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My Favorite Heroes

This is more of a rough draft over time I will be adding description's to why I love each of these characters.

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  • He's Space Captain America with Spider-Man's personalty and his own brand of hot headiness. He's one of the few comic book character's who actually got to grow up and become a man. He's is the most human Marvel cosmic character and maybe even Marvel's greatest pov character because he didn't have great destiny set before him his parent's weren't C.I.A agent his father wasn't the greatest so and so who ever lived and his Uncle Ben didn't have to die for him to realize that he should use his power's responsibly, he's just a kid from Long island with a good heart and a good soul, what more could you want in a character.

  • Dick Grayson maybe the most iconic Robin but Tim Drake is the Definitive Robin no other robin has had such success having an on going series that lasted over 200 issues

  • The Wasp from the earliest days of The Avengers was the team's heart. Cap was the soul, Thor the muscle, Iron Man the brain. (The Hulk was it's ass!) The Wasp was the heart. Full of love for her friends, adoration for the guys, concern for the weak, and free of most material concerns thanks to the inheritance which Stan wrote into her story. Later, particularly during Roger Stern's run, she had to step up and become even more of a den-mother to the group, yet still she was the apple of most of the team's eye. Her portrayal during the Siege of Avengers Mansion was fantastic; her guilt over Hercules being gravely injured (so badly he was actually pronounced dead) because she couldn't lead him was deeply moving. (In his early issues with the Avengers, the Wasp was actually Hercules' main point of loyalty to the team; she was the first to be truly kind to him in his banishment to Earth.) Another cool Wasp moment was one she wasn't actually in: the first issue of Mighty Avengers, when Stark and Danvers are picking the team members, and Carol actually picks her ahead of anyone else. "SHE was the best Avenger," she says, to which Stark replies, "I miss her the most." I also love that Carol suggests the Wasp could lead the team, and that Stark speculates it was the Hank/Janet dynamic that originally drove him to drink. (Hilarious.) I also like that just before that in the conversation, Tony points out that an all-powerhouse team doesn't work because villains are generally crazy, and crazy people aren't intimidated by power. Without the Wasp, there is a lot about the Avengers to be intimidated by, but not a lot to love.

    My only other thought to add is that, while I'm not a big fan of retconning, I hope someday that Hank Pym gets retconned out of his despicable wife-beating history, and that he and Jan become a couple again. They really should be the Reed & Sue of the Avengers crowd; Vision & Scarlet Witch can be the screwed up divorcees. Particularly with the success of the Marvel Studio films, the potential of an Ant-Man film, and the fact that Fantastic Four is still in 20th Century Fox's stable, Marvel Studios would be well served to have Hank & Jan NOT go down the domestic violence path. They go together like nutty peanut butter & jelly, which might also be the best analogy ever for their personalities. I would love to see Hank return to the mold Stan wrote him in, the nutty professor, and Jan go back to being her happy, optimistic, flirty self. (As one poster said, Tigra will move on; it's what she does. Pretty sure the tiger striped woman in the bikini will never be hurting for a boyfriend.) (Also, for what it's worth, I liked both versions of the Mighty Avengers. Especially the post-Secret Invasion version, because finally Hank started to shine again.)

  • Ant-Man has the heart of a hero but soul of a villain and I just love his romance with the Wasp they go together like peanut butter and jelly.

  • No one can bet the Original best Green Lantern by far flashpoint and especially pre!

  • Didn't much care for the pre new 52 Supergirl but I love the design and her new personality.