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And womankind, Jean thought compulsively to himself with a twitch. The issue of registration was especially dangerous for the doctor. He had made known his mutation of telepathy and telekinesis, but his vampirism… could not be made public. A being who lived off the life-force of citizens would likely be imprisoned or even killed given the hostile environment towards even less dangerous metahumans. It was his nature to be a murderer. To register that fact with the government could very well be to sign away his freedom. And so Jean felt very passionately about mutants’ right to privacy. It actually made him sick sometimes, thinking how incongruent his situation made him to his ideals. He wouldn’t be against registration if it didn’t put everyone he cared about at risk. His fork pushed his food around on his plate, Jean’s brows furrowed.

“Except unlike firearms, we are born this way. We never asked to have these abilities or the stigma associated with them. That is not to say the majority of us would choose to be depowered if the opportunity presented itself. It seems like a huge breach of privacy to require beings of questionable power who have no history of mental illness and suggest that they register themselves in a database their fellow citizens do not have to for the sake of possible safety. It’s the definition of discrimination. A tightened grip upon the mutant populous might even inspire more extremists who feel unjustly targeted. Metahumans who commit crimes, well their powers might be noted on their record. But I think my kind should be granted the same benefit of the doubt as every other citizen. We are just like you. And we desire our freedom and privacy.” Jean himself had given up much of his privacy by centering himself within the mutant struggle. But he had the means to keep his own nature quiet. Others did not. And that was a shame in his eyes, one to be rectified.

“Define destroy. I spent a few months in the Middle East, and I can tell you, humankind is quite adept at destroying itself without the help of powers. Humans have a few bad eggs, it doesn’t mean we profile all of them, require that they register their fingerprints and DNA on the off-chance they could become a terrorist. No, we deal with the violent ones that rear their head. We take evil as it comes.” Jean sighed as he could very nearly feel the unease possessing Tristyn. “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to unsettle you. It is a passionate topic for us both. But in American history, some of the greatest breaches of human rights happened when freedom was sacrificed in the name of security.”

The surgeon’s face flushed slightly as the man brought up his telepathy. The power itself was a double-edged sword to be sure. Pragmatists saw the usefulness with the skill being used on enemies. But no one wanted it used on themselves. Understandably. Speaking of breaches of privacy, telepathy was the pinnacle of this. Concerning freedom, telepathy could turn a mind with no consent. It was one of the greatest boogymen of the anti-mutant forces. And the presidential candidate was a telepath. He tugged on is collar. “I like to think people trust me. They know what I’ve done, the restraint I’ve shown. I’ve only used my telepathy in the direst situations, with permission of the subject.”

He placed his utensils down and looked at Tristyn curiously. “What do you know about telepathy?”

"It's different with humankind." Tristyn now spoke with an air of coldness as the two were compared. "One cannot destroy cities with fingerprints and DNA. One can with X-Genes and radioactive animal bites." Licking his lips, Tristyn continued to cut his steak into pieces. "With my Registration Act, metahuman... differences... from human beings will be kept secret. The only men that will know are the men of government that need to take down these metahumans should they ever become threats. The idea of taking evil as it comes is preposterous. That very idea is what turned Gothic and Denver into the ruins they are now."

Shaking his head, the man took a bite, savoring the juices as he thought about telepathy. "I know that it can influence people. Changing what they think. I've met a few telepaths before." Nodding his head, the Goldyne continued. "I know that if the President was a telepath it'd be rather easy to pass laws, what with Congress not being prepared for such psionic power." Nodding his head once more, a bitter smile crossed the lips of the man. The not-so-subtle hint that Quentin might use his power to manipulate the government against itself was a strong statement to say the least, but Tristyn would wait to hear the response before continuing this assault.

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As all the candidates of the race walked up and onto the stage, Tristyn turned to smile and politely wave at them as well as the audience. Most applauded, and some even shouted his name- however, a couple of mutants and metahumans (spotted in the crowd due to abnormalities such as different skin) showed clear displeasure. Correcting his deep purple tie and standing behind the podium with his name on it, Tristyn prepared for everything to begin, as introductions were made. Then, before too long, the actual questions began... The first, for him. Clearing his throat, Tristyn responded with a bit of a chuckle.

"A bigot, sir? I'm afraid that claiming such a thing is... Rather harsh. I am perfectly tolerant of the ideals that my peers all share... But I think I do understand why someone would make such a bold claim." Straightening his posture ever so slightly, the Goldyne continued strongly. "I am not completely against metahumans. I am completely against terrorists. And if the terrorists that are attacking around the world are also metahuman, then I think it is best to be prepared for such a threat. The security systems that our country currently has are plenty effective against human terrorists, but against the likes of a metahuman invasion, as recent events have shown us, we need to get prepared. And I think that I can provide that with metahuman registration."

Smiling once more, he awaited his foes to be asked questions, like a spider searching for the slightest signs of weakness in their arguments.

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... Should we have one of our candidates control the MC? I... I'm not really feeling it.

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Jean chuckled, his own azure eyes staring back into those green orbs with unwavering yet genuine warmth. As the conversation continued, Jean nodded with austerity, his face darkening slightly. “It is my hope to lead the mutants into a peaceful coexistence with the humans. These displays of aggression and intolerance are disheartening. I do hope you are alright.” He stabbed the lettuce, stirring about the dressing before gingerly placing it between his lips. Eating in front of people was one of his anxieties, one that he had overcome. There was always the worry of soiled attire or discourtesy when speaking while eating or the awkward silence when not. Then there was the unique challenge of having no appetite for conventional fare, desiring instead the sanguinary life force of living beings. Pretending to enjoy and be satisfied by food in a social context was something of an unseen challenge.

“Superhuman activity has previously been related to the ownership of firearms. Neither one necessarily needs to be dangerous with the right training in the right hands. The difference is, one is born a metahumans in many cases. One is not born wielding an automatic rifle. Obviously being a telepath and telekinetic myself, I arouse a good bit of suspicion. Am I reading someone’s mind or influencing their perceptions. Admittedly, it could be very dangerous. That is why I advocate for a more top-down approach of training in public schools for metahumans, courses delineating the struggles and providing a safe place for exploration. I’d like to hope that I can use my powers for good rather than ill, and that others can do the same. Superhuman activity does not need to be a problem. It can be a boon for our society, particularly America where innovation and liberty are held in such high esteem.”

"Peace, yes, of course. To all mankind." With a brief nod, Tristyn raised his glass to his lips once more. The man before him acted oddly with his food... Trying to hide something. It would fool most lesser men, but most lesser men weren't trained to witness even the slightest of shifts in a man's behavior, a great feat of charisma. However, the King of Gold decided to let this little charade slide. His foe was mutant, and therefore, different entirely. "Firearms..." Nodding his head, Tristyn followed along with Jean's little speech before responding with his own.

"I wholeheartedly agree with your little metaphor. Superhuman activity is similar to the war on firearms. The question is, how similar. Should we go as far as having every metahuman register themselves with the government, so that we can prepare for such threats in case they ever grow... hostile? It seems flimsy. By the time the threat is prevented, chances are they'd already done whatever they pleased." Tristyn's steak arrived. "Thanks... And otherwise, I'm not wholly certain what can fix this problem. Sure, most can be educated to learn to utilize their abilities for the better of mankind. But even in the world of basic humanity, there is always one or two men that decides to massacre innocent people." A bite of the steak was taken at this time, as Tristyn continued still.

"And unfortunately, in the case of metas, the one or two bad eggs can destroy cities like Denver, or Gothic..." Shaking his head, the man sighed, genuine displeasure with the topic being shown. "It must be hard winning the trust of the people, for your specific set of skills. Telepathy can be very powerful when trying to pass laws."

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@palidan: Oh, ok. I was just assuming a genderbent theme. Sorry.

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Could I join with a male Black Widow?

If not, it's chill, I'll pick someone to feminize.

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@speeddemon-- said:

Welp, there go my chances.

Yeah. :P Looks like it's back to the scalpel for Jean.

Y'all beat me to it xD

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"French pronunciations are no problem to me, Jean." Tristyn smiled, pronouncing the name nigh-flawlessly. Knowing over a dozen languages did help in that regard. As Tristyn listened to the fellow candidate carefully, he saw the waiter come forth out of the corner of his eye, and swiftly turned his head to order before answering Mr. Quentin. "Yes, I'll take the ribeye steak. Medium rare, with a soup to start off with." Then, his attention shifted as his emerald green eyes stared deeply into Jeans'.

"My own campaign has been running smoothly enough. Like you, I have not really had much... experience with politics, but I suppose there's a first time for everyone." With an amusing chuckle, he sipped the wine and gingerly fixed his tie. "And, unfortunately, there have been some negative advances from metahumans. Some mutants, yes, but not all, fear not. Peaceful protest, rest assured..." Tristyn gulped at this moment in memory of the not so peaceful protests. "It was never my intent to denounce all 'superhuman' activity. But... It indeed does seem to be a growing problem in our world today." This would be the difficult conversation. While Tristyn had no doubt that Jean would be reasonable, Jean was also a mutant- and a righteous one, at that.

One wrong word and it could send the two of them into a much deeper rivalry than necessary.

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"Oh my. I hope I'm not late?" A warm voice came from behind Quentin's shoulder, as a hand came to grasp the shoulder of Jean gently- affirming that it was the fellow presidential candidate, as Tristyn Goldyne came to sit across from the man. Cheery, thin-lipped smile, bright eyes, charismatic conversation. All of these things did their part in hiding what was really underneath. An enemy. Distrust filled Tristyn to the core, especially around a mutant with abilities as unique as this one. Telepathy... Those were always the trickiest ones, especially when even the tiniest ounce of smut would ruin one's campaign.

"A pleasure to finally meet you face to face, Candidate Quentin." Nodding his head affirmatively, the Goldyne turned to a server that now approached their table and ordered 'the finest glass of red wine you have'. As the waiter left, Tristyn turned back to Jean, reaching into his pocket. Within, where his phone would usually be, sat a small rectangle with a simple switch on it. Nothing much to look at, and it stayed well hidden. However, the technology behind the remote was what was key. The switch had sensors within it that monitored neurological signals within the brain- if any telepathic activity was going to happen, Tristyn would know of it, as the device would send off a short buzz similar to that of which his normal phone would make.

And then, Tristyn would have the dirt he needed to get onto Quentin in order to push ahead in the polls. "How's campaigning? I trust you're doing well in that regard." The warm smile never departing, Tristyn watched Jean eagerly. Conversation was always so... Stimulating.