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Top 7 Favorite Comic Series

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  • I used to like comics, until I read Annihilation and the Nova series that followed. After that I LOVED comics. Usually when characters get power boosts, I think it's kind of gimmicky and takes away from the character development, but when Nova becomes the last living Nova and is responsible for protecting the entire universe, what's left is cosmic Marvel at it's best! Screw Sam, he had his shot and it's...meh.., bring back Rich!

  • I never read the Mirage series, and my childhood hates me for it. When IDW announced they were rebooting the turtles and Kevin Eastman was on board, I was sold. I'm so glad I picked up this series. It has all of the nostalgia you'd expect, with just enough changes to be fresh while still respecting the source material. Even if I didn't grow up during the Turtle craze of my childhood, this would still be amazing. The writing is some of the best for any comic ever. The tie-in microseries are included in this slot for number 2.

  • It's Robert Kirkman writing superheroes. Does anything get better? No. No it doesn't.

  • Another great volume to come from the Marvel cosmic events written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. The writing is just as good as Nova with the added bonus of a walking tree and a talking raccoon that guns down more people then the Punisher. What's not to love?

  • This series was pretty much all self contained stories. You don't have to start at #1 to know what's going on. There were a hand full of story arcs, but these were few and far between. The writing for this is incredible. For each issue only being 24 pages long, there somehow was room for plenty of story and character development with a healthy dose of Wild West gunslinging action mixed in. Jonah Hex is your favorite character you haven't read yet.

  • Another Western makes the list. It's tough to call this one a Western though. It's more like Cullen Bunn is writing Lord of the Rings, Jonah Hex, and Constantine all at the same time, but it somehow works. It's a shame that the TV series was shot down, this could be a great weird western.

  • Another Robert Kirkman superhero. Astounding Wolf-Man was awesome. He still makes occasional appearances in the Skybound Universe, but his ongoing series needs to be revived. It was left with a cliff-hanger that bugs me to this day!