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When you want in on the action, you don't have to wait to hear it "through the 'grapevine.'" We'll take you directly to the source! Featuring in-person interviews with experts and key figures involved in metahuman phenomena around the world, no one gives a greater effort than the Valiant effort!

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Brought to you by the premier magazine for all things meta and hero culture, we pay tribute to the civilians and heroes who lost their lives in the Fight for New York. And! Join us in giving thanks to the Superman of Superheroes, Samson Starr; Caitlin Riker, aka Ultra-Woman; and countless other heroes both known and unknown, who sacrificed much to pull off a Herculean effort against unrelenting odds on that fateful day.

Featured Article - Sentinel of Liberty: Then, join Gloria Stitts as she sits down with Selebrity's newest starlet, Trinity Blue - AKA Seraph - to talk about her breakout performance under the company banner, saving not only New York, but in all likelihood, the world itself. But is everything what it seems? In this tell-all candid interview we'll dive deep into her mysterious and questionable past, her relationship with veteran Kelly Coltaine aka Lady Liberty, what made her want to turn over a new leaf, everything up to and including the moment she burst onto your screens—and into your hearts—in the fight against the invaders.

Clutch Mode: Featuring a brief statement from Selebrity interim CEO Arrington Law on the split-second call that saved the world. Mr. Starr could not be reached for comment.


No, not a full interview (at least not right now; maybe later if I have the energy). But I've been thinking up ways to construct a faux magazine cover for a long time and this was my first shot at it. Wasn't sure where I could post it on the forum--Official Look may not fit because I may feature characters who aren't mine; Coming Attractions isn't really my bag, and these may not have anything to do with "upcoming" things; and anything else either felt too spammy or too situational for it to feel right--so here this is. My first attempt.

This thread is mainly just for me to stash some of my pet projects of this nature, assuming I continue to make them. Some may just be magazine covers I felt like doing; some may be covers and also featuring a short narrative snippet, an interview, a "scientific" journal, really anything of that nature.

Technically I guess I've now created "Valiant" magazine as a CVnU entity, but anyone is free to reference or use it in posts. Probably however you want, I don't care. That said, if anyone has questions I could entertain them. Especially if it starts to become a thing and develops the need for a unified canon. (Speaking of which, yes Sha, they were in fact taking shots at Vine Weekly! Just a little world-building, trying to establish a rivalry.)

If anyone else wants to mock up some magazine covers or anything like that at some point (for Valiant or any other entity, fictional or real), you could also use this thread since it's in the forum.


Global Address - You're Welcome

She arrived in silence, bolting to a halt over the Avalon building. Lithe frame silhouetted by the sun, her eyes roamed over the cityscape and its people, frozen like a portrait. On the surface, the air hung still. Its only movement high above, unnatural wind currents whirring around her body as she moved. She could still perceive the cone of heated air marking her trail of descent through the atmosphere as she spun around. Gradually, her perceptions slowed again. The world held itself in still silence–

–and the air shattered. A radial shockwave. Buildings shook and glass shattered. Her arrival sent tremors through the ground. Staggering humans fumbled for cover and looked around for the cause, some of the more perceptive or experienced among them gazing upward and at her, though forced to shield their eyes from the sun directly behind her.

Trinity Blue descended, levelling below the top of the Avalon building whose reinforced infrastructure appeared untouched by the shockwave. Long ago she left the city, a servant formerly bound to Antonia Dain the widely proclaimed Queen of Los Angeles. She returned a godslayer, though she hardly thought of herself as one, for she did not consider her quarry a god, nor were his lackeys. She was simply superior, and now she had proof.

Two dark-haired males accompanied her. One a tall, broad-chested man with dreamy denim-blue eyes, also a former employee of the conglomerate. The other stood out first by his spiked hair, and more and more the longer the crowd looked at him. He was completely naked and missing his right hand. Two deep black voids gaped where his eyes should've been, where something had pierced into his eyes and through the back of his skull. That man, recognisable as Darkevius Halliwell, who months prior brought an army of engineered abominations - his false gods - to New York in a grand act of terror, was also under the company's employ before apparently snapping, releasing his experimental radiation worldwide in his first successful attempt to create these "gods." In doing so he earned the ire of The Ancient's Daughter, and in her mind sealed his own fate.

Trinity gazed down and waited for the cameras, denizens reaching for their phones. Glanced toward Leo, who nodded at her, and she projected her voice throughout the city.

"I am Trinity Blue. I'm a supermodel," she started, looking toward Leo with clear self-satisfaction while she made the declaration, as though merely stating it so made it fact. She outstretched her arm and held Dark's corpse before her, gripped by the nape with a strain on his neck, "He's dead. I killed him."

Remembering Leo's words on the shuttle, she thought to make her point clear, just in case they were as dense as expected. "I probably saved your whole planet. I'm your champion of liberty." Her chest seemed to inflate with her swelling pride as she stressed the last word. "Me and Leo"—she motioned toward him—"will hunt down the rest of them. But I started this. I'm the one who battles the Imperium. I'm the supermodel who saved France and killed the nGod imposter. You should all love me." she said, echoing fragments of their one-on-one conversation.

She wasn't particularly eloquent, nor did she care. The art of speechcraft was largely lost on her, but as far as she knew her point was made, and at the sight of Dark's corpse she presumed their agreement. A hint of a smirk touched the edges of her lips. Without another word, she took off in the same way she came from.

It wouldn't be long then. Soon, she'd be everywhere; her face plastered over the internet, her words echoing, vibrating throughout the web. Video sharing media, news sites and social media circles would spread her own tale of her accomplishments for better or worse. Those in attendance fumbled with phones, anxious to share the experience within their circles and with the world at large.

Developmental piece.