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Operation Bambi - 1

Summary: We start the issue with the team taking down an adorable, homicidal cow that has been infused with gamma radiation. The team then moves on to their headquarters (I think it's awesome by the way, that the team's HQ is a sub) and they commence drawing names for the new mission. Punisher's is chosen, and they head out to conquer a formidable gangland operation. They get news that the Avengers have left Earth, and Rulk and Leader stay behind to head up remote tactics while Deadpool, Venom,...

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Plot Twist! 1

Summary: Elektra and Wolverine track down the Arbiters and the location of the resurrection chamber. They fight their way in and encounter two of the Arbiters; one of which Wolverine attacks while the other informs Elektra that she has been lied to. She is allowed to continue into the resurrection chamber, where we find that it is not Bullseye who was resurrected and sent after Fisk.Good: Mad's art continues to be amazing, and I like how Wells writes Elektra and Wolverine together. We see some ...

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Lord Have Mercy - 1

Summary: This issue focuses on Flash, Mercy, and Ross. After confronting Mercy, Venom decides it's finally time for Ross to tell him why she's on the team and reveals what she did in Kata Jaya. Ross relates Mercy's tale after she was released (which is confirmed as prior to putting the team together), which includes a jaunt to a mountain temple where Mercy is impersonating Kali and performing mercy killings for her followers. It is essentially revealed that the reason Mercy is on the team is be...

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New Writer On Board - 1

Summary: Frank doesn't believe that Elektra put down Orestez, and it turns out that she didn't. This issue is basically him hunting Orestez down. It also signals the end to the Frank/Elektra relationship as Frank 1. can't trust her and 2. now believes she deserves punishment for letting a monster like Orestez go.Good: This is definitely a loose ends wrap-up issue, and I think it does that nicely. We get a nice Frank issue, and his relationship with Elektra dissolves in a believable way. Also......

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Final Issue in Second Arc - 0

Summary: Venom plots another confrontation against Rulk with Wade. Punisher, Elektra, Leader, and Rulk go to confront Orestez; Elektra realizes it's a trap but Rulk proceeds to fall for it. Leader takes steps to protect the team from outside surveillance and Elektra is forced to make a difficult decision. Mercy continues to goad Leader.The Good: The arc wraps up more cleanly than I thought it would, with several interesting character beats (particularly for Elektra, Rulk, and Leader). While I d...

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Way Losing Steam Again - 0

This second arc started out much stronger than the first, and was accompanied by a refreshing change in artist. We're now at a point, however, where it feels like Way is trying to do too much with too little time, and it makes the issue very mediocre. We have the team splitting up both find Elektra's brother and find more info on Vanko, which gives Venom more time to whine. His character is quickly becoming the most annoying. Elektra's arc doesn't fare much better, as they avoid ringing phones ...

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Best Issue Yet - Spoilers! 1

This may be seen as damning with faint praise, but this really is the best issue of the run so far.We pick up right before the explosion that the last issue closed with, giving us a glimpse of Elektra's more selfless side and Rulk's quick thinking in getting the bomb out of the area. We're also treated to some nice action, which has largely - and strangely - been absent from this series; this also gives us a bit of selflessness from Flash as he protects Elektra and Frank from a gamma explosion t...

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Thunderbolts #8 makes Way for improvement - 0

Way continues to improve his writing for this team, with 'Heavy Recon' easily the best issue out of the series so far.As the team beings their hunt for the brokers Ross mentioned last issue, we get to see some interesting team play with some characters having unexpected (and in Flash' case, hilarious) roles to play. The Elektra/Frank/Wade issue also heats up, as we see how Ross, Elektra and Frank choose how handle an increasingly volatile Wade. Their choice may come back to bite them though, and...

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