DC's New 52 - Order of Preference

I have recently read issues #1-3 of all of the 52. After #3, I will be dropping the ones I enjoyed least.

The comics I currently do not intend to read beyond issue #3 are: Green Arrow, Blue Beetle, Grifter, O.M.A.C., The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men, Blackhawks, Deathstroke, Red Lanterns, Mister Terrific, Men of War, Legion Lost, Hawk and Dove, Legion of Super-Heroes.

As I continue to read more of the remaining titles issue-by-issue I will continue to drop the ones which continually fail to rise above mediocrity, or which just fail to impress me on some level.

The top 17-20 I think of as being very good/great. Titles ranked in the 20's I consistently enjoyed, just on a smaller level. Getting into the 30's my enjoyment level is running thin, but I still want to give those ones more of a chance, as a lot of these titles have improved from issue 1 to 3. 40 onward I no longer wish to waste my time on.

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