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Name: Milo Archer

Alias: Tranquil, Ace, Keijijo Grandmaster, The Bravehart

Date of Birth: April 17, 1987

Place of Birth: Baltimore, Maryland

Age: 26

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 175 lbs.

Eye Color: Orange Reddish

Hair color: Dark Brown

Ethnicity: Afro American

In 1936, psychiatrist Walter Freeman and another neurosurgeon performed the first U.S. prefrontal lobotomy on a Kansas housewife. Freeman believed that an overload of emotions led to mental illness and that cutting certain nerves in the brain could eliminate excess emotion and stabilize a personality. Freeman would go on to perform about 2,500 lobotomies. Known as a showman, he once performed 25 lobotomies in one day.

In 1967, Freeman performed his last lobotomy before being banned from operating. As early as the 1950s, some nations, including Germany and Japan, had outlawed lobotomies. The Soviet Union prohibited the procedure in 1950, stating that it was “contrary to the principles of humanity.”

In 1975, records were discovered by John Vermillion, a neurologist working out of Germany, hinting at an operation using advanced technology to perform these same lobotomies but with new intention. Supposedly, super beings were to be created from these procedures for an unknown purpose. Vermillion fled his worksite with the data, analyzing it for validity before reporting to anyone. But before his findings could be handed to the proper authorities the man was found dead in his hillside home.

In 2008 the funding for the project was stopped and caused its inevitable collapse. With nothing worth salvaging the experiments as well as their patients were terminated, and all data purged from the systems. Or so they believed. In the year 2012 several sightings of members of the project were brought to the attention of UN. In fear that the truth may be discovered and revealed on a global scale, a task force was dispatched to erase the remaining loose ends. Yet with the sudden uprising of mutant kind, this would prove no easy task.

Milo Archer, born April 17, 1987, was an ordinary child for the most part. Growing up in the city of Baltimore he had an easy going life. With two loving parents, a stable living situation and a healthy appetite for knowledge it seemed the boy was living the good life. On his 13th birthday, Milo arrived at his home, eager to see what his parent had gotten him. He strode past the white fence around his front yard and up the porch to find that the door to his 3 story home was slightly cracked. He found this very odd as he cautiously nudged it open, only to find the body of his father sprawled out along the carpet. A deep orifice in the back of his head was leaking blood profusely. Milo opened his mouth to scream, but could muster the strength as he fell to his knees besides his father.

A soft rumbling broke the silence, emanating from the second floor. Milo gathered himself, then surged up the steps and into his parent's bedroom, bursting through the door. Yet the moment his eyes peered into the room he'd wished he never came home. Their laid his mom's corpse, with a similar wound to his father's on her forehead. A man, his face pale, with gray eyes and matching hair smiled wildly as he thrusted back and forward, making love to the corpse of Mrs. Archer. Milo screamed out of rage and fear then charged man with blinding fury. Without batting an eyelash the man raised his .38 caliber revlover and squeezed the trigger, placing a slug in between Milo's green pupils.

He stirred in the hospital with a violent jerk, reliving the memory the moment he regained consciousness. Milo reached for the spot where he'd been shot and to his surprise it felt absolutely normal. No scar, no stitches, not even a sign that there ever was damage. He quickly climbed out the bed and immediately noticed that he was wearing a uniform. It was grey with black stripes running down the side. A patch to the left corner of the shirt read "Cerebrum 01." Yearning for the opportunity to make sense things, Alvor Magnus, director of cerebrum entered the room to speak with the young child.

Magnus told Milo that he'd been chosen for a special program to find the next step of human evolution and that he himself was one step ahead already. He'd suffered a lethal wound, yet recovered from it in a matter of days. Because of this Magnus believed Milo as well as ten others to be the ones who could be molded into this new wave of human being. With revenge heavy in his heart Milo welcomed the opportunity with open arms, hoping that one day what he would gain from his time here would allow him to track down the menacing murderer of his parents.

For six years him and his fellow trainees worked vigorously, expanding their minds and developing their skills. They spent 17 hours a day training for these years, with no rest days nor days off. At age nineteen Milo was a machine at the Height of 6'6" and weighing just under 250 lbs. He was accomplished combatant, at the top of his class both academically and physically. Now was the time for the true reasoning for all their hard work.

Magnus had spoken many times about a procedure they'd developed in which they could heighten brain activity as well as subconscious awareness. In his explanation he often referred to the idea that humans only use 10% of their brain and believed that this procedure would raise this percentage to nearly 200% with the right candidate.

Milo was operated on and the success, as well as failures were evident the moment he awoke. His senses were highly acute and he had to work simply to tune out all the extra stimuli he was receiving. His body felt renewed and highly energized. His thoughts were flowing faster, constant possibilities appearing in his subconscious. Magnus told him the operation had increased his brain's subconscious awareness, allowing him to harness control over the functions. He could effectively up his reaction time by secreting adrenaline when needed. Or increase his vision by increasing neuron activity in the brain stem.

Milo used the next year to hone his new abilities. He discovered that a low level form of telepathy as well as shape shifting was available to him. He studied the brain, testing out all of its functions in an effort to control him. It was not before long that he was able to create a constant homeostasis within himself as well as develop his senses to the point where a sixth sense was created. When combining his enhanced senses with the logic system and his nervous system he found that he was effectively able to "see attacks coming" and respond instinctively.

Within this year he discovered something that was not so great. His hippocampus, responsible for episodic and semantic memory was damaged. Blocks of declarative memory would be lost at times, and even his healing factor, as selective as it was, could not repair the damage. Angered by the mistakes made by Magnus, Milo escaped the facility, trying his hand a mercenary work for the next couple of years. His successes afforded him a small fortune with which he used to buy a home and stock himself with weapons and supplies. Little did he know that Magnus had not given up the search for him so easily.

Powers and AbilitiesTelepathy: Can peer into the minds of individuals and read base thoughts and emotions. Weak minds are subject to hypnotic suggestion which places a strain on the mind. Sarutobi's presence gives Milo an incredibly high resistance to telepathic attacks on his psyche and renders him immune to illusions.

Shape shifting: Can morph only his facial features to a limited degree for an extended length of time

Danger Sense/Precognitions: A seemingly clairvoyant response to a wide variety of phenomena. Firstly it gives him a psychological hyper awareness of his surroundings which helps him navigate darkened rooms, and instinctively avoid obstacles or hazards. This doubles for anything he may perceive as a threat whether it be mechanical or organic. Naturally this precognitive sense can be used to provide direction, allowing Milo to track hidden enemies or discover special items he may or may not be in search of.

Skills: h2h, marksman, intellectually superior in the fields of technology and psychology, weapons expert, parkour, escape artist.

Due to his brain augmentation Milo can think and respond with instantaneous efficacy. Knowledge and instructional training in the art of Kenpo, Taekwon Do, and parkour have made him an agile martial artist who favors unpredictability and fleeting strikes. Study of the mystical arts in Asgard has given Milo magical prowess and made him an adept spellcaster, though his specialty is defensive enchantments. Regaining his former memory has allowed him to reclaim access to his vast repertoire of chakra manipulated abilities such as cloning and the Yoso no ikari mastery. As a newfound master of biophysical chi, Milo can naturally augment his strength and speed to immense levels without the use of his yosos or specially developed techniques. He also possesses an incalculable level of chakra reserves due his bonding with a portion of the Zenku entity.

Under the tutelage of the Keijijo's greatest warrior, Impero Ishin, Milo was taught the utilization of chi and chakra, a natural energy with archaic principles. Basic usage of chi allows the user to augment his physical capabilities to unfathomable levels.For example, five months of strength training resulted in a 10x boost to Milo natural strength and muscle tissue density, allowing him to lift five tons of metal up over his head without the slightest hint of struggle.

Apart of his training was instruction in manipulation of what is known as Naiatsu or spiritual pressure. This pressure is created by large gathering of chi and may be present in any who can manipulate their own chi. Depending on the exact amount of chi present the pressure can variate from a slight nudge to rendering an individual with super strength paralyzed. With the monstrous amount of chi Milo possesses his naiatsu has been said to rival the spiritual pressure of Reisho during the night.

Shinwa Sei is a metaphysical technique directly related to creatures that inhabit the planet Earth. As a Shinwa Sei user, Milo shares an affinity to the elusive fox. Using scroll imbued with Keijijo Geijutsu symbols Milo may summon a voracious nine tailed fox spirit that would willingly do battle on his behalf. Also he may communicate with any fox in his terrain and used these animals as his eyes and ears.

Eikyo possesses a direct affiliation with the sahasrara chakra point. Strictly related to one's mental prowess Tranquil was unable to truly achieve rudimentary skill with the Eikyo technique due to his focus in the biophysical aspects of training during his initial induction to the Keijijo culture. Upon diverging from the clan, ascertaining the knowledge beholden only to the wearers of the Impero's mask, and acquiring the Heaven's eyes Milo was able to expand into the realm of such a technique. With the help of Freddie Mosh, a man with unbridled mental acuity Milo sahasrara chakra point swelled. Combined with his uncanny ability to utilize more than 100% of his brain function, and heaven's eyes ability to manipulate quantum strings Milo can be considered to be on par with some of the clan's most powerful Eikyo users. Illusions cast by him would be near impossible to resist given his indepth knowledge of chakra flow, brain structure and experience dealing with telepathic opponents.

Keijijo Geijutsu is perhaps the most underused ability in the Keijijo arsenal. This may be because of its former usage, as inscribing the symbols is an arduous task, especially for one who is not a master. During battle this art has seen even less usage due to its chi requirement and unrealistic application time frame. To inscribe a tattoo would take hours and its effect would draw a substantial amount of chi from the artist. Because of this Milo showed little interest in this area of expertise until his possession of the Impero's mask. With Sanmittei Sarutobi refusing to accept such ineptitude Milo was scolded and chided by the great spirit until the two came to an agreement. Together they would investigate the possible methods of drastically decreasing the delay between inscription of a tattoo and activation of its effect.

After a long moment of study in realms outside of Earth, the two developed a completely new method of tattooing known only to the Keijijo Kaze. After strict memorization of each specific element of the style, Milo would mold the chi in his palm to the exact shapings of the tattoo he wished to impart. By exciting the chi molecules in his hand with a catalyst such as heat the inscription would then appear upon his palm. Using said palm he would may contact with the target, and the inscription would be transferred from his hand to the specific place he chose. Such a move would be impossible if utilized against a living target for two reasons. One, the chakras points affected by geijutsu tattooing must come in contact with the tattoo. Two, the user placing the tattoo is potentially drained of a majority of their chi in the process. To overcome the initial issue Milo uses heaven's eyes visual prowess to see the chakra points and the flames of hatred to guide the inscription along said points. For the second issue, each and every style used by Milo is accented with a specific character that reverses the effect of chi consumption. Instead of using his own chakra to tattoo a living creature their own is used. This is a doubled edged sword as it prevents a person with significantly low levels of chakra or energy in general from being inscribed with the more complicated and lethal tattoos.

Spiritual Affinity is a complicated myriad of capabilities. Milo's destructive demise during the activation of a nuclear warhead in Venezuela was subsequently followed by an arduous journey through the land of the dead. To reconstitute his physical form in the world of the living he was forced to reclaim each of his abilities in his spirit form. Thusly, Milo's intangible being possesses the strengths and weaknesses of its physical counterpart. During this journey he was also able to connect with the Zenku and learn the story of it and the creation of all chi.

Through the employment of the Oni, a dark presence in the metaphysical arts, Milo achieved spiritual harmony by converging the Essence of Sarutobi with his own. Gaining all the knowledge and experience of the historic Sanmittei Sarutobi. This merge has exponentially increased each of Milo's abilities and has elevated him to an unheard of Yoso No Ikari Mastery. Lastly, the Keijijo Sammittai were revered for their hypnotic prowess and as such Milo's eikyo abilities have been heightened to extremes unattainable by one without thousands of years training.

Air Yoso- Granting its users the aerokinetic ability to manipulate and control currents of air, the key to Air Yoso is relentless flexibility and finding and following the path of least resistance. This martial art is notable for being almost purely defensive, as well as the most dynamic of the traditional five elements. Air Yoso practitioners can overwhelm many opponents at once with large and powerful attacks that could prove fatal. As the element of tranquility and dynamism, Air Yoso practitioners manipulate air unencumbered by the ground or any other environmental factors and use their own momentum as a weapon, evading attacks with astounding agility to tire their opponents out or building up massive inertia for explosive gusts of wind to make their counterattacks finishing moves. When resorting to physical confrontation, these martial artists are able to harness the immense and intangible power of wind. An air-based fighting style that either involves speedy striking that internally shoots air pressure into an opponents body for internal damaging purposes or using air to further augment one's combat-speed in order to overwhelm opponents with frightening speed and reflexes, Air Yoso is one of the most widely used elements. By concentrating a mass of air mixed with immense amounts of chi, one can deliver potentially devastating attacks that may even cause fatal damage. (Written by Impero)

Lightning Yoso- The single most destructive element in the legendary clan, Lightning Yoso grants its users the metaphysical ability to masterfully control and manipulate chi-chakra enhanced lightning with a large percentage of combat-oriented movement or other through alternative methods. When in intense use, Lightning Yoso releases a continuous surge of either blue, white or yellow lightning from the user's body, depending on the lightning's intensity as well as the amount of chakras and chi one possesses. The colossal amounts of electricity flawlessly compliment the user's physical attributes as they are dramatically enhanced by the pulsating aura of crackling electricity. Speed in particular is impressively enhanced to limits currently unknown. Lightning Yoso electrically stimulates the user's nervous system, exponentially speeding up the neural synapses, substantially amplifying one's reflexes. The extent of the speed granted by Lightning Yoso has been tested many times and is constantly said to enable the user to either match or exceed the speed of lightning itself. The aura of lightning is not theatrical, serving a purpose in defense, enhancing the user's durability and rendering them highly resistant to electrically-based attacks. It is a fighting style that prides itself over a highly offensive nature governed by overwhelming speed and tiger-like ferocity. The style is characterized by fast flurries of lightning-enhanced strikes and brutal grapples and throws. The user's own physical strength is enhanced as well. Whenever accessing the power of this exotic martial art, the user's eyes become devoid of pupils and irises, instead pulsating the lightning-based energy of the chi-enhanced aura. Elite masters of this combat art are capable of more advanced manipulation of lightning. Ishin himself was said to have once split a lightning bolt in half with a single strike whilst enhanced by Lightning Yoso. (Written by Ishin)

The Flash Cloak- A culmination of Milo's careful manipulation of his biophysical chi and mastery of Air and lightning Yoso the self proclaimed Keijijo Kaze develop a form of Gaibu Dengen that can be used indefinitely. By harnessing the excess energy unleashed through utilization of the devastating technique the barriers of augmentation have been lifted, granting access to a pool of strength and speed that is nigh peerless. Once activated the user in enveloped in a flame like shield of chakra that gives off an illumination that may blind a normal human. The shield in itself absorbs all energies both ambient and directed, rendering most attacks against Milo useless while in this form.

Senses: Superhuman

Piasu TengokuSurgical precision promptly executed by the Dapper Don Andres Knightfall implanted the Namikaze's inherited trait into the eye sockets of the Keijijo Kaze. These eyes boast a myriad of abilities, five of which have been granted to Milo though he is no longer aware of its use. Through battle his power will grow, and with growth comes access to greater abilities.

Truth- These eyes can track instantaneous movement with ease and perceive temporally manipulated speed with ample accuracy. Multiple spectrum of lights may be viewed by one in possession of these eyes and they may see 360 degrees with uncanny peripheral depth perception. Chemical composition down to the subatomic particle is accessible as well as the chakra network with in depth correlative definition. Movements viewed by these eyes can be instantaneous recorded and reproduced by the user of the eyes. (Active)

Reflect- Variable levels of emotion and conscious thought exist within every living entity. Heaven's eyes may discover the ethereal connection (quantum strings) beings their existence to and manipulate such connections. This manipulation is a method used to induce various forms of hypnosis, hallucinations, and illusions. Precise stimulation can allow a user to induce hypnotic suggestion, luring opponents into an opening that doesn't exist or committing them to performing his deeds. This also gives the user a distinct ability to detect and deter psychic assaults with immense intensity, causing a backlash that could render a strong telepath dazed. (Active)

Hatred- This white flame is capable of destroying absolutely any substance. This includes other energies, a property that scares even Milo himself. These flames are controlled by the user and will not stop burning unless destroyed by said user. Sight must be focused on a target for the flames to appear in the correct location. (Active)

Command- Utilization of the planetary forces of gravity allow the user to push and pull any object or entity towards them with the flick of a wrist. Depending on the amount of chakra used, this technique may be capable of destroying a city. (Active)

Release- Strict access to a pocket dimension specific to the eyes individual inheritors is accessible, through this dimension one can simulate teleportation by moving in and out of the dimension with instantaneous speed. A more innovative technique can allow one to achieve intangibility by moving body parts to the plane of existence. Once transported to the plane a person may not leave unless allowed to, though said transportation would take mere seconds to enact. (Active)

Flow- Through the strife encountered during the King of the Vine tournament and Milo's subsequent victory, a new ability has been unlocked in the wielder of Heaven's Eyes. His eyes may now see and through the use of the reflect ability can interact with the infinite strands of time, allowing him not only to perceive time as it flows forward and back but traverse and manipulate it as well.

EquipmentYoso Sphere- These spheres allow the user to select a specific elemental ability to inherently manipulate. If one possesses a Yoso no Ikari skill, it will removed in place of the one selected.

Yoso Dagger- This small combat knife, designed by Ishin himself is said to remove one's ability to use Yoso no Ikari if piercing contact is made.

Keijijo Geijutsu Kunai- Through the use of an esoteric tattooing style this kunai give the user the ability to teleport to any said Kunai's location, assuming it within 40 yards of said user. Milo possesses eight in total.

Pathfinder, the Sword of Wisdom- Acquired by the Brainchild Sophia, in exchange for information this broadsword is virtually unbreakable, never dulls and weight next to nothing, allowing for the weakest of mortals to wield it. One of 12 items of power, this weapon's special ability allows it to reveal the location of anything its owner desires. As well as outlining a step by step process of how to acquire such things. The only drawback of this weapon is that is known for choosing the path of the most resistance most times placing the owner in extreme danger on their quests to attain their desirables.

WeaknessesChi- Being a finite method of fuel, Milo can exhaust his chi reserves through use of extensively powerful abilities. In fact the flash cloak alone, if destabilized can rapidly drain him of all his chi, and in the worse cases cause death.

Heaven's Eyes- Abilities such as Hatred, Command, and release have time restraints that prevent him from abusing said techniques. Yet these time restraints have yet to be revealed in combat.

Durability- Without chi augments Milo possesses the durability of an average human and may be pierced by something as simplistic as small arms fire.

Senses- Stimuli can be overloaded producing a grandiose effect due to the hypersensitivity of his senses.

Milo possesses the uncanny ability to heal after death, rendering him immortal lest his entire body is destroyed.