Skeleton Army

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  • A mutant whose mutation burned off all of his skin, reducing him to a living flaming skeleton.

  • Mark Todd became the Blazing Skull during World War II. After meeting and learning from the Skull Men, he learned to make his skin invisible and control fire.

  • A mutant skeleton covered in energy. He was killed by Wolverine and resurrected during Necrosha.

  • He-Man's sworn enemy. His face was destroyed in battle, leaving with a skeleton head on a human body.

  • After a nuclear meltdown, Doctor Alexander Sartorius's skin was destroyed, leaving him a radioactive skeleton.

  • One of the new Batman's most dangerous villains. A lab accident turned his skin pure radiation.

  • A decendant of Noble Kale, the original Ghost Rider. He bacame the Ghost rider after finding a motorcycle in a junkyard.

  • The best known Ghost Rider. Johnny sold his soul to the devil to cure his father's cancer. His father was cured of his cancer, but died the next day in a motorcycle accident. Since that day, Johnny has sought vengeance on Mephistopheles for killing his father and stealing his soul.

  • After the death of his father, Michael Baldino sold his soul to get revenge on the Ghost Rider.