Who Owns America? Who we owe..

  • Hong Kong: $121.9 billion (0.9 percent)
  • Caribbean banking centers: $148.3 billion (1 percent)
  • Taiwan: $153.4 billion (1.1 percent)
  • Brazil: $211.4 billion (1.5 percent)
  • Oil exporting countries: $229.8 billion (1.6 percent)
  • Mutual funds: $300.5 billion (2 percent)
  • Commercial banks: $301.8 billion (2.1 percent)
  • State, local and federal retirement funds: $320.9 billion (2.2 percent)
  • Money market mutual funds: $337.7 billion (2.4 percent)
  • United Kingdom: $346.5 billion (2.4 percent)
  • Private pension funds: $504.7 billion (3.5 percent)
  • State and local governments: $506.1 billion (3.5 percent)
  • Japan: $912.4 billion (6.4 percent)
  • U.S. households: $959.4 billion (6.6 percent)
  • China: $1.16 trillion (8 percent)
  • The U.S. Treasury: $1.63 trillion (11.3 percent)
  • Social Security trust fund: $2.67 trillion (19 percent)
  • So America owes foreigners about $4.5 trillion in debt. But America owes America $9.8 trillion.
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Massive reservoir of water found in space???????????????????????

Caltech says 
Caltech says 
Water really is everywhere. Two teams of astronomers, each led by scientists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), have discovered the largest and farthest reservoir of water ever detected in the universe. Looking from a distance of 30 billion trillion miles away into a quasar—one of the brightest and most violent objects in the cosmos—the researchers have found a mass of water vapor that’s at least 140 trillion times that of all the water in the world’s oceans combined, and 100,000 times more massive than the sun.

Underground Baby Fighting Raging out of Control

As Mentioned in my previous thread  Baby Fighting is it Wrong?  
 I like to keep an ear to the street  and cannot believe this blood-sport continues unabated.  

  Warning: This one is a one-sided Stomp. 
  Also a Stomp. Doesn't go to who you'd think...
  Here again, a bottle is used to provoke Violent combat! 
  A especially brutal plastic Zebra clobbering in this one... 
  Parents are forced to step in when Abby the Destroyer (A notorious ringer) is unleashed on an unsuspecting male opponent.  
  As seen before elsewhere another instance of the dread "Mirror-Match" seen in the US and UK...Those screams are quite real.. 
  An old School playpen style throwdown... 
  Serious tension here... 
  More of the thugs in charge here we meet the brute max.. 
  And reputed enforcer evil look kid.. 
  And last another enforcer recently taken in for questioning...no respect..