Cvnu Cat/Kat

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Physical AppearanceCredentialsMiscellaneous
Light brown hairDOB 10/9/2003Renown in Gothic City by fences for being incredibly sneaky, to the point it is believed that her stealth supernatural
Hazel IrisesAmerican Nationality (Gothic City)Has a literal Guardian Angel at her beck and call, however he tends to arrive only when she's in danger.
Caucasian skin colorAB Blood TypeHas stolen over 90,000$ worth of goods in the course of three years
5'2 HeightSuffers from AchromatospiaSmart ass and a Skeptic
112 lbsSuffers from CoulrophobiaAdept at the art of Escapology
Light frame20/25 visionAdept at Free Running
Unique birthmark on back115-131 IQ pointsConsidered a Macgyver with regular day objects.

Background History [G.C.P.D File]

███████ is refereed to local criminal fences as Kat or Cat due to her feline attributes and appeal to Felis catus, Kat is daughter to Detective ███████ whom was killed ten years prior to Kat's first arrest. All known relatives are deceased and her mother ███████ ███████ ███████ ███████.

Kat is considered a juvenile delinquent by the department but also has been a valuable resource against crime, in exchange for pardons of previous minor crimes she has given G.C.P.D detectives several important pieces of information and even on the occasion actual tangible evidence to assist in arrests of high ranking Gothic City mafia members.

Kat has contributed to several arrests of the following criminals




















Kat has been arrested for the following crimes that have been recently pardoned.

  • Robbery
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Burglary
  • Drug Possession
  • Larceny
  • Theft of Financial Data

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Story of a Kat

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"What about a gang?" Kat asked as she casually stroked the feline she held on her arms.

The dark skin toned lady gestured to Kat "like I said honey, I heard some good things about you" the woman blinked "and I think you would be a wonderful asset to the family"

Kat cocked her head curiously to the right as she continued to pet the cat "I thought your gang was called the redhoods?"

"Honey that's just the P.R to let everyone know we're serious, but all in all" the woman gestured to the youth around her "we're all family"

Kat set down the cat on the ground and then dusted her hands as she raised one brow "Okay, you got my interest Miss..?"

"Mooney, you can call me Mooney sweetie" the woman said with the charismatic smile she used to persuade so many other delinquents to her cause.

"So food,water and shelter if I join this family right Miss Mooney?" Kat stated, betraying her calm demeanor with a hint of hope.

"Of course, but you have to take orders" Mooney said seriously as she crossed her arms and gave a stern glance "as well as put in your share, you think you can handle that girl?"

There was a moment of hesitation in Kat's voice before she finally replied "Yes, I accept the terms"

Mooney smiled, "Good, now let's do something about that look of yours"

Three Weeks later

Kat armed with Mossberg 500 waited for the Red Hood's targets to enter the safe house, "" she commented to herself as she took a casual stroll towards them. Her hips swung slightly side to side as her body movements were accomplished with a hybrid of allurement and lethality.

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She greeted nonchalantly to the three surprised men in front of her, a detective of the G.C.P.D was taken aback to see a fourteen year old pointing a firearm towards them.

"Kat, what are you doing?" the detective asked surprised as he dared not unsheathe his pistol since the young girl already had her finger on the trigger.

Kat ignored the detectives statement as if he never stated anything, Kat spoke once again as she stopped moving.

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Soon numerous other members of the Red Hood gang/family surrounded the trio. In mere moments they were stringed up by Mooney and her forces as they held them against their will for much needed street cred.

"Kat, help me out" the detective whispered under his breath towards the girl. "Pssh and risk blowing the best gig I've ever had?" she looked at the lawman as if he was an imbecile and gnashed her teeth "you've only helped me when you could get something out of me, for all purposes we're even"

Mooney appeared to Kat's side as she complimented the girl "Good job on that distraction, would have been a shame to have had to kill these fellows" the elder woman looked up towards their three V.I.P's who had faces of contempt towards them "you're all going to suffer some painful deaths, nothing personal but just business"

Kat felt Mooney give a warm motherly hug that she hadn't felt in years, she couldn't help but show a sign of appreciation back

"I love this girl"

The crime boss flattered the protege criminal.


Kats love .

Day 1

Xae's kinetic absorbing mesh had taken the entire impact of the car crash but it was still an uncomfortable ride. Worse yet, her diagnostic scan revealed the extreme forces involved had seriously taxed the mesh and it was now working at fifty five percent efficiency. She retrieved her armor shard and pulled herself from the car. Her armor looked undamaged aside from the place she had removed a single piece to use to halt the car's repair work. She cocked her head slightly and looked at Ace for a moment while he threatened her. It would be, it really would be someone I need to work with. Of course it would. Xae was not afraid of guns, her armor could take the brunt force of more powerful weaponry but she also didn't want to start a shooting gallery in the middle of a city street.

"Put a leash on it." Xae said. "I wouldn't have normally bothered but it happened right in front of me, I figured it needed investigating...and then it needed to take a moment and stop." She watched him for a moment again before speaking once more. "Never fear the enemy you know, always fear the enemy you don't know." She said, indicating that he might want to consider his own threats because Xae was an unknown in Gothic still, no one even knew what abilities she had yet aside from the brief fight with Satar. "That said" She paused and retracted the armored claws. She cocked her head, pausing as Kat yelled at them from above. She shifted her gaze to where Kat lay on the rooftop.

Hatch-lings! Always...She bit back a sigh of frustration. "Who exactly are you?"

Kat with an incredibly amused face gave an extended chuckle of laughter towards Xae just to spite the female, after several seconds Kat finally stopped and gestured a wait with her index finger.

Kat slid down the drain pipe of the building as she had done so many times before "Me?" she asked sarcastically as she rummaged through a near by garbage bin that served as a drop off point for Kat, she pulled out a brown paper bag and began to walk towards Ace. Kat stood by Ace's side confidently "I'm some one who pays respect to those in charge" she said nonchalantly to Xae as the girl of Gothic City opened the paper bag to reveal 20,000$ in cash, "just so you know" she tilted her head towards Ace "Mister Ace is in charge of this area"

Usually one would have to put 20% of what ever income they earn to the gang in charge the territory one person is in. Kat however always went the extra mile with the greasers and gave an extra 5% every week "Here you go Mister Ace" this time however was different as Kat gave the full 100% of what she earned this week.

Ace quickly snapped to get Veronica's attention, knowing she would be furious at being called an "it". "Veronica, babe. Take a few laps...Cool off alright?" He subtly winked to his partner. Her exaughst let out a puff, almost like a calming sigh, then sped off down the street in an orderly fashion.

Kat was a smart kid, really smart. Almost reminded him of himself around her age. Ace casually grabbed the cut, stuffing it into his leather jacket. "Cool it with the "Mister", Kat. Do I look like a history teacher to ya?" The enforcer smirked down to her, showin' that he was just giving her a tough time. "And don't forget, plenty of spare cots in the tunnels, don't let me catch ya sleeping in another cardboard box."

Then his cigarette smoke covered gaze returned to Gale, the smirl fading. "You call me from now on when SHE get's outta hand. Only thing you'll end up doin' is pissin' her off more.."

Xae shifted her weight a bit, the neural whip tail of her armor snapping in mild agitation, primarily at his insistence on polluting the air with fowl smoke. Her eyes focused on Kat for a moment, not that either of them could actually see her eyes behind the visor. "I don't pay people for the privilege of traveling down a street hatch-ling." She told Kat. "You're the leader of the Rumblers, I know what you do in this city and that there are much worse options." She told Ace. "You won't have any trouble from me as long as I don't see your people slaughtering people in the street.

She crossed the distance between them with a seductive yet somehow predatory sway of the hips and glanced over at Kat for a moment. Why does she look sort of familiar? She shifted her gaze back over to Ace. "Gothic needs to rebuild and not everyone that helps can be squeaky clean. That doesn't mean I'll accept actions like what your car was doing. We can work together or we can be enemies. It's your choice."

Kat nodded obediently to Ace's statement towards her before Xae began to talk,

"I don't pay people for the privilege of traveling down a street hatch-ling."

Kat scoffed under her breath at this statement but did not reply back, she watched with her iconic cat like curiosity as Xae moved around in a manner that interested Kat; it also almost felt for Kat as if Xae was looking back at her.

"Gothic needs to rebuild and not everyone that helps can be squeaky clean. That doesn't mean I'll accept actions like what your car was doing. We can work together or we can be enemies. It's your choice."

Kat raised a finger "Not trying to ruin the moment or anything but I have to say in advance that I'm delivering my last package to this place for at least the next few days" she glanced towards Ace "it's a biggy, I think it'll help with that trouble you've been having lately Ace" Kat's eyes looked back to Xae as they examined the armored figure head to toe "of course I'd be willing to share some of it with you" Kat raised her left eyebrow "if you're a friend" she then placed both of her hands on her own chest "but I doubt you'd be interested on what I have to give"

Ace's face didn't change from it's stone cold expression, clearly indifferent on Gale's speech or body language. As soon as she was close enough, the gunslinging greaser took a long drag of his cigarette and blew it right in her face.

"Ain't no trouble from the Rumblers if we don't have a reason. If you leave us alone, we leave you capes alone all the same. Easy as apple pie." He spoke sternly, but also from the grey standpoint the Rumblers stood on.

Turning back to Kat, he was more than glad to hear about a special shipment. Anything against the Black Masks meant good fun to be had. "Take your time kid. Don't wanna spoil the spoils in a rush."

Sensors built into her armor detected the smoke as he exhaled it and immediately sealed her visor to her armor to form an environmental suit. Unfortunately a little of the smoke got in before the process was complete. It wasn't as if Xae simply disliked the smell of the smoke, it deeply irritated her powerful sense of smell. She tightened her left hand into a fist, more than a little tempted to gut the male where he stood for that. The suit's internal systems vented the air quickly.

Completely disgusted with Ace Xae turned her attention to Kat. "That would depend entirely upon what you have."

Kat gave a closed lip smile towards Xae as she toyed with her "Well that depends on what you want" while speaking in a suggestive tone Kat pulled out a card from her denima jacket "here's some where private where we can meet and discuss on whatever you want" Kat then shrugged her shoulders as she changed her tone to a more casual manner "and I'll see what I can get"

*Hours Later*

Later on Xae arranged for word to be sent to the female hatchling that seemed to have something to sell. The location was some sort of old warehouse, private and ignored by most of Gothic. The mysterious hero entered the warehouse in her armor, her sensors actively scanning the area for possible traps or more than one person. Even though it smelled like a trap, Xae had to investigate, Gothic needed its hatch-lings to grow up and be productive adults. Xae was also confident she could escape any trap the human decided to throw at her.

She crouched down, running her armored fingers over the cement floor of the warehouse through some old tracks created by forklifts back in the days when the warehouse was actively used. This city was productive once, more than just a cesspool of the worst humanity has to offer. It could be that again.

"Hey!" Kat chirped from an above railing towards Xae "checking the building out huh?" she asked curiously while checking to see if the woman was alone "this used to be a base for a gang once, lots of weapons shipment went out and in but now it's abandoned so I use it as a storage space"

she cocked her head curiously to the side like a cat "So...what are you interested in? you name it and I'll see if it's in stock"

Xae shook her head to herself a little. This building is older than that hatch-ling. "Gothic City is like most Human cities, it has layers that tell you about its past. You need to learn to look past what you know. This building is older than gangs moving guns. Gothic was productive once and this warehouse bares the scars of its decline." She stood slowly, very much alone. She shifted and looked up at Kat.

She spread black leathery wings out behind her with a wingspan to match her body size and took off. She flew up to the railings and landed off to Kat's left. She folded her wings again and they vanished from view once more. She remained with some distance between herself and Kat, wrapping one hand around the railing. She smirked a little. "I used to know a lot of hatch-lings like you." She paused and looked out over the warehouse for a moment. "But that was a long time ago..." She reached into a hidden storage compartment in her hip armor and removed a small piece of paper. She reached out towards Kat to offer it to her while keeping her distance. The idea was to let Kat learn Xae was not a threat to her but one didn't take all those steps all at once.

"The details of the stories change but the story is always the same. You can get things others can't. Maybe you can find what's on that list."

It's not like GC will ever be the same again Kat thought to herself while examining all of Xae's capabilities,"beautiful" Kat whispered to herself as she saw Xae fly up and land gracefully near her. Wonder why she keeps calling me hatchling? Kat shrugged off the statement to continue listening to Xae's words.

"That's erhm, an interesting perspective" Kat stated with a cute befuzzled face as she slowly reached forward and grabbed the paper "you're not planning on stating, uh I mean starting a gang war are you?" Kat asked as she began to read the first items on the list.

That armor she's wearing looks pretty nice.

"No I'm not. I'm planning on ending one."

The first item on the list seemed harmless enough, in fact they all did. All of the items were fairly mundane, some of them were rare than others, like the super magnets, but most of it would be simple for someone with Kat's abilities and knowledge to get a hold of. It would take an intellect similar to Xae's to understand that they were all the materials she needed to rebuild an anti-matter device similar to the one she had used on Jurassic World. She dared not purchase the items as Gale or it would draw undue attention.

"What's your name?" She asked. "You can call me Xae."

Kat had a skeptical face at Xae's mention of ending a gang war, she finished reading the list and had surprised eye brows "well you're just in luck, almost half the objects in the list are here in the warehouse"

Kat placed the list in her jacket pocket, in a flirtatious manner the girl took a few steps closer to Xae "like I said before I'm Kat" Kat bit her lower lip as there was some what of a want look in her eyes "but Zz-ay, you can call me Trinity"

Xae was at first completely oblivious to Kat's...urges. Then she picked up on Kat's pheromones and her eyes widened behind the visor. Confounded Humans! Don't they ever do anything normally?! Rather than vocalize any of that though Xae let it pass. If humans wanted to risk the stability and survival of their species with homosexuality that was their problem. Xae let her natural inclination to kill pass her by.

Besides, she's just a hatch-ling, what does she know yet? "Trinity is a good name, I like it." Xae said. She smiled a bit at the attempt at pronouncing her own name. "Try to shorten your Z a little more, it's spelled with an X after all, but that's very close."

Revealing her real first name was a sign that Kat wished to develop a better relationship with this stranger that caught her eye so easily, she gave a charmed smile "oh, my bad" Kat placed her own hand on her neck as she sheepishly asked "want me to show you where I stored some of the items that were on the list?"

Xae considered her for a moment and thought about the good having a friendship with someone like Trinity could do her. She knew Trinity was probably mixed up in a lot of bad things in Gothic but that didn't concern her, Gothic needed rebuilding, it needed the support of people like Trinity, not just Dark Vengeance and his allies. If Gothic was to rise from the ashes it would need the help of its population as well.

"I would appreciate that." She smiled. "I know how important trust is to someone in your position. Lead the way Trinity." she said, making it a point to use her real name instead of Kat.

Trinity had a face of delight as she clapped her hands once in joy, "right this way my lady"she said in a teasing but also loving manner as she bowed and gestured down a corridor before leading the way.

They soon reached a locked room which Trinity opened with a key that she had on her person, as she pushed the door open some dust spilled out into the corridor and she started coughing "sorry for the mess but the demand for these items aren't that common in Gothic City any more" she tried to turn on the light but realized that the bulbs had burnt out.

However it was clear that this massive room had all sorts of materials ranging from rate electronic pieces to even unique metals and books, all of which were stored in cardboard boxes.

Impressive. Xae removed something that looked a lot like an egg from her belt and tossed it. The egg bounced a few times, weebled and wobbled around and then straightened up and activated in the middle of the room. The egg was a bright light that lit the room up very nicely indeed. "Keep it if you like." She told her, they were easy to make and she had tons of them. "Don't worry about any mess, all the most intelligent logistics people I ever worked with had a mess, it seems to come along with the intelligence."

Xae moved into the room and quietly looked at some of the visible items. "You have an impressive collection." She told Trinity. I could really make use of almost everything in here.

Trinity almost blushed, "I'm kind of proud of it"she said while nodding "this is only half the stuff I've collected in Gothic in the last seven years" she rolled her eyes "some one I work with thinks I'm hording but I knew he was wrong" in an attempt to impress Xae she walked over to a big stack of boxes "like over here, the second to last time Gothic got attacked a lot of old books about the cities history was getting destroyed" she took out what seemed to be old maps "these are maps to underground tunnels through out Gothic City, some of the tunnels have been destroyed over time but others lead to important places" Trinity placed the maps gently back in place and then walked to another pile of boxes "I also got tons of old records back from when the City was being first built" she took out a stack of files dating almost several decades back "they make an interesting read when you want to find some ones descendant"

Trinity stopped to look back at Xae and blushed.

Xae walked over to where she had replaced the maps and historical records and looked down at them without touching them. Her armor wasn't the greatest for manipulating fragile documents. "You saved all of this?" She asked, meeting Trinity's gaze for a moment. "That's..." She shifted her gaze back to the documents. "Truly wonderful." She said at last. "When I first..." she sighed, it was hard not being able to tell someone everything. "I spent some time wondering if people cared about stuff like this. It's good to see someone who does."

Kat's heart skipped a moment and she felt her palms slightly moist, she looked down at the ground to retain her former composure "We learn History so we don't make the same mistakes" she looked back at Xae "so is there anything here you fancy taking?"

I wish she would stay just a bit longer...

Xae detected the increase in pheromones and forced herself not to comment. She looked down at the maps again. "I would like to make copies of the maps and historical documents. I could use the maps and I know someone that would do great things with the documents and history of Gothic." She looked around a bit longer and nodded to herself. "I can use almost everything you have here but I wouldn't want to deplete your stock all at once. Aside from the list I gave you, I'd like this box of electronics." She said with a gesture to one of the boxes. "I'll pay you of course."

She's obviously very attracted to me, might be what Humans call a crush. She seems like an otherwise decent would be good to keep her close not just because I can use her help but because I think she can use mine.

She's my girl crush Trinity looked up at the ceiling as she chuckled "sure, I don't mind you making copies" the Gothic girl attempted to hide her attraction for Xae through some humor "oh and those electronics you can keep em no cost" Kat raised her eyebrows "it's going to be the stuff like super magnets that's going to cost you"

Metaphorically feeling butterflies in her stomach the Gothic Girl leaned against the wall as she let out a exasperated sigh "feel free to take any metals or electronic components you see for no cost Zay, I need room for new inventory anyway. You'd be doing me a favor" it was obvious that the Hatchling's reasons for practically giving resources away was to earn Xae's favor.

Xae smiled a little, more than a little aware of what Trinity was aiming for. What the hatchling needed was a mentor, but Xae felt that if she wasn't careful she could really hurt the young female emotionally. Aware of both of these things and her desire to treat her well Xae opted to continue treating the female well. Xae nodded a little to suggest she had heard her.

"Trinity" she started. "I'll double your payment for the super magnets. You won't be able to find me very easily, most of the time I'll contact you..." She walked over to where the young female stood leaning against the wall and placed a business card in her hand. "I have a friend that can contact me. Don't use the number for just anything...but if you really need me for something, I'll come." The card had Gale Xanders' name and contact information at Jurassic World on it.

"I wasn't certain of you when I met you on the road earlier but I'm glad we met one another." She assured her. Her tone suggested she was glad for reasons other than business, that she genuinely liked Trinity and enjoyed her presence. Clearly she would need to do more to get Xae's direct contact information but this was pretty common with mysterious heroes. The first step into their inner circle was an indirect means of contact.

Day 2

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