Top 10 Transformer Villains

My Top 10 of Cybertrons most wanted

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  • The one and only leader of the Decepticons. Megatron has to be Cybertrons most wanted...atleast on the Autobot Side

  • Shockwave has intelligence even for a Cybertronian...add that to being powerful and someone who looks at the big picture and its hard to take him by surprise

  • The ever not-so-loyal Decepticon Air Commander. Starscream proves you should keep your enemies close

  • The only Decepticon in the movie that could blend in a civillian enviorment with his alt being a police car...He'd probably blow his cover if he drove by a donut shop

  • Ever scheming spider during the beast Wars. Tarantulas was Megatrons scientist and also a member of the Predacon secret police as well as a descendent of Unicron

  • Godzilla to the Cybertronians...Hes so big Godzilla would pee his rubber suit

  • The origin of the Decepticons, Megatron's namesake and a Prime to boot. Megatronius Prime is one of the Orignal 13 Cybertronians

  • YESSSSSS....Leader of a splinter group of Predacons and the antagonist of the Beast Wars. Megatron had big plans to change the very fabric of history to free the Predacons from Maximal rule.

  • Orignally a Maximal protoform Inferno was turned by Tarantulas. Due to his rushed programming job Inferno's logic circuts were dominated by his Beast Mode. He acts like an ant. Inferno is fiercly loyal to Megatron(his Queen), referes to the other Predacons as drones, and is absolutly insane and a masochist

  • One of the most powerful Decepticons in Megatrons army and the combined form of the Constructicons