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The Divine Strength (神の強さ)

Kami no Tsuyo-sa (神の強さ) - The Divine Strength:

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For countless years, martial arts have been scattering around the globe, supplementing leisure as well as many people's arsenals. From a sport to a method of swift murder, fighting styles have been not only growing in presence, but also in difference. Aside from the most orthodox styles, a few combatants scheme and sharpen their very own variations, thoroughly adapted for their physique, weapons or simply enjoyment. Apprimorated by the sudden uprise of super-powered beings, it's not an unusual sight to witness boxer with blazing fists, jiu jitsu fighters with a greater strength or other rather frequent examples.

But none of those was solely made for super-humans.

A Japanese master craved to change that, to conceive one superior way to utilize one's strength, speed, endurance, stamina and any other inhuman attributes a person could bear. Voluntarily plunging into a mystic journey, vehemently rehashing ancient theories and techniques, blending those onto simpler techniques. Four, to be more specific, ranking them from the basic principle to the most advanced, although not necessarily the weakest to the strongest.

It has not particular stance, trusting defense to one's natural durability, so it mixes well with any other renowned martial art.

First Form: The Fist of the Divine Wind - Kaminokaze no ken (神の風の拳)

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These are the fists that will conquer the heavens!

Arguably the basic form of the Divine Strength, ostensibly dictated single-handedly by sheer force, the Fist of Divine Wind consists of knowing your veracious power and addressing it correctly. By punching the air with enough power, the person might exert such a tremendous pressure it may create a blast wave, wrecking anything on its path.

In an even better outcome, the might of the attack can be so extreme it will forcefully collide two or more atomic nuclei to generate a humongous matter-wiping wave through nuclear fusion.

It seems simple enough, yet the trick is not to master punching, but master directing that wave so the destruction is focused on your opponent. Aside from that, it's rather straightforward. Punch not only hard, but causing enough pressure to erase your adversaries regardless of distance.

Second Form: The Flow of Divine Water - Kaminomizu no Nagare (神の水の流れ)

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After completely acknowledging your strength and being able to concentrate it predominantly at one fixed point, the next step will be widening your horizons. Instead of utilizing the fist, you will exploit the nimbleness and puissance of each of your fingers.

Causing enough force in a smaller area to revert the vapors within the air into water, while virtually being expeditious enough to send those keen-edged 'water-blades' flawlessly toward your enemy, executing him with clinical precision.

This technique was bestowed the name of "The Flow of Divine Water" due to its inherent fluidity and exponentially more successful effects on humid locations.

Third Form: Fist of the Divine Fire - Kaminohi no Ken (神の火の拳)

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  • This is a rough draft for what might be either my most used idea or most ignored.
  • Please, sell this properly, you'd have to be ridiculously strong to accomplish most of the stuff here. Aside from that, no 'insta-mastery', there's one master and I'm probs gonna make a character for him (Yay, Kenshiro!)
  • If you have any style you wanna implement, any idea that goes through your mind, feel free to PM me and I'll add this as a variant style, crediting you for it and all!
  • No, Toshiro is not an user, it was just the account I happened to be on when I wrote this lol
  • Science is whacky, mostly because I wanted this to be fictional but functional. Plus, I had no help doing this, so it's definitely not accurate. It's not like I trust my scientific skillz =P
  • I'll update two more forms whenever I feel like writing this sh!t again.
  • Mandatory fun rule is, as always, still mandatory.