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A Screwed up Government

I don't understand how an 18 year old is allowed to buy cigarettes, drive, be able to vote for our future presidents (obama), and go to WAR and DIE for our country, yet we can't buy this makes no sense whatsoever. This pisses me off, i'm not a big fan of drinking since i don't even like the taste of alcohol, but not being able to buy wine or any type of alcohol for some sort of occasion, is just annoying. The government is okay with me going to war and having the chance for me to die, but i can't drink beer. i don't know about you guys, but that sounds screwed up. If i were in war right now and just seen people being slaughtered, and just got back to the base and saw a can of beers, i'm pretty sure no one wouldn't give a damn if i was to drink it or even ask me, "are your 21?'. Does anyone understand where i'm coming from?