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Publishers by Country: U.S. (Governments, Organizations, Non-Profits, Comic-Adjacent Corporations)

Just to help further sort through the American publishers, these publishers are generally notable for their work outside of comics and couldn't really fall under self-published but have at least published a physical comic. Some have published many comics but most of their publishing is done outside of comics (book publishers, magazine publishers, etc.). Others are just too small on their own to fit with the significant American publishers but have very close backing from actual major publishers that give them their own sort of prominence.

Shorthand Guide

  • LV# (based on the amount of issues/volumes listed on this site)
  • ND (excessive numbers of issues on the site with no dates attached)
  • NR (if they appear likely to have new releases in the future)
  • * (if they probably deserve a dedicated editor to clean-up someday)

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