a visit

• The rest of the Dakota characters must continue fighting without him

Static, as I see him, should remain in NYC, and do his thing in S.T.A.R. Labs, and eventually become a Teen Titan. I think he could also be good to pop in random books to help out (I could actually see him working with Jaime Reyes). I liked his interaction with Hawkman, and I would like to see that expanded, and maybe, he could also have histories with other DC characters.

The rest of the Milestone cast could be featured in a few books: Rocket & Icon, Hardware, and Shadow Cabinet.

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The overall tone of the Rocket & Icon title can be a one of loneliness and cynicism on the part of Icon, and optimism on Rocket's part. The boy who became Icon was careened to Earth from a distant planet (which a fellow comic viner suggested could be retconned to be the doomed planet Krypton. A sentiment I am totally on board with), and arrived to an America where slavery was the reality. He had to live throughout those years, and through the years where segregation replaced slavery as the norm in America. Fast forward to the present, and he is a successful lawyer named Augustus Freeman that is old-school in his beliefs and lifestyles (I want to avoid use of the word "conservative" because I don't want this to have political undertones). Freeman has grown distant and cold toward the human race. Until the night he met Raquel Irving. Raquel is mistaken as a girl belonging to the band of thieves that attempted to steal memorabilia from Freeman's estate. Freeman catches the girl, and threatens to alert the authorities. Irving tells him her life story, and Freeman, not feeling sympathetic at all, shares his. Raquel tries and fails to persuade Augustus to become a hero, and after a long conversation, she takes some of his technology, and becomes the hero ROCKET! All this in issue 1, just like before, but the main difference here is that Augustus wouldn't become Icon until a few issues later, when Rocket and a civilian she is trying to save are in dire peril. A man reforms, and starts to believe in humanity. A stark contrast from Superman, who has never lost faith in humanity. The tone for the rest of the year's worth of Rocket & Icon issues (if it makes it that far) should focus on Rocket showing Icon the realities of human lives whilst villains get in the way of her cause, and almost dissuade Icon from this new-found belief that humans can be good, before shifting the focus to a Rocket-propelled storyline (can you dig the pun I just made?).

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A Shadow Cabinet comic book would be tricky to do, since the Shadow Cabinet book that was published in the 90's is almost exactly the same overall story that Stormwatch is currently running with. A secret team of heroes handle the world's problems that no one else can, and do so covertly. They even had two prominent gay characters back then named Donner and Blitzen, both female. It would seem like a blatant ripoff, although the Milestone characters came out first. This is why I think the best thing to do is change up the line-up a little, and add some characters from the DC universe. That book could use a different cast. You can add Donner, but leave Blitzen out for later, and add Kobalt, Xombi, and other characters (even characters from the main DCU, since there is an abundance of them).

In order for a Hardware book to work, the "Angry Black Man" stereotype will have to be ditched. It may have worked in the 90's when the comic market was more forgivable, but in 2012, that stuff wouldn't fly. I also believe that there should be a S.T.A.R. Labs at Dakota, because I did not really like Hardware's setup as working for the man he is trying to stop. They could have a story where Alva steals some of Curtis Metcalf's as of yet unpatented designs, and use them to make weapons for profit, and Curt becomes the hero named HARDWARE to retaliate against corporate greed, arms dealing. Fighting various old villains and new with his partner Technique.

Clockwise: Hardware, Static, Technique
Clockwise: Hardware, Static, Technique

I think it would be better to have Hardware work at S.T.A.R. Labs because it would have more meaning within the greater DC Universe, as opposed to working for the main villain. If they were in their own universe again, then it would be of great significance to have the protagonist work for the main antagonist, but within DC, it means more to work alongside the smartest minds.

Tell me what you guys think, I would really be interested in positive, constructive input if possible.


How to bring back Static Shock (The Comic)

I believe that somewhere down the long, perpetual, never-ending line (I need more redundant terms here), DC will dust off Static, and bring him back into the new continuity with his own ongoing. While Static's last run may have ruined the character for many people, I remain ever optimistic that we may one day read a good Static book that isn't locked away in it's own corner of the greater DC universe. Given the right writers, I believe Static could be one of the best teen heroes around (just like any teen hero. I'm rooting for Jaime Reyes, because that scarab is awesome). But if we do a Static comic again (eventually...down that stretch), we have to do it right. Let's see what can be done.

The Twin Thing

Who on this EARTH thought this was a good idea? That plot was going nowhere. Okay, I know this is a relaunch, but why would you fudge with the family structure of a character that has barely seen the light of day in a DC Earth? Living with him are his parents, and one older sister. You could even go the route the cartoon did, and have his mother killed by unnecessary gang violence. NO CLONES! End of Story. Just retcon that.

I Got Your Back, V

We do eventually get to see Hardware and Technique in the comic, and while I do believe that is a step in the right direction (thank you Rozum, and again, I thank you for trying your best to support one of my favorite characters), I believe we can go further in that direction. You could've included Richie Foley (AKA Gear) buddy up with Virgil both on the field and off. The two were best friends in the show, and while I know he was not canon in the comics (he was in the Milestone line though), this could've been one of those instances where a cartoon character could be integrated into the main continuity.

Hey V! I got your back!
Hey V! I got your back!

Not only will his inclusion give Static some much needed assistance, but it would also help to promote DC's efforts in diversifying their universe, seeing how Richie is Virgil's gay best friend. But Richie being gay isn't what makes him great. It is his loyalty and intelligence. The fact that he is gay makes a cool character better for more people.

Cast & Setting

I am one of those guys who thinks that getting the best from both worlds (in this case, Milestone, and DCAU) is the only way to go in making a Static comic. I'm sure most people remember him from the cartoon anyway, so they naturally expected to see aspects of that in the comic, only for them to be greatly disappointed with what they read.

Move Virgil, Richie and Frieda & Daisy to New York for some insane comic reason if you have to, but I think it is necessary to have those two girls in the comic. It would be cool to see a love triangle between Virgil, Frieda and Daisy, but not too played out like some cartoons and comics do it. As well as the cast from the cartoon, it would be great to see some comic villains like Holocaust or Hotstreak in my opinion.

Science It Up, But Don't Lecture Us

While I might enjoy looking up physics and engineering lessons that I found in a comic, I cannot speak for the market. Make it small scientific facts that kids may soon learn, and that adults will pat themselves in the back because they know it. It would be very interesting.

Take Him Out Of The Hood

I know that was the main reason you moved him out of the muck that is Dakota City, but even in New York, he was still facing gangs. I know some of the characters here were interesting (Pale Man), but it seemed to me that he was still facing some petty thugs instead of straight up villains (sounds weird the way I said it, doesn't it?). Let him fit into the greater DCU somehow. Just because he's black doesn't mean he should stay in the gutter and fight gutter villains. My friend said there was an issue of Teen Titans and Savage Hawkman that featured Static, and in neither was he in a gutter situation.

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He fought zombies while Hawkman was fighting the Gentleman Ghost. While I am surprised by the team-up between the two, I am pleased because those are two characters I wouldn't expect to see in the same comic. They worked well together, so I was told. It felt like Static was a part of something bigger than where he was. I want to see him amongst more of the big DC names in the future.

The Greater Milestone Universe

Shame this aspect wasn't more thoroughly explored. But what are you to do with only eight issues? I loved Hardware's inclusion in the comic. Giving him advice, and even showing up with Technique alongside Static. That was very exciting for anyone who may have read the oldies. Now let's see some more characters. Rocket seems the most likely to get an appearance since she's in their age range. But having both her and Icon would be great to see. And having Rocket as a recurring partner would help female audiences.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Moving slightly away from the subject, I am still quite amazed (and satisfied) that they included these two over Static to be the reps of the Milestone corner of DC (even though I am highly sure it is because Static never had a mentor). I love Rocket, and I'm glad she made it. Let's hope we see more episodes with her, and eventually more comics.

Is Static's Race Already Run Within The New DC Continuity?

I certainly hope not. I will remain optimistic as I always have been, and await the day he does return. Hopefully, he does it with style, a coherent story, cool characters, and some Milestone treasures.

Static is one of my favorite heroes. I won't stop believing in him, let's hope DC won't either.
Static is one of my favorite heroes. I won't stop believing in him, let's hope DC won't either.

How I feel about Batwing

So far, I am enjoying the Batwing ongoing a lot. Batwing is already my third favorite bat family character (after Batgirl, and Batman respectively. I don't really like Greyson or the others). His issues are great, but I have one problem with the series: Too much Batman shine.

I know that Batman DOES in fact provide for Batwing most of his supplies, and sure, that does warrant the inclusion of Batman from time to time, but I did not pick up this issue to see needless Batman team-ups DC. I know that Batman is currently your most successful character right now, but that does not mean he should be saturated in each and every book out there. Other characters can survive without him.

Needless to say, I would enjoy the book more if he (or any Bat-family character, for that matter) wasn't included as often. I am greatly pleased by what I have read from Judd Winick, and strongly believe this is one of the best of the new 52 (one of the few that I bother putting down my hard-earned cash toward at least). Having said that, I am displeased by what I feel is an awful editorial decision from DC's higher-ups. To include Batman or even Bruce Wayne as often as they do. Let us see Batwing fleshed out some more. Batman chose him to be a representative of Batman inc. for a reason. Let us watch him be the Batman that Batman knows he is.

This man is hardcore!
This man is hardcore!

Batwing has a very cool and unique origin story. One that Winick delves into masterfully in one of the early issues of the book, which I feel is one of the strongest so far. And seeing how far he has come from his childhood up to present day DCU, he may indeed be one of the best hand to hand, and stealth characters around. Without giving too much away, let me just ask you too think about it; Look at Central Africa. It is one of the most dangerous places on the planet, and the circumstances under which most survive are dire, and drastic. However, David Zavimbe has overcome those circumstances with his wiles, and determination, and in my opinion, he has earned Batman's recognition.

I know I may be rambling at this point, but I really just wanted to get my point across (or at the very least, just be heard), and that point is that Batwing is among the coolest new characters and books in the new DCU (I'm aware that Grant Morrison created him in the pages of Batman Incorporated some time before the new 52). I just need him to be able to sustain a book on his own without so many guest appearances, which I don't see an end to in the near future.