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Favorite Villains

The baddest of the bad

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  • Batman's psychotic #1 nemesis. A sidekick, is only one of many, that he has lost to this lunatic.

  • Superman's long time arch-enemy and intellectual rival to his power. Manipulation is his way, and as long as there is a Superman he is going to be there to oppose it.

  • Spider-Man's most twisted villain. He killed his first love - nuff said.

  • Green Lantern's balance in the will powered world.

  • The X-Men's most notorious enemy and leader at various times in their career.

  • Who would the F.F. be if not for this king.

  • The biggest pain in the Flash for any speedster.

  • Criminal mastermind who's left both Daredevil and Spider-Man in fits of rage.

  • The face of evil to America's favorite patriot, Captain America.

  • A malevolent thorn in the thunder gods side and the reason there's an earth's mightiest.