Top 10 Transformer Heroes

My Top 10 Picks for Cybetrons Finest

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  • Former Predacon who defected due to Megatrons betrayl...A warriors spirit, with a love of Shakespeare. His final battle and subsiquint funeral was epic

  • The Leader of the Autobots. Optimus is of course counted among Cybertrons Finest

  • Leader of the Autobot sub group the Dinobots. Grimlock is not afraid to buttheads with Optimus or go tow to tow with Megatron

  • Former Decepticon who was disillusioned by all the violence. Jetfires alt form is usually a space shuttle

  • Leader of the Maximal group participating in the Beast Wars. Know by many names including, Primal, Big Bot, Banana Breath, Boss Monkey, and Optimal Optimus.

  • Rhinox was Primals second in line and in charge of base defense. Rhinox was tough, intelligent, and spiritual.

  • Another Beast War Maximal, Depth Charge's sole purpose was to destroy Protoform X and avenge is fallen comrades on Coloney Omicron.

  • Weapons Speacialist with big guns

  • The Autobots eager young scout

  • One of the rare Triple Changers, Springer could transform into both a Cybertronian Car and a Helicopter. Doesnt hurt that he is usually in an Autobot Commando unit