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Taking the ponies out of the stables and into free range! 0

Well can't say I didn't see this coming. When a property as famous the surprise hit, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, comes along naturally you're gonna get comic adaptations. Just surprised it took two years to make it happen but here we are. If your not much of cartoon watcher, the TV series is a revival of the toyline, "My Little Pony" which of course caters more towards girls. This iteration, headlined by the very creative Lauren Faust (whose credits include writing for and producing Pow...

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Well it's...different 0

Hello all, name's Toonlegion. Tis my first review. This will be for the series as a whole rather then an individual issue.I've been a fan of AT since the short gain popularity enough for Cartoon Network to turn it into a series. I also like vampires, so when Marcie was introduced, she was an instant fave characters (it helps that she has a good personality too. Plus I like seeing her morphing powers ^_^). So naturally I was excited to find out she was getting her own comic book spin off that wou...

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