Top 20 favorite Marvel and Dc Villains

My favorite Villains of Marvel and Dc

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  • The predictable and most deadliest foe of Batman he crippled Barbara Gordon and killed Jason Todd and a lot of victums

  • The alien symbiote that wants to kill it's first host Spider-Man for rejecting it now created after the symbiote boned to Eddie Brock who has his own hatred of the wall crawler to create one of Spider-Man's deadest foes

  • the most cruel and most feared foe of Superman give him a break he knows the man of steel's weaknesses

  • This man killed Batman and others he also fought Superman and others

  • Longtime foe of Mr.Fantastic of the fantastic Four

  • He removed wolverine's Adamantium skeleton

  • The man who killed Superman

  • The most deadliest assassin

  • Wolverines long time nemesis he may be dead but his rivalry with Logan is not

  • The nemesis of the Green lantern crops


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Darkseid did not kill Batman. It's the other way around.