East and West Slashers comparisons

So here are a list of east and west slashers comparisons.

List items

  • From Freak Island he is esentally based on Leatherface.His family is like a mix of the families of Texas Chainsaw Massacre,The Hills have eyes,and Wrong Turn. They also worship some goat god called Zanta Maria and gave them supernatural powers.

  • one of the earliest slashers in the west and the inspiration for Kaoru. Leatherface is apart of the sawyer clan a family of cannibals he is less evil compared to most slashers she he is mentally hanicapped and is used by his clan as a tool.

  • Mari is Kaoru's older sister from Freak Island she is basically like the love child of Freddy krueger and the Kuichisake-Onna.

  • Freddy Kruger is one of the few slashers that can talk and one of the most evil. He is a dream spirit killing anyone who sleeps and enters his realm.

  • Naoko Kirino the protagonist of Pumpkin Night is based on carrie,Jason Voorhies,Michael Myers,and Freddy kruger. She was a bullied girl that got disfured and falsly sent to a mental hospital. Now she becomes pumpkin night seeking vengeace on all builles and like Jason Voorhies also had a loved one in this case it is Kazuya Makino her lover.

  • The slasher of the Friday the 14th series he was a deformed child who was treated like dirt by the others and had his mother as his only friend. After he was drowned his mother wanted to avenge him but she was killed which reveals that Jason survived and seeks vengeace.

  • Kazuya Makino is the deuteragonist of pumpkin night. He was the only one who did not Bullied Naoko unlike his classmates but lacked the courage to stand up for her and himself. He and Naoko fell in love but after being abused for so long and became pumpkin night Naoko was thought to be dead and Kazuya became the pumpkin king to avenge her

  • Ghostface is a legacy character in the Scream franchise with many different people taking up the mantle in each installment.

  • The main antagonist of Killing Morph he is a nobody who mastered the art of duplication and went on a killing spree.

  • the slasher of Halloween. He was made of evil and killed his older sister when he was a boy. He had been killing people ever since he is somewhere between mundane and supernatural.

  • the secondary antagonist of Killing Morph she is a 28 year old woman who looks like a middle school girl who is a serial killer and fan of Morph.

  • the antagonist of the child's play series. He is killer doll possesed by the soul of Charles le Ray the strangler.

  • The infamous figure of urban legends she was a woman who was disfigured by her husband and became a vengful spirit

  • The villain of the Candyman series and another urban legend who was killed for loving a white woman. He kills people to keep himself alive and make more of him.