7th Console Generation og Gaming Top 10

Well as the 7th Generation of video game consoles comes to a close since any releases at this point will most likely be downgraded copies of the current generation, here is my list of my top 10 favorite games from the PS3, Xbox360, and Wii era. I'm limiting myself to one game per franchise otherwise at least three series would have multiple entries. If a common game is not on the list I may not have played it. Please note the only reason Half Life 2 is not on the list is because it came out in 2004 one year before the these consoles came about and the original port was to the original Xbox so it belongs to that console generation

10 - Assassins Creed II. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this series. I didn't like the first one. I played through half and then you tubed the ending, I believed it was buggy, unpolished, underutilized, but had potential. This game rewarded that potential and polished everything. I choose this game because unlike the later entries I watched this game played from start to finish as a good friend of mine can a test to and I saw the ending without ever picking up a controller. I went and bought it that week. I saw everything, knew the story and yet I was compelled to play it for myself. This title did something only the first assassins creed as done as well. You feel like an assassin, you have a hit list that to tear through during the years as Ezio. The other games past this lose this quality.

9 - Halo 4. Now I debated outting this here, I am a bug Halo fan but this subtracted more than it added, no Brute weapons, missing covenant weapons, no dual wielding. What put this on the list was Cortana. Her portrayal over the course of the game was amazing. Emotional driven sroty from a walking set of armor like Master Chief was new and riveting. It was done in such a way where the emotion Cortana was putting out and you could almost see the desperation of Chief to get his one real friend the help she needed.

8 - Ghostbusters. Now this plays off the fanboy in me. As a child the Ghostbusters cartoon was one of my favorites and if we never see a third film (which how can we RIP Harold Ramis) who cares this is the third film. scripted adapted from the original Ghostbuster 2 Idea, check. All the ghosbusters returning to voice there characters, check, a story that incorporates the previous 2 and expands and ties together all the events and wraps up any plot holes, check. There are so many nods to the series past from both movies to even the cartoon. The gameplay is solid and the story is driven.

7 - Dishonored. How an you go wrong with a game that takes elements from Thief: the Dark project and Bioshock and screw it up. Well Dishonored didn't. This game was a blast. I played through the first time as mr stabby stabby and got the bad ending then decided to try and ghost my way through the game without killing, unfortunately I did end up killing six npcs but I still got the good ending. A game where you basically are a blade wielding nightcrawler attacking from the dark is in itself an awesome feeling.

6- Borderlands 2. Now this is just balls out hilarious where the game does not take itself seriously at all. Funny, engaging, guns galore, and awesome characters. This game had it all. Handsome Jack was based on Nathan Fillion during a certain interview. That was awesome. Even the DLC was wroth it. Tiny Tina;s assault on dragons keep had me in stitches the entire time. Games have gotten very serious of the years and while that is not a bad thing you need a game that doesn't take itself seriously from time to time and is all about killing thins with big guns that shoot acid.

5 - Injustice Gods Among Us. I had a hard time deciding between this and Mortal Kombat 2011. I am a fighting game freak, it is my favorite genre and with this the faster gameplay and fanboy aspect won out in the end. Plus I can play as Scorpion so MK gets a nod anyway. The game is simply put amazing, balanced characters, excellent voice acting and getting most of the Justice League cartoon voice actors was amazing. Even Hal Jordan got his one time JLU Cartoon voice actor ( Adam Baldwin BTW) which when combined with the fact Alan Tudyk voiced Green Arrow reminds me of Firefly and that is always a good thing. The only thing that could have made this game better is Mark Hamill as Joker and Ron Pearlman as Deathstroke.

4 - XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Now here we go. This game was so fun. I haven't had this much fun in a turn based game in awhile. The fact the gameplay is tense and death is permanent was only mad worse by the fact that I named everyone on the team after someone I know. Myself and over a dozen friends all comprised squads A through F.

3- Dragon Age Origins. This game has everything. Honestly this was a toss up for something from the Mass Effect series but they took a blow for number 3. While Dragon Age took a hit from 2 at least it was a separate story with few interactions with this awesome title.

2- Batman Arkham City. Well this was a no brainier. Easily the premier Batman story. Villains, plot twists, martial arts, forensic, and a shark. What more can you ask from performances from Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. This game is Batman perfection. Here is hoping that Arkham Knight lives up to the hype.

1- Bioshock Infinite. It could not have been any other title here is the first place spot. The only thing that came close was the original bioshock. The game is gold and deserves it place in the pantheon of must plays. It is also the first game to get an npc follower not only correctly programed and useful but engaging and a well developed character.

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Mega Man and Pac-Man in Street Fighter x Tekken

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Resident Evil 6

The trailer looked awesome and its good to see the series go back to its roots with T-Virus zombies. Leon and Chris as protagonists is cool. The return of Ashley Graham may actually make her somewhat cool (she sucked in RE4). It looks like he G-Virus, Nemesis project, and Tyrants will be making a return. ith locations ranging from New South Wales, China, and what looks like Spencer's Mansion in Spain this game looks awesome. I want to hear some other thoughts from people. What do you think?

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