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21 Favorite Spawn villains

This is a list of my favorite spawn villains 21 cause I want to focus on the characters from Todd Mcfarlane's cast of Spawn specifally it's villain he was a pretty cool rogues gallery fighting Angels and Demons as well as people from his past life mobsters,drug dealers,assassins,and Cyborgs.

List items

  • Ah yes was there any doubt? Violator is by one of the most well known and is considered to be Spawn's archenemy he also had a hand in designing his suit since he did this to previous Hellspawns as well making apart of Spawn's origins and he often takes on the form of a Clown but his true form is a tall monterous demon is the eldest of his siblings the Philiac Brothers. Basically the Joker of Spawn except with a few differences namely that Violator is motivated by Jealous and hatred while Joker likes to play with batman and can't seem to function without him.

  • The demon who al made a deal with in the first place Malebolgia was the original big bad of the series before Mammon and Satan he wasn't as seen as much as Violator or Jason wynn but he still made Spawn into what he is and even when he was killed he mananged to come back to life as a ghost.Even Though Mammon and Satan became the big bads I always like Malebolgia more cause of his creepy design and he was the original demon character made by the creator Todd himself and he is like the Mephisto of the series.

  • Al's boss and the one who ordered his death and rebirth as Spawn Jason wynn is a quintessential Mastermind Villain and a corrupt buisnessman who made a deal with Malebolgia

  • The Heaven's version of Spawn the anti-spawn he is a noble warrior who dosen't relise how corupt Heaven is and thinks of himself a hero he is really more of an anti-villain antaognist compared to the others and has a similar power set just like Spawn expect he dosen't have the same problems and his only weak points are his wings.

  • Cy-gor was originally a human named Michael Konieczni and a friend of Al Simmons he tried to tell everyone the truth of AL's death but Jason wynn k

  • Real Name Phillip Kahn he was a man obsessed with god and occult so he turned himself into a cyborg with Magic powers.

  • A man with a mental illness and a serial killer due to his wife's not wanting any kids.

  • Ah yes this is one of the most scary villains namely because he was human and a child killer and a possibly child molester he was killed by Spawn in his first appearance but he made a deal with Malebolgia

  • Basically a corrupt angel I brought her here cause of her recent returns in the later spawn issues as a representative of Corrupt angels in the Spawn universe.

  • A cyborg assassin.