Wolverine Poem

My future holds my past

And the tears that I have cried

It holds the son who learned hate

It holds the love who died

I'm the best at what I do

That's my one and only slogan

I'm a killer. I'm a soldier

And you can call me Logan


Cable Poem

Born into the Future, but brought back to the past 
Cause without the aid of Nathan, the present could never last 
The Future is in trouble, and Apocalypse is law 
But in the end his techno virus was his fatal flaw 
Cause he traveled throughout time, to make sure Hope could live 
 And in the end, to save the world, his life he had to give


Deadpool Poem

I see the screams behind the mask
The murdered father in the forgotten past 
The best friend that never said good bye
Because to save the world, he had to die
I see the wife that tries to make him stay
I see Weapon X throwing him away
I see the man who heroes call a fool 
I see Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool