I am more powerful than all the armies of the world.

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An Apology

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We are all born free men. A very wise person told me that, a long time ago.

In many ways he was wrong, in many ways he was right. We all have the concept of freedom ingrained in our minds, even as infants. We want to see the world, explore with fresh eyes, and touch with tender hands. Over time we're given choices and endure circumstance, sometimes cruel and sometimes forgiving. These changes bring us into a new understanding of our surroundings. We can't cross the street without looking both ways, we can't look a gift horse in the mouth, we can't bite the hand that feeds us. We start to comprehend that there has to be limitations and guidelines for certain events and happenings. It gets more and more complicated as time goes on. We age, get jobs, and we're faced with more responsibilities and hardships. We start to drift away back into those early days where we pursued discovery instead of feared what new apocalypse tomorrow might bring.

We were glued to our televisions because of the cartoons and sitcoms, not for the news about how much the economy is taking a dive or what atrocities are being mined out of the mass media superhighway. We're all human. We've all experienced this drastic change one way or another. That moment when you finally accept that you're an adult, and have to put aside some of the things that made you so happy. When it clicks in your mind why your father left and never came back. When you had to bury your dog. Say goodbye to your best friend in his hospital bed. Hold your wife for the last time.

It takes a profound toll on a person, and it takes a unique person to bounce back from a more drastic change. For me, I can't compare what changed me to anything else anyone has endured. It might not be important to them. They might not even know my name, or care that I've been doing what I could away from the public eye. I'm not here to put my achievements on a pedestal and flaunt them to others. I don't even consider them achievements, because helping other human beings shouldn't be called an achievement. It should just be called helping other human beings. I don't care about racial divisions. They're just titles. Humans, mutants, aliens, I don't care if you're black, white, purple, or polka-dot. It shouldn't matter who or what you are. It should only be a matter of treating your neighbor with respect and love. To care about them, and show them that they matter even when the cold and the dark close in around them. Because the brightest light in those times doesn't come from the muzzle flash of a rifle, or the explosion of a grenade. Those are passing, painful things.

The brightest light is the fire someone feels when they're told they're loved and that they are someone, not something.

I'm sorry.

I wasn't there for Denver. I wasn't there for Greece. If I could be everywhere at once I would.

(I thought this would go somewhere but it's not, forget it. Posting because it's a decent little spiel.)