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  • I picked this book up because I was excited that Elektra was a core member of a team book, and despite the shaky start it's becoming a good book!

  • Tried to get into Bendis' version, and just couldn't jumped on this when Marvel NOW started, and I am really impressed with the series.

  • I was unsure about this title initially, but the first issue managed to hook me.

  • Didn't know much about the character and decided to just try the book, and I've been rewarded with a consistently humorous and well-written story.

  • Never consistently bought Spider-Man before, but I picked up Superior after finding out what happened after #700. Surprisingly, this may be one of my favorite books.

  • Another title I decided to try as I jumped on the Marvel NOW train. The story may not move forward by leaps and bounds, but each issue is still interesting and has some great artists.