Sachs of Money

Standing before the economic depot of Goldman Sachs the Ace was astounded. The monumental modern marvel was tantamount to a timeless classic with its pristine fiber glass windows glistening under a cold winter sun's gaze. Forty two stories high, the building was almost as monolithic as the organization itself. That what may be the factor that has kept them so financially successful in the past years. Didn't matter. Today they'll be missing a pay check. Or two.

"What's the load man?" Milo questioned through his integrated headset to an onlooker situated high in the sky, invisible to the air security thanks to Kamelot tech cloaking on the TRX 40 Gunship. Using thermal binoculars his companion was able to identify how many men surrounded the top floor awaiting a package containing one point five million in cash. Two rooftops away the Ace, positioned on the corner of a ledge, searched avidly for the incoming drop.

"Twelve. Armed heavily. Looks like they have heavy armor on... I suggest you... Oh geez.." Tommy said as smoke shrouded the landing pad the moment the packaged dropped from the helicopter. Through the smoke he could see Milo tearing through his opponents with with miraculous variation. A mix of gadgetry, olympic acrobatics and elite tactical precision rendered 7 men unconscious with moderate wounds and five crippled, for life.

The smoke cleared and four officers rappelled down from the copter. Milo, hidden from sight, watched as they began to attempt and secure the perimeter. "Bring her in for the package. I sense an even bigger score. These guys wouldn't haven't dropped down unless there was another delivery." the ace murmured in a hushed tone, crouch walking around a generator past a heavily armed paramilitary officer's back. Once directly behind him the schemer raised his hands and spoke. "How much is your life worth?" Spooked the gunman fired on him, only for the bullets to be stopped in their path by a single raised palm of the armored artillery. "Not much huh?" The next three men rushed to meet their death as the spray of bullets was directed back at the group, piercing their skull and throat.

As the TRX 40 flew in the helicopter attempted to escape with the passenger. In a mad dash the Ace ran to the ledge and leaped off the roof with an elegant roll. Retrieving his grapnel gun from his waist ample accuracy placed the grip onto the tail of the helicopter. Using the rapid momentum created by the pull from such a far distance Milo swung his body into the helicopter feet first kicking Alexander Derrelict, CEO of Goldman Sachs out of his seat and into a freefall from the skyline of 200 west street. Milo followed his prey reaching terminal velocity at the opportune moment, scooping up the Chairman and extending his metallic orange and black wings. The two swooped low before gliding into the sky as the wings acclimated. Coasting to a lone rooftop the Ace tossed his prey topside before retracting the wings and landing with a combat roll beside him. A stiff hand clasped Alexander's neck as he was slammed into the wall hard by his large assailant. "You're going to to give me the access codes."

Derrelict shook his head in protest."I don't!" Was all he managed before the katana removed a chunk of flesh from his arm. A bloody roar ushered in a shrill cry of information. "9227-4567-8975-4368!"

Dropping the wounded business man Milo escaped the scene in silence. One point five million gathered in cash, and the access codes to forty million in off shore accounts. The egregious wounds suffered would have him bleed out in no time. Allowing for twenty four hours to access the accounts. Life was good, for the moment.

He would need a place to hide for the next couple of years. And the life of an average man was not befit for him. Whispers of a sports league designed for metahumans had reached his ears, promising fame and fortune with the chance to compete against competent opponents. With the capital now acquired the athlete in Milo considered investing in a training organization to aid him in such an endeavor. And what better place to hide, than in plain sight?

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A Quest for Vengeance! Yusuke vs. Milo Finale

As the boy spoke Milo's danger sense, hard wired to his reflexes, activated a spur of high speed movement. As the flames erupted below the Keijijo Kaze he exhaled deeply. The heat from the ebony flames could be felt from 20 feet up. With his body positioned above his opponent the Air Apparent maintained his aerial supremacy by bending the air beneath him. As he hovered in the air the flames began to rise. It seemed as if the fire was guided by his eye, meaning that Milo would have to remain ahead of his sight to remain safe. The flame disobeyed the laws of physics, cutting a vicious path into the cold sky in pursuit of the Tranquil.

Heaven's eye techniques drained Yusuke's chakra fast. Yet his lust for vengeance clouded his mind. By any means he would defeat this opponent and move on to his true target. For five minutes he chased his foe with the virulent flames, spending absurd amounts of chakra on a futile effort. When the Keijijo disappeared from sight Yusuke believed he'd gained a moment of restoration. The moment he drew breath the man had returned, glowing a bright orange. Energy sifted off of him exuberantly just before extreme pressure impacted the Namikaze Prince's left cheek. The extreme force behind the blow was enough to floor the boy and send his body 5 miles back.

Though powerful the young child's body had not fully developed. He lacked the chakra to sustain such a high level attack and the experience to use it with moderation. Kunai in hand, flash cloak glowing vibrantly the Tranquil used his unparalleled speed to follow up the opening strike with an onslaught of punches capable of shattering the boy's bones. "Sorry kid, but I've got bigger fish to fry," The last strike launched the boy into the ocean and as his body drifted among the unsettled waves, the Tranquil depowered himself, dispelled the cloak, and vanished, intent on investigating the appearance of the latest piece in the mystery that lie in the deserts.


A Quest for Vengeance! Yusuke vs. Milo Part 2

A torrential storm of swords erupted as the two combatants clashed. Each strike was pinpoint and their defense infallible in this opening bout. The opponents moved like a blur, neither giving up an inch of room. The fire in their eyes was a testament to their eagerness to engage one another. A short break in the action gave the two men a moment to take in glances before diving back into the intense exchange.

"I gotta admit, your fast for a child," Milo commented, narrowly evading a swipe that caught the tip of his lengthy afro. He leaped back to gain some space and readjust his footing. "But let's turn it up a notch." Swirling winds enveloped the Keijijo Kaze and the sword began to glow. Using air yoso Milo augmented the cutting power of the geijutsu hoko, a nigh peerless blade, to an extraordinary level. Smiling he used the air step to close the distance in a split second, then launched a savage offensive campaign of wide arcing slashes, each aimed to cripple his adversary without endangering his life.

Yusuke's cold silence was a common characteristic. In battle he believed even the slightest deviation of focus could cost one his life and for this reason his mind did not formulate words. Strategies and counters filled his thoughts as the opposition began to introduce his chakra to the battle. The power exuding from the man forced the Namikaze Nightmare to throw up his arms in defense, lest he be pushed back by the pure concussive force alone. When the Keijijo understudy instantaneously appeared in front of him Yusuke was forced to react or be cut. His blade ignited, white hot flames sifted off of the sword as it parried each and every swipe. The flame danced lividly wind fueling its intensity with each swipe. Using the new found range the Namikaze was able to land a devastating strike that sent his opponent reeling back with a bloodcurdling yelp.

The searing pain was mind numbing. The lengthy gash tattooed across his chest had been sealed by the flames of the weapon, preventing blood loss that would've been problematic in the future. It seemed as if Milo wasn't the only one intent on preserving life. The boy could have easily aimed elsewhere and possibly removed Milo's head if he so pleased. The Tranquil eyed his opponent who sat back lackadaisically twirling his fiery blade, unsure of whether he was underestimating or overestimating his enemy. What if the strike was a lucky hit? Or could his opponent be toying with him? With all these questions running through his mind and no answer in sight Milo decided it was time to play it safe. He would have to rely on his elusive speed and artful agility to prevail.

Yusuke grew tired of the standoff and wished to once more drench himself in the fury of battle. Several swipes cut through the air sending thick slices of fire towards Milo. The Keijijo Kaze was prepared and evaded each strike with uncanny fluidity. The time it took him to avoid damage allowed Yusuke to close the distance and continue with an onslaught of slashes. It seemed that the man realized his wind powered blade was only fueling Yusuke and because of this he ducked and weaved, ensuring that two blades never connected. The Namikaze Prince became more frustrated with every miss, thus he began to swing wildly. The immediate area became untouched by snowfall, a testament to the incalculable amounts of heat being released.

Milo could see the teenager was losing his composure. He was naturally impatient and the fact that Milo was able to remain out of the strike zone seemed to bother the boy even more. What was once carefully planned footwork now became effortless as the attacks adopted more emotion. At this point the opponent was practically telegraphing his strikes, which gave Milo the opportunity to study his chakra network. Milo was searching specifically for the origin point of his fire style and once located, the Keijijo Kaze knew what to do. With impeccable timing and ingenious positioning the Tranquil narrowly dodged a stab aimed for his eye socket. As the boy retracted his arm Milo stepped around him. Now positioned to the left of his opponent, Milo activated the geijutsu hoko's special ability. The tip of blade developed a milky white luminescent just before puncturing the left clavicle. The force of the blow sent the boy flying into a nearby tree, his body collapsing upon contact. The flame was extinguished as the boy rose to his feet.

Clutching his chest, Yusuke was astonished. No physical damage had been done, yet he didn't feel the same. "What did you do to me?" he growled. Milo smiled halfheartedly. "I've sealed your chakra point. That one specifically affected the conversion of your chi into elemental energy. Now you can no longer access fire techniques." Yusuke's amazement became coupled with anger. This disability would hamper him in his confrontation with the Impero. The wish to preserve his opponent's life was now gone. Activating Heaven's Eyes, the once dark pupils adopted a peculiar design of a red cosmic star. His naiatsu became more prevalent with the release, forcing even the Keijijo Elite to their knees. "This is your final chance. Remove yourself from my path."

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A Quest for Vengeance! Yusuke vs. Milo Part 1

Sunlight slipped through the cracks in the myriad of cumulus clouds. The delightful weather betraying the natural state of Reisho. Where the white sheets of unending snowfall once lay was now a grass filled mountain top. Upon arrival, Milo Archer, former pupil of the Impero, gazed in amazement at the spectacle, placing his hand over his eyebrows to defend against the intense sun rays. In the two years spent within the clandestine Monastery snow was a common characteristic apart of the grueling journey encompassed in travel towards the land of the Keijijo.

But before the Tranquil could soak in the warmth, frosty flakes began to form and fall from the sky. The clouds grouped together, blotting out the sun's sensual gaze. A smile surfaced as what he recognized as normality returned and the large gates of Reisho swung open, granting him entrance. At the gates stood the Keijijo Elite, chosen defenders of Reisho and upper tier practitioners of the arts. A curt nod symbolized greetings as Milo strode past them. With a foot inside the monastery the gates began to close, but before Milo could venture deeper into the establishment his danger sense struck him fiercely.

The Knightfall proved more useful than any before him. With precise directions to the location of the Impero Yusuke Namikaze's tongue salivated for the taste of sweet revenge. Bolting through the skies of Japan he could feel the mystical energies of Reisho signalling him like a beacon. The Namikaze Prince was close. Closer than he'd ever been. Brimming with excitement Yusuke could feel his blood pumping faster. His heart picked up in pace as he broke past the sound barrier. The deafening speed created a silence akin to the calm before the storm. Today he faced his dream. Today his life would end.

Elevated high above the surrounding trees was a natural bridge, seemingly created by rock formation alone. The pathway led up to a pair of enormous gates which swung ajar. The surrounding area was shrouded in dense fog, obscuring even Yusuke's extra sensory perceptions. Like an eagle Yusuke swooped down with grace, decelerating with surreal control and landing softly a mere twenty meters away from the gates. An insidious smile surfaced and the Namikaze Nightmare slowly stalked towards the Monastery.

The Tranquil's anxiety forced him to turn around. A presence was approaching fast. One with volatile chakra the likes of which could only be bred through solace and hatred. When a figure landed on the far end of the bridge leading to the gates the Keijijo Elite instinctively took up defensive positions on the outside of the now closing gates. The two stood at Milo's side as he awaited the intruder's arrival. With the heavy snowfall it was hard to make out any details from such a distance. Once the figure was close enough, five feet away to be exact, he stopped and simply eyed the Tranquil, his gaze never shifting to the guards beside him. To his surprise, a teenage boy stood before him, harboring a foreboding naiatsu akin to that of the Zenku entity.

"You are not the Impero. Stand aside," Yusuke demanded as he remained motionless, studying middle figure's chakra makeup as he spoke. The man was strong physically. His biophysical chakra flow was uncanny and he held a deep reservoir, unlike most. Yet Yusuke had been told stories of the fabled leader of the Keijijo and this man paled in comparison to the legends. "I will not ask again."

The Tranquil dropped his bags, and tapped a button on his watch. In a split second Milo was wearing an all black suit made of a foreign material, topped off with a short sleeved long, black haori with blue flames dancing at the bottom. His afro shook, freeing itself of the multitude of snowflakes gathered atop and continued to flow in the wind. "Do you really expect me to just let you waltz in and start searching for the Impero? Do you expect them to?" he said, gesturing to his fellow clansmen. "State your case or go home."

Yusuke placed his left foot forward and his right hand gripped the handle of the sword attached to his waist. The left hand made a challenging gesture before the two men surged forward with unrivaled speed. Tranquil had drawn geijutsu hoko mid transit and the two blades clashed. Sparks flew as cold steel collided, marking the introductory phase of the battle between the Namikaze Prince and the Keijijo Kaze.


Star Wars: Jace Melba

Race: Human

Faction: Jedi Order (Abandoned)

Beliefs: Freedom, pro life

Personality: Quiet, reserved, sarcastic

Skills: Lightsaber combat, use of the force via telepathy, sense and telekinesis. Adept at Form V and VI.

History: (Coming Soon.

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