Character Bio#2

The Man on The Moon

"Livin the dream."

Personal Information

šŸŽµ I'm a rocket maaaaan!šŸŽµ
šŸŽµ I'm a rocket maaaaan!šŸŽµ

Real Name: Turren

Codename: The Pilgrim

Aliases: The Red Raider, The World Blazer, The Starlight Marauder, Turry, The Man on The Moon, Rocket Man, Star Pilgrim

Gender: Male

Relatives: ????

Alignment: True Neutral

Identity: Public

History: Public

Status: Alive

Age: 26 in appearance (uncertain due to space travel)

Species: Unknown

Orientation: Pansexual

Height: 6'2

Weight: 188 lbs

Eye Color: Chartreuse Green

Hair Color: Burnt Orange

Marital Status: Single

Place of Birth: ????

Base of Operations: Mobile

Affiliation: Himself

Education: Apprenticeship

Occupation: Adventurer, Amateur Marauder, Treasure Hunter

Moral Code

In general, Turren's main goal in any context is to look out for himself and try to get by in anyway that he he can while maximizing self-benefit in any given situation, with little forethought as to how his actions may affect those around himself. Opportunistic and crafty in nature, he will readily employ a variety of underhanded methods to get away with all sorts of lawful and moral quandaries that his endeavors create. That being said, despite his dishonest and selfish tendencies, he remains a patient and loyal fellow to those that he views as his allies and will readily put their needs before his own, even to his own detriment. And furthermore, upholds a personal code of ethics to occasionally help those he sees as good and or less fortunate, while either evading affiliation with those he deems genuinely evil or even opposing them at times, as he sees fit. A truly neutral character.

Origin (W.I.P.)

  1. Kidnapped as an infant
  2. Taken by a slavery ring of planets
  3. Saved by a group of freedom fighters
  4. Raised from family to family
  5. Adopted by a group of plumbers and mechanics
  6. Gets caught up in the wrong crowd
  7. Sent to prison as the sole survivor
  8. Gets broken out of prison
  9. Meets and teams up with Arthur Mark
  10. Does some jobs with him
  11. Gets a Walkman and parts ways
  12. Lands in prison again
  13. Escapes and takes ship with robots

Powers (W.I.P.)


Abilities/Skills (W.I.P.)

Expert Plumber:

Aerospace Engineer & Mechanic:

Crack Pilot:

Smooth Talking:

Capable Combatant:

Tactical Aptitude:


Singer & Dancer:

Indomitable Willpower:

Equipment (W.I.P.)

Marauder Gear

Trench Coat:

(thermal insulation, thermal vents, environmental adaption, numerous pocket & pouches, satchel, dirt detraction leather, micro-woven mesh, mobility fabric)

Map Projector:

(holographic projection, gravitational analysis, spectral analysis, biological-feedback, sound recording, "blip" signal, environmental restructuring, infographic)


(space protection, infrared, nano-based, oxygen filter, communication system)

Piko Guns:

(electrical discharge, plasma bolts, laser beam, caries liquid of high electron and proton content)

Gravity Orbs:

(floating, retractable, Earth equivalent gravitational field, 6 meter diameter, 30 second duration)

Alpha & Beta Grenades:

(kinetic explosion & temporal pausing)


(electromagnetic plasma shield, 10 feet circumference, 40 second duration)

Gravity Orbs:

(9.8 m/sĀ², indefinite duration)

Levity Packs:

(jet propulsion, 2 tons of force, 15 second duration, 20 second recharge)

Lock Picking Set:

(hook pick, drill pick, serpent pick, rental download, finger print download, DNA extractor)

Sony TPS-L2 Walkman:

(500 tapes)

The Venture 1 (retrofitted hunting vessel)

(tachyonic photon cycle cells, radiation filled corra minerals, wing mounted propulsion platforms, hexagonal negative-energy space-time drift, xatheroum mesh armor, mounted laser guns, anti-matter missiles, six person cockpit, artificial intelligence, auditory user interface, holographic digital database, interior-exterior electromagnetic scanning system, one open area lounge, two toilet stalls, twelve bedding units, numerous storage compartment, one pod, maintenance bots

Weaknesses (W.I.P.)





Character Bio #1

The Star Child

"Nice place..."

Personal Information

Morning Son
Morning Son

Real Name: Unknown

Aliases: The Star Child, Morning Son, Emerald Archer, Woodland Born, The Piper, Turren

Gender: Male

Relatives: Unknown

Alignment: Neutral Good

Identity: Public

History: Unknown

Status: Alive

Age: 24 physiologically (likely multiple centuries chronologically)

Species: Elf

Orientation: Bisexual

Height: 6'0

Weight: 100 lbs

Eye Color: Crystal Blue

Hair Color: Baby Blond

Marital Status: Single

Place of Birth: Unknown

Base of Operations: N/A

Affiliation: Himself

Education: Unknown

Occupation: Warrior, Adventurer, Woodsman, Bounty Hunter, Hunter, Musician, Vagabond

Powers (W.I.P.)

Abilities (W.I.P.)

Equipment (W.I.P.)

Weaknesses (W.I.P.)

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