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@paragonxxxThe whirring of machines collided with the clicking of keystrokes, serenading Milo every morning as he entered his place of business. Two months ago, the former Keijijo Grandmaster made his mark upon Keira Hawke an endearing and pioneering CEO of her own company, Hawke Industries. She gave him the position as Chief of Security and with it he has used the resources of the her company to spread his wings so to speak. The Security Unit has underwent a strict training regimen since his arrival, as he found their lack of militance and combat prowess unacceptable.

"Powered armor means nothing without skill. Take the armor off, and learn to defend yourself through positioning and analysis, not power."

To Milo's surprise, Keira owned much of the Knightfall old tech. M.D.D.S., a quantum communications system given to Milo by Andres Knightfall, had been repurposed upon Milo's arrival in the Hawke Industries R&D division. It now worked as an implanted HUD, given him constant streams of information on what he sees. THrough a quantum link the information is transferred instantly, and this given Milo the edge he needed to follow up the lead he'd been working on since he got here.

Today, dressed in a rather dapper Armani Collezione slim fitting suit, Navy blue in color, complemented by a striped white and blue button up with a matching tie to complete the wardrobe; Milo strode toward the office of Keira Hawke, intent on informing her of his findings. Not only that he would need approval for his next venture, as well as the company card.