A Quest for Vengeance! Yusuke vs. Milo Finale

As the boy spoke Milo's danger sense, hard wired to his reflexes, activated a spur of high speed movement. As the flames erupted below the Keijijo Kaze he exhaled deeply. The heat from the ebony flames could be felt from 20 feet up. With his body positioned above his opponent the Air Apparent maintained his aerial supremacy by bending the air beneath him. As he hovered in the air the flames began to rise. It seemed as if the fire was guided by his eye, meaning that Milo would have to remain ahead of his sight to remain safe. The flame disobeyed the laws of physics, cutting a vicious path into the cold sky in pursuit of the Tranquil.

Heaven's eye techniques drained Yusuke's chakra fast. Yet his lust for vengeance clouded his mind. By any means he would defeat this opponent and move on to his true target. For five minutes he chased his foe with the virulent flames, spending absurd amounts of chakra on a futile effort. When the Keijijo disappeared from sight Yusuke believed he'd gained a moment of restoration. The moment he drew breath the man had returned, glowing a bright orange. Energy sifted off of him exuberantly just before extreme pressure impacted the Namikaze Prince's left cheek. The extreme force behind the blow was enough to floor the boy and send his body 5 miles back.

Though powerful the young child's body had not fully developed. He lacked the chakra to sustain such a high level attack and the experience to use it with moderation. Kunai in hand, flash cloak glowing vibrantly the Tranquil used his unparalleled speed to follow up the opening strike with an onslaught of punches capable of shattering the boy's bones. "Sorry kid, but I've got bigger fish to fry," The last strike launched the boy into the ocean and as his body drifted among the unsettled waves, the Tranquil depowered himself, dispelled the cloak, and vanished, intent on investigating the appearance of the latest piece in the mystery that lie in the deserts.