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Cheek, Chin, Knuckle, or Knee 3

Maximortal by Rick Veitch is the story of True-Man, an alien with a strangely familiar origin and set of powers. Though reminiscent of Superman, True-man has a very different disposition than Clark.The Story:    The story opens in Tungus Siberia in 1908, a lone soldier rides his horse through the debris from what seems to be a meteorite seeing many dead animals and trees  in flattened patterns he is in awe.. While exploring he comes across an unearthed Woolly Mammoth and becomes mesmerized.Sec...

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A Call to Arms 4

            Under another Frank Miller Cover  we follow X-O Manowar in this issue as he is also drawn into the Unity event..( All the Unity covers can be aligned to create a giant image.) X-O Manowar is actually Aric of Dacia, a Visigoth and enemy of the greater Roman Empire, he was kidnapped along with thousands of other ancient people to be used as food by the Spider-Aliens. In deep space he stole one of the aliens most powerful weapons the sentient X-O Manowar armor and used it to return ...

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The Torch Is Passed 2

Under another sweet Frank Miller cover, Chapter Four of Unity again strays from the Battle in the Lost Land. Taking the reader instead to 4001A.D. where we learn about the Origins of the Unity Complex which it turns out is actually the Future City of San Gabriel. We also learn that Erica Pierce and her "Son" Prince Albert had at first gone to the future of 4001 A.D. before heading to the Lost Land to begin Unity. Magnus plays a negligible role in this tale which actually focus's more on Erica ...

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Up Against The Wall Mother 3

         Archer and Armstrong #1 was preceded by a #0 issue the previous month. The #0 issue told the origin story of Archer, a Harbinger with infallible aim much like Bullseye from Marvel. At the conclusion of that story Archer met and become entangled in the life of Armstrong who is in fact Aram brother of the Eternal Warrior. The two of them are being pursued by The Sect an organization that believes Armstrong is the devil and who are dedicated to the homeless alcoholics utter destructio...

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Footprints On The Sands of Time 9

At the time this issue was published Valiant was expanding it's original line of books, which up until this point had consisted of Solar Man of the Atom, Magnus Robot Fighter, Rai, Harbinger, X-O Manowar, and the just begun Shadowman. " Unity" Valiant's first all-encompassing crossover introduced several new ongoing titles the first of which starred Gilad Anipadda the Eternal Warri...

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Unity Chapter One: Ends of the Earth 3

The Year was 1992 and Valiant was fast becoming a hot name in Comics. All of the Valiant Stories up until this point had been slowly building to this epic tale,  Valiant's first and Greatest Crossover .. " Unity". It all begins here in the 16 page opening chapter which was free to fans who purchased the monthly titles.                     The Story:    As the story opens we find Erica Pierce the sole survivor of the Reality Dr...

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Project 500: Final Crisis 7

To all things an ending, the first and greatest Crisis ends here. DC's most epic crossover event and Silkcut's  Project 500 draw to a close...  The Story:  The story begins with a group of disparate heroes stranded in space seeking the help of Brainiac, Who has no recollection of last issues multiple-reality altering events. Once the heroes convince Brainiac he takes them off to see Darkseid....Meanwhile the ...

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G-Man Extraordinary 7

                     In It's earliest Incarnation Archie comics was also known as MLJ and it featured many of the earliest Super-Hero characters. Sadly, over time the publisher would change it's focus and Archie Andrews and his gang would run the superheroes out of the book.      Welcome to the first exciting issue of PEP Comics, with lead feature and granddaddy of the Comic Book patriotic heroes The Shield, Joe Higgins is assigned and dispatched by what see...

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Rebirth! 31

Eclipse comics presents the long awaited return of the legendary Miracleman! And it's written by Alan Moore! Not familiar with him you say?? Well, read on.     The Story:    Beneath a sweet cover by Gary Leach our story opens in 1956 as young Johnny Bates on his way home to the orphanage he calls home is forced to assume his alternate identity as Kid Miracleman to combat the legions of the Science Gestapo, who...

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Super Duper Comics #3 5

    F.E. Howard publications presents a Canadian Golden Age classic "Super Duper Comics" #3. I cannot find any other issues of this series and am unsure if they exist. Many of the later F.E. Howard publications are very rare. This issue is significant because it includes the only known Golden Age appearance of Fred Kelly's Mr.Monster.   The Story: The lead story features the debut of Doctor Jim Stearne A.K.A. Mr. Monster, as he battles "The Terror of Trezma" a seemingly Immo...

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Savage Dragon 141 2

Savage Dragon! Spawn! Witch-blade! Invincible! Shadow-hawk! Together against the Superman analogue Solar-Man! Guest starring many Golden Age heroes from the Public Domain!  The Story:     The Culmination of the long running Solar-Man subplot happens here! Savage dragon has gathered what Image heroes he could in an attempt to stop the overpowered Solar -Man, Meanwhile, Dragon Ally Rex Dexter enters Solar -Man's Secret Base and Frees TONS of Golden Age Public Domain Heroes who were having the...

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Blazing Comics #1 1

Journey Back to the Golden age of Comics and Meet Rural home Inc.'s line of Heroes in Blazing Comics!! In this Issue The Green Turtle gets a sidekick....Burma Boy!   The Story: In the lead story we find a Chinese village under attack by Japanese forces, a lone male teen and some women are all that remain and are overwhelmed by the Army's onslaught. Suddenly to the Japanese General's Horror the first ever Asian superhero  the Green Turtle appears! Rescuing the boy and a recentl...

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Amazing Man Comics #5 1

Centaur Publications Brings us Amazing Man Comics! Continued directly  from the pages of Stars&Stripes #6 at long last Amazing-Man in his own series!   The Story:The first story in this issue is the origin of John Amon the Amazing Man! We learn how he was chosen as an orphaned child by Tibetan monks who plan to help him develop into a Superhuman who can dominate the world. After twenty-Five years of training Amazing Man or A-Man or Green Mist as he is also known is ready to strike out a...

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A Feature Presentation..The Black Tarantula 2

Fox Feature Syndicate was in it's final days when this book was released, circa 1950. This Issue is very unusual, as is it's lead is the pseudo-vampire villian Count Rorret, The Black Tarantula!   The Story: Enter the Splash Page and we find Black Tarantula in a graveyard. He summons some recently deceased ghosts to tell them a tale of some 900 years before in the very same village of Minnerville where they now stand. The story within a story begins with the introduction of Princess Elthena...

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Detective Comics #35 3

From the second I saw the cover I knew I had to have it! A new adventure of the Batman!   The Story: Let's just focus on this one story that opens with Commissioner Gordon ranting to Bruce Wayne about catching the Batman. They get interrupted by a Sgnt. and Batman soon leaps into action! In fact He goes on a gun-wielding Villain killing rampage. Here have a taste....                     See what I mean? You don't want to mess with Golden age Batman.    The Good:   Golden Age pre-Robi...

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Four Color #596 0

Introducing Turok Son of Stone!! This issue contains the first appearance of Turok and Andar and details how they came to be stranded in the Lost Land! Anatomically incorrect Dinosaurs abound in this Late 1954 Golden Age classic.  The Story:  Behind a beautiful painted cover we are treated to "Dinosauria" on the inside cover with 1954 era dinosaur profiles. Cool stuff, We then begin the first story "The World Below" We meet Turok and Andar, two Indian braves out on a hunt. They come across ...

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Abe Sapien: The Abyssal Plain 1 0f 2 0

Abe Sapien #7! It is 1984 and Abe Sapien is on a solo mission to recover the lost burgonet of Melchiorre.(cooler than it sounds)...   The Good   Everything. Mignola, Arcudi, and Snejbjerg bring us the first half of another great Abe Sapien tale. Like most Hellboy/B.P.R.D. stories this one is rich in atmosphere and it delivers the goods. The "burgonet of Melchiorre" itself also has a neat back story.   The Bad Didn't really care for Snejbjerg's version of Abe. I wish Mignola would draw more ...

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All-American Comics #1 2

Not a Superhero to be found in this early DC issue. Lead feature is "Intoducing..Red,White, and Blue:Americas' Greatest Adventure Strip!" followed by four "Mutt and Jeff" strips, We also have short strips with titles like "Real Magic", "Tippie","Skippy""Scribbley", and "Always Belittlin'","Spot Savage","Daisybelle","All-American Champs","Reg'lar Fellers'","Toonerville Folks","Bobby Thatcher","Cicero's Cat", and a "Nugent's original puzzle page" as well as "Ben Webster","Wiley of Westpoint" ...

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