Kichikujima/Freak Island and spin-offs

I will discuss the horror manga series Kichikujima aka Freak Island in English was made by Masaya Hokazono and started in 2013. it is about a family of cannialist mutated culists who worships Zanta maria who is some sort of eldritch goat deity on a large abandoned island. The beginning starts off with a group of unviersity students traveling and then chaos ensures as some people get either killed,betrayed,are evil,or turn evil. Takahisa and Ami Murata are probably the more sympathic alongside even the family as the series progress.

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The Family members are listed below

  • Yoshikazu:The Patriarch and Head of the Family
  • Mariko Glaccias:The Matriarch of the family
  • Mari:The First born child and eldest daughter.
  • Kaoru:The second child and eldest son
  • Anna: The second daughter and twin of Kanna.
  • Kanna:The third daughter and twin of Anna
  • Satoru:The youngest child and second son.
  • Otoki: The grandmother and Yoshikazu's mother.

Kichikujima also has two spin-offs one is the prequel Zoumotsujima aka Offal Island in English set before the events of the series stars Alice as the protagonist meeting the eldest children Mari and Kaoru in their pre teen years along with their father Yoshikazu. It lasted from 2019-2020. The Second spin-off was Koi no Kichikujima aka Freak Island in Love which is a light heart romantic comedy in school. There is also a short anime spin-off series called Kaoru no Taitatsu na Mono(Kaoru's precious thing) Which has Kaoru and his family doing slice of life stuff.

This review i would give it a 7 out of 10. Kichikujima is basically a slasher movie in manga form based on Texas chainsaw Massacre,Wrong Turn,and The Hills have eyes with supernatural elements mixed together.

Kichikujima was originally published by Web Gamma Comics but moved on with LINE.

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hellsing characters 3 sides

My favorite Characters from each Organizations

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#1 Alucard 
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#2 Seras Victoria  
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#3 Integra hellsing 
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#4 Pip Bernadotte  
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#5 Walter C. Dornez 


1.Alexander Anderson 
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2.Heinkel Wolfe 
Heinkel Wolfe
Heinkel Wolfe

3.Yumie Takagi 
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Father Ronaldo
Father Ronaldo

5.Enrico Maxwell (also M'quive but not much)


The Captain
The Captain


The Major
The Major

The Doctor
The Doctor

5.Walter C Dornez 
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6.Rip van winkle 
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7.Luke Valentine 
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8.Jan Valentine 
Jan Valentine
Jan Valentine

9.The Dandy man Tubalcain Alhambra  
Tubalcain Alhambra
Tubalcain Alhambra

10.Zorin Blitz
Zorin Blitz
Zorin Blitz

Top 10 Spidery's Costumes

Showing you the greatest Spidey costumes in the world 

First Appearance: MARVEL TAILS #1 (1983)
Worn Because: A pig with spider powers needed a costume.
Why It Makes The List: "He's shorter, stouter, and, um, porkier. He's Peter Porker, Spectacular Spider-Ham! And he has a snout and a curly tail, so don't judge what's inside the costume, judge the costume itself, kids. This week, at least…" – Secret Cabal member RunawayJ
Spotlight Comic: ULTIMATE CIVIL WAR: SPIDER-HAM #1—Peter Porker returns to solve the mystery of the missing thought balloons!

First Appearance: WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #100 (1993)
Last Seen In: WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #100 (1993)
Worn Because: Spidey needed extra protection in the midst of a gang war.
Why It Makes The List: "The Spider Armor is the Spider-Man equivalent of empty calories. It's totally a guilty pleasure and yes, we know it makes no sense for a character centered on speed and agility to be weighed down by a bulky metal costume…but c'mon—it's so shiny! The Armor didn't stick around longer than one specifically targeted adventure, so we can forgive its impracticality and merely bask in its wonderful excess." – Secret Cabal member Annihilator882
Spotlight Comic: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN v1 #9—Peter Parker conducts an early experiment in armoring up to take on Electro!

First Appearance: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #258 (1984)
Last Seen In: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #258 (1984)
Worn Because: After ditching his alien symbiote with the help of the FF, Peter Parker needed a change of clothes.
Why It Makes The List: "You've got this alien parasite that acts as a substitute for everything you wear—so what do you do when Mr. Fantastic separates the nasty thing from your body and you're just standing there naked? You grab a spare Fantastic Four costume and a paper bag, of course! It's the ultimate disguise! I mean, the worst thing that could happen is that people think you're the Thing's brother and you're hiding some kind of grotesque disfigurement under that bag, right? – Secret Cabal member HeartOfOak
Spotlight Comic: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #258—Spider-Man must seek the help of the Fantastic Four to fend off his alien costume gone bad!

First Appearance: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #434 (1998)
Last Seen In: Currently worn by a second Ricochet
Worn Because: Suspected for murder, Spider-Man adopted four alternate identities, including Ricochet.
Why It Makes The List: "There's a reason Ricochet remains semi-active in the Marvel Universe as one of the Loners while his Slingers teammates toil mostly in obscurity or death…well, there are a few reasons, but his rad costume is certainly one of them. The three quarter face mask that covers facial features while letting the costume's wearer's hair to fly free provides a unique and modern look while the leather jacket adorned with throwing discs makes for a nice functional addition. When the Slingers pilfered Spider-Man's wardrobe, Johnny Gallo struck the jackpot while Dusk got caught swinging." – Annihilator882
Spotlight Comic: THE LONERS #2—Find out what Ricochet does on his day off in sunny California!

First Appearance: SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN v1 #0 (1996)
Last Seen In: PETER PARKER: SPIDER-MAN #75 (1996)
Worn Because: Taking over the role of Spider-Man from Peter Parker, Ben wanted to add his own touch.
Why It Makes The List: "A new take on an old classic, Ben Reilly did a little revamp on Peter Parker's iconic costume before hitting the streets as Spider-Man. He added a bigger spider, did a little rearranging of the ol' red and blue and tossed the web shooters on the outside. All this together gave a fresh new look to everyone's friendly neighborhood web-swinger while still preserving the spirit of the original get-up. And if you like this costume, you should check out AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL—what's that they say about fashion going in cycles?" – Secret Cabal member Mercury552
Spotlight Comic: SPIDER-GIRL #44—Peter Parker recounts the story of Ben Reilly to his daughter May, aka Spider-Girl!

First Appearance: WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #118 (1994)
Worn Because: Ben Reilly needed a super-heroic look of his own when he decided to join Spider-Man as a wallcrawling wonder.
Why It Makes The List: "When Peter Parker still had dibs on the Spider-Man identity but Ben Reilly wanted to do some webswinging of his own, the Scarlet Spider was born. With some new colors and a hoodie over the classic super hero spandex, Ben took his design to the streets. And don't forget the bold move of un-centering his spider symbol, a definite super-fashion risk. Short-lived though it may have been, the Scarlet Spider duds still stand as a bold take on the iconic costume." – Mercury552
Spotlight Comic: SPIDER-GIRL #46—In the future world of Spider-Girl, a new Scarlet Spider appears!

First Appearance: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #529 (2006)
Last Seen In: Currently worn by the Scarlet Spiders in AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE
Worn Because: Tony Stark provided Peter Parker with a new, hi-tech costume during the latter's internship under the cool exec with a heart of steel.
Why It Makes The List: "A new body deserves a new costume, or at least that was Tony Stark's idea after Peter Parker came back from the 'dead,' following 'The Other.' Swapping out Spider-Man's trademark red and blue for Iron Man's own red and gold, Stark brought Spidey into the 21st century with bullet-proofing, glide-functionality and a stealth-mode, not to mention that 'butt-kicking' button. Throw in three mechanical arms Doc Ock would be envious of and you've got a very different kind of Spidey with a world of possibilities before him." – Mercury552
Spotlight Comic: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #530—Spidey takes his fancy new suit out for a test ride around New York City!

3. SPIDER-MAN 2099
First Appearance: SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1 (1992)
Last Seen In: EXILES #100 (2008)
Worn Because: Given spider-like abilities following an experiment gone horribly wrong, Miguel O'Hara decided to become the Spider-Man of the year 2099.
Why It Makes The List: "Give it up for dystopian futures! Remember back in the '50s when the world expected jet-packs and flying cars in the future? They were so wrong! It's all about the bleak, grimy future scenarios whereupon the world's controlled by giant, evil corporations. And you can't have a future like that without a totally kickass looking hero! While the 2099 line had its ups and downs, Spider-Man 2099 delivered on cool 100 percent of the time, particularly with a costume that completely flipped the script on the traditional Spidey motif while keeping the vibe alive. Go Miguel O'Hara, go!" – Secret Cabal member Agent M
Spotlight Comic: SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1—Miguel O'Hara becomes the Spider-Man of 2099!

First Appearance: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN  #252 (1984)
Last Seen In: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #543 (2007)
Worn Because: On the Battleworld during Secret Wars, Spider-Man found an alien costume that responded to his thoughts and modeled itself after the look of then-Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter. Later, after getting rid of the alien, Spidey decided to keep a cloth version of the suit. Still later, after his Aunt May gets shot, the Webslinger donned the black duds to match his darker attitude.
Why It Makes The List: "It's sleek, it's sexy and originally it was alien. Spidey's black suit took the simple approach, slapping a big white spider across the back and chest and calling it a costume. Bringing with it an attitude and a coolness all its own, this suit not only drove the ladies nuts, but also helped to hide those extra pounds put on from eating too many of Aunt May's muffins. A fan favorite to this day, you can't help but be impressed by a costume so awesome it became its own character." – Mercury552
Spotlight Comic: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #252—Back from Battleworld, the Wallcrawler debuts his bold new look!

First Appearance: AMAZING FANTASY #15 (1962)
Last Seen In: Currently worn in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN
Worn Because: Wanting to make it in the flashy world of professional wrestling, Peter Parker created a colorful costume to accentuate his persona.
Why It Makes The List: "There's no doubting that Spidey's classic costume is at the pinnacle of super hero fashion. Despite alien redesigns, Tony Stark upgrades and a slew of variant editions, Spider-Man always seems to find his way back into his old duds. At this point the costume has reached an iconic level. And to think, Peter Parker sewed it together when he was only 15—who says Home Ec class is for losers? The only question that remains, then, is webbed armpits or no webbed armpits?" – Mercury552
Spotlight Comic: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #301—After an attack by Venom sours Mary Jane on the black costume, Spidey returns to the classic red and blue!   

Marvel's top 10 Bad guys turn good

First Appearance: NEW MUTANTS v1 #16 (1984)
Learn More About Him… here
Why He Makes the List: "No one can really fault Warpath for dabbling in nefarious activities as a young man, seeing as his beloved brother John was killed during one of his first missions as an X-Man. His people were all but wiped out, their lands and culture desecrated. Difficult situations like those can make a man turn a bad corner. Luckily for his X-Force teammates new and old, James Proudstar's on the side of the angels, providing some intense speed, power, smarts and cunning—not to mention the hard edge earned from his younger days—to the fight for good." –Secret Cabal member Agent_M
Spotlight Comic: UNCANNY X-MEN #475—Warpath joins the X-Men!

First Appearance: WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #18 (1986)
Learn More About Him… here
Why He Makes the List: Oh Eddie Brock—you're a strange one, aren't you? You've been so, so evil, yet you've been convinced of your own nobility. Then you went and tried to go the hero route. That didn't work and you floundered for a bit. Now, you're back to good again? Maybe? Anti-Venom's future allegiances remain to be seen, but it's the back and forth battle within, the insane fervor, the religious zeal and the wanton destruction surrounding Brock that makes him a fascinating character to watch." –Agent_M
Spotlight Comic: SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN #39—Eddie Brock battles his inner demons while May Parker fights for her life!

First Appearance: MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #54 (1979)
Learn More About Her… here
Why She Makes the List: "Once the Grappler known as Screaming Mimi, this former bad girl wrestler found redemption in the Thunderbolts, a group of villains posing as heroes. While many of the others were just playing hero, Songbird found her true self in the course of fighting the good fight. Although her team has been replaced by hardened criminals who show no signs of redemption, Songbird holds out hope. She has been seen as an Avenger in at least one possible future, and plenty of fans wouldn't mind seeing that come to pass." –Secret Cabal member RunawayJ
Spotlight Comic: THUNDERBOLTS: BREAKING POINT #1—Songbird struggles to keep Moonstone from tearing her life apart!

First Appearance: TALES OF SUSPENSE #52 (1964)
Learn More About Her… here
Why She Makes the List: "By nature, Natasha Romanova should not be a hero, but to have led the life she has led and still strive to do what's right speaks to a tremendous wealth of character that makes her ongoing journey a fascinating one to follow. Regardless of whether she uses her skills for good or evil, the Black Widow's bad ass spy training, slinky leather outfits and in-your-face style of social interaction would make her a fan favorite. But the Widow breaks out of the classic femme fatale box through her nobility and the love she has shared with true blue heroes like Daredevil and the current Captain America." –Secret Cabal member Annihilator882
Spotlight Comic: BLACK WIDOW #1—Natasha Romanova meets her would-be successor!

First Appearance: UNCANNY X-MEN #4 (1964)
Learn More About Her… here
Why She Makes the List: "One of the most tragic figures in the Marvel Universe, Wanda Maximoff has so rarely been able to make her own decisions in steering her life, despite all her power. In her formative years, her father, Magneto, set her down a path of wrongdoing she never fully bought into. After first becoming an Avenger, she too often stood in the shadow of her brother, Quicksilver, or her husband, the Vision. Most recently, the Scarlet Witch has been the victim of power and madness beyond her control and caused tragedy she will likely never forgive herself for. But in her finest moments as one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, whether bringing down Ultron when all other could not or saving scores of innocents from the tyranny of Kang, Wanda has shown an innate goodness and bravery beneath her scarlet cloak." –Annihilator882
Spotlight Comic: AVENGERS v3 #11—The Scarlet Witch leads the Avengers against the Legion of the Unliving!

First Appearance: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #194 (1979)
Learn More About Her… here
Why She Makes the List: "Few heroes in the Marvel Universe stand out as greater paragons of naïve innocence quite like the ever-Amazing Spider-Man, so watching the sinfully sexy Black Cat trying to seduce the Webslinger over to the dark side has always proven a pleasure. Sure, Felicia Hardy has settled down a bit since her earliest days as a cat burglar par excellence—but not too much. Black Cat not only exudes a deliciously playful deviousness, she brings out the wild streak of every hero she comes into contact with. When she's good, she's good, but when she's bad, we love it." –Annihilator882
Spotlight Comic: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #226—The Black Cat crosses Spider-Man's path once more!

First Appearance: UNCANNY X-MEN #4 (1964)
Learn More About Him… here
Why He Makes the List: "Quicksilver has never been the prototypical knight in shining armor, but it's not for lack of trying. He's had his family tree working against him from day one, as his old man, Magneto, has always hoped his boy would one day follow in his footsteps as the premier megalomaniac of the mutant race. Pietro has crossed the line on more than one occasion, but he always seems to pull himself back from the brink. He's arrogant and often irrational, but his deep love for those close to him—like his sister Wanda and estranged wife Crystal—has been able to keep his inner demons in check…so far." –Annihilator882
Spotlight Comic: SON OF M #1—In the aftermath of House of M, a powerless Quicksilver must atone for his grave sins!

First Appearance: AVENGERS ANNUAL #10 (1981)
Learn More About Her… here
Why She Makes the List: "There is no stronger manifestation of the dichotomy of good vs evil than Rogue. She doesn't just have one power, or even one mind; Rogue constantly evolves. She's gaining new powers, new memories and new anguish with every poor soul whose energy she absorbs. Her southern charm is matched only by her beauty, but it's hard to tell which Rogue is more enticing: the ruthless villain of the Brotherhood or the heroine fighting alongside the X-Men. When it comes to extraordinary exploits, Rogue goes both ways." –Secret Cabal member GarbageHands333
Spotlight Comic: UNCANNY X-MEN #173—Rogue teams with Wolverine in Japan in one of her first missions as a member of the X-Men!

First Appearance: UNCANNY X-MEN #129 (1979)
Learn More About Her… here
Why She Makes the List: "Emma Frost has long been an enigma to everyone, including herself. Far from pure of heart, the former White Queen was a long time adversary of the X-Men, even forming her own rival school. But she did hold mutants' safety as her highest concern, which is why when the tables turned on all mutantkind, Emma Frost found solace, and a home, with the X-Men. But is the former Queen hardening her soul once more in aligning herself with Norman Osborn? Diamonds are usually a girl's best friend, but the dark side seems to always hover a close second for Emma…" –RunawayJ
Spotlight Comic: ASTONISHING X-MEN #19—Though their trust in her has been shaken, Emma Frost joins the X-Men as they storm the Breakworld!

First Appearance: TALES OF SUSPENSE #57 (1964)
Learn More About Him… here
Why He Makes the List: "Clint Barton, the ultimate reformed baddie, wasn't really a 'bad' buy, just misunderstood. But he was given his shot to reform by none other than Captain America in the first Avengers line-up change ever. From his start as part of Cap's Kooky Quartet, he quickly proved that he may be a hero, but he's still got the spirit of a bad boy. Temperamental, brash, and hot-headed, he tends to rush head first into situations, but always with the best of intentions, and usually—even to his own surprise—with successful outcomes. He's won over the fans' hearts over the years, for sure." –RunawayJ
Spotlight Comic: AVENGERS #174—Clint Barton stands alone as Hawkeye against the cosmically-powered Collector!

marvel's 10 best dressed

Margarita's Pick: NOVA (Classic costume)

First Appearance:

NOVA #1 (1976)

Last Regular Appearance:

Margarita's Take: "It can be tough to balance fashion that is both stylish and functional, but Nova's blue and gold costume succeeds on both counts. The three gold bursts on his chest and red and gold helmet add dynamic elements to the look without being over-the-top. And besides looking great, the helmet picks up radio transmissions and the entire ensemble doubles as a space suit. Talk about being fashion forward!"
Spotlight Comic: ANNIHILATION: PROLOGUE (2006)-The Nova Corps' last stand!


First Appearance:


Last Regular Appearance:

Currently in use

Margarita's Take:

"A tunic over armor? No thanks..."
Spotlight Comic: BOOKS OF DOOM #1 (2005)-The history of Doom!

9. IRON FIST (Modern costume)

First Appearance:


Last Regular Appearance:

Currently in use

Margarita's Take:

"Don't let Iron Fist's yellow belt fool you; this guy packs a punch with his martial arts expertise and looks stylish doing it. This costume gets an update from the prior Kung Fu ensemble. The yellow emblem on his chest is the only ornate detail to this suit, with yellow gloves and mask to offset the green body suit. The overall effect is classy and understated."
Spotlight Comic: IMMORTAL IRON FIST #8 (2007)- Danny Rand takes his new look to the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven tournament!

8. HAWKEYE (Classic costume)

First Appearance:


Last Regular Appearance:

AVENGERS #76 (2004)

Margarita's Take:

"Super heroes are larger than life, and should have costumes that set them apart from the crowd. Hawkeye's vivid purple and blue costume is flamboyant and memorable. The look hints at a medieval tunic, but with a dramatic colorful update, creating a strong visual identity for this modern day Robin Hood."
Spotlight Comic: AVENGERS #16 (1965)-Hawkeye shines up his classic togs to join the Avengers!


First Appearance:

DAREDEVIL #7 (1965)

Last Regular Appearance:

Currently in use

Margarita's Take:

"He may be blind, but Matt Murdock still has an eye for fashion. Having a costume consisting of a single bright color is a bold choice, but the fit and matching accessories of the gloves, boots, and belt defy style conventions with positive results. The entwined double D logo gives the ensemble a subtle but strong sense of identity."
Spotlight Comic: DAREDEVIL #8 (1965)-The Man Without Fear sees how his crimson costume holds up against Stilt Man!

6. VENOM (Original)

First Appearance:


Last Regular Appearance:

Margarita's Take: "Venom is a good example of how the same outfit can look dramatically different on two people. On Spider-Man, the black suit with white spider emblem works well and hints at a darker side to his persona. However, on Venom the suit takes on greater sinister proportions, showing off this villain's sculpted physique to great effect."
Spotlight Comic: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #316 (1989)-It's Venom vs Spider-Man, round two!

5. WOLVERINE (Brown and tan)

First Appearance:

UNCANNY X-MEN #139 (1980)

Last Regular Appearance:

Margarita's Take: " Wolverine's look has alternated over the years between two main costumes. The yellow and blue ensemble, while a tried and true classic, does not suit him nearly as well as the brown and tan. The latter is more masculine and less cartoonish, and the earth tones compliment his brawn and show off his claws better than the primary colors.  As one of the toughest heroes in the Marvel Universe, this costume and its wearer demands to be taken seriously."
Spotlight Comic: WOLVERINE: ORIGINS #1 (2006)-Logan returns to his classic look as he investigates his past!


First Appearance:


Last Regular Appearance:

Currently in use
Margarita's Take: "When you are a silent but powerful monarch, your clothes should speak volumes. Black Bolt cuts a sleek and imposing figure in a black suit with silver accents and lines zigzagging down his torso. What makes this look truly memorable and unique is the small antenna on his forehead and the metal wings that unfold from beneath his arms.  Black Bolt makes a great impression without saying a word."
Spotlight Comic: FANTASTIC FOUR #46 (1966)-The FF feels the power of Black Bolt!

3. IRON MAN (Classic red and gold)

First Appearance:


Last Regular Appearance:

IRON MAN #200 (1985)
Margarita's Take: "Using the sleek design elements and vivid colors of a racecar, Tony Stark's red and gold Iron Man armor is not only streamlined striking, it's just plain cool. It took a few tries to get the armor just right, but the result is an eye-catching, perfectly sculpted suit of armor that looks better on Stark than any tuxedo."
Spotlight Comic: TALES OF SUSPENSE #50 (1963)-Clad in his classic red and gold, Iron Man meets the Mandarin!

2. STORM (Mohawk and leather)

First Appearance:

UNCANNY X-MEN #173 (1983)

Last Regular Appearance:

UNCANNY X-MEN #225 (1988)
Margarita's Take: "Not many characters in the Marvel Universe could pull off a Mohawk and leather ensemble while retaining the sense of majesty that Storm does. This look transforms her into a modern super hero-edgy and tough yet still classy and dignified."
Spotlight Comic: UNCANNY X-MEN #201 (1986)-Storm and her edgy look take on Cyclops for leadership of the X-Men!

1. SPIDER-MAN (Classic costume)

First Appearance:


Last Regular Appearance:

Currently in use

Margarita's Take:

"What is more iconic than Spidey's classic red and blue suit? Black spider webs on red are offset by solid blue panels to create one of the most recognizable costumes in comics' history. Even without the black spider emblem on his chest, you would recognize this super hero anywhere."
Spotlight Comic: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #259 (1984)-The red and blue returns!    

Venom 2

Dear Marvel
I want Spider-Man to find out that there are two Venoms Eddie Brock and Mac Gargan also make The both of them
remember the information about Spider-Man and make the Other return So That Eddie Brock can be Venom and Anti-Venom if he wants same with The Scorpion Mac Gargan also the Return of Carnage and Hobgoblin featuring The Green Goblins Lizard and Toxin make sure you fix it four those characters for there upgrades.

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Top 10 Dc Villains



8.Solomon Grundy 
I believe in Harvey Dent
I believe in Harvey Dent

2.Lex Luthor
1.The Joker
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